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Exclusive: Set for Sam’s House Found?

by Will on March 27, 2009 · 94 comments

in Vancouver Set

vancouver set  new moon set sam 1 Exclusive: Set for Sams House Found?

Is this the set for Sam’s house in New Moon? It might just be. Candise and Emily were kind enough to share these pictures, as well as this info about a movie set they’ve noticed in their area they’ve noticed action on recently–

At first we thought it was Jacob’s house until we saw the pictures of the red place. We had given up hope until yesterday when during my daily drive-by, there were a bunch of cops on the road, some girls hiding in nearby bushes with a camera and I spotted Bela’s Truck by the house! Of couse I didn’t have my camera this time, so I didn’t get a picture of it and by the time I sped home and got back they were done.They packed up the set today but I have pictures of the place from two seperate days, one day it was all tented up with a tarp at the front and the other was after we spotted the truck. We are thinking it may be Sam’s place, the wolfpack are in town so that would fit.

Could it be? The crew trucks definitely look similar to ones seen at the set for Jacob’s house. I know another big-profile movie is currently filming in Vancouver as well: The Cabin in the Woods (codename: Mordecai) from Drew Goddard (Cloverfield) and Joss Whedon–but this might be another set for New Moon if Bella’s truck was actually spotted here.

Check out five more pics after the break.

vancouver set  new moon set sam 3 Exclusive: Set for Sams House Found? vancouver set  new moon set sam 6 Exclusive: Set for Sams House Found? vancouver set  new moon set sam 2 Exclusive: Set for Sams House Found? vancouver set  new moon set sam 5 Exclusive: Set for Sams House Found? vancouver set  new moon set sam 4 Exclusive: Set for Sams House Found?

  • Adriana

    Supernatural, Jensen Ackles should be Garrett from Breaking Dawn, hubba hubba.

  • sd

    This is down the street from my house, and there are definetly rumors flying around that this is sam's house. i think they wrapped up filming at this location this week, but theres another nearby area that they're filming at all next week, me & a friend of mine heard it was suppose to be Jacob's house, but its not the red house that was previously shown, its a blue house..

  • stephanie

    i think edward id super hot im a twilighter 4 life

  • Stephanie (Hale)

    This is actually EXACTLY how I pictured Sam's house! Good work, Chris W!

  • tweter76

    It isn't JUST the 12yr old girls that go out an bother the actors . . . lets be real here. Most of the fans who are stalking them are able to drive themselves around.

  • tweter76

    For all those who say they don't like the wolves .. . the wolves are necessary for Stephenie's story. Stephenie herself has said the series (Eclipse when they fight the newborns and Breaking Dawn when the wolves stop the Volturi in their tracks) would end differently if the wolves weren't part of it.

    Also, it is not Emily's fault that Sam imprinted on her. If you read about imprinting closely you would understand that neither person has a choice . . . thus Jacob's pull to Bella during her pregnancy with Nessie.

  • aguzuri

    could it be?
    this is so oxcitinggggggggggg :)

    thank you for posting!

  • aguzuri

    *Exciting! lol XD

  • MireilleMasen

    I don't remember Sam's house. But if this is the supposed house I guess it's what I'd imagine to look like. It's all really happening! YAY so excited!!!

  • beee2222

    ahh!! Definately. I absolutely love love love him!!

  • alright?

    I live only a few blocks from this house in Walnut Grove.
    and i happened to be driving by the set while they were filming.
    apparently this is the set for a movie named the Tortured. With Jesse Metcalfe.
    and not twilight.. :(

  • Mony Cullen


  • jade55

    how did you find out that the house is not being used for New Moon?

  • Elaine

    What is the exact location? All we know is that it is somewhere in Vancouver.

  • sd

    its in langley about 45 minutes away from downtown vanouver.

  • mandy

    So we have Jacob in Coquitlam, Sam in Langley, Police Cars in Mission, Meadows in Oregon, Cliff Jumping in Tofino and the uncertain in New West….. good thing I have a car – yet I always seem to be a few days AFTER they finish filming…. which is ok – I like taking pics for my scrapbook, but bumping into an actor would be even better…. yes, this teenaged obsession exsists still in my 28 year old body ha ha ha!

  • jade55

    ^ Im pretty sure they're done filming in coquitlam :(

  • CullenFan1

    that is exactly like how i imaginde it!
    the porch in the front!!
    ahhh!!! they are alredy filimng youc an so totally tell!!!

  • alright?

    well i saw jesse metcalfe and talked to one of the crew members.

  • Mickey

    oooh! it looks like this could be it!!! sigh i wish i lived in vancouver…

  • edward:)

    does anyone no when they are filing next?

  • Lin

    yeah, i totally agree – it looks like mulder & scully's house. how fitting. the chemistry between duchovny & anderson on x-flies is the only one that rivals stewart & pattinson in twilight.

  • marissa

    New West?
    When did we get New West on the location list? Who's filming/has filmed out there?

  • marissa

    If filming is done at Sam/Emily's house…. could someone let me know where it is? I would like to see it.

  • Toni

    Okay…I'm having a heart attackover here!!!!! I live in and around this area, have been driving around for days trying to find this house…can anyone help me out here????? c'mon be nice – today's my b-day that would be an awesome present!!!!!

  • Toni

    Any change you woul dbe willing to offers us an intersection where this house is located???? I would be forever in your debt!

  • helen

    Es ist sehr toll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ich mÔchte das Film sehen, jetzt

  • Alice

    I drove past by this place on my lunch break from work and I asked the guard at the front gate what movie they were filming here and she said it was a horror movie called “Torched” I asked if there were any big names and she said it was only small local actors!! LIAR!! A coworker drove past by and asked the same question earlier that day and she told them that they were filming for twilight!!

  • cammywamy

    Was there ever a part in the book where they're at Sam's house? I wouldn't know. I've read all the books about 20 times besides New Moon. To much Jacob *bleh*

  • cammywamy

    Was there ever a part in the book where they're at Sam's house? I wouldn't know. I've read all the books about 20 times besides New Moon. To much Jacob *bleh*

  • TwiMomma

    it was described as small & yellow w/ flowers out front, pretty much it!

  • larry09

    is that a real house !!!!!!!

  • larry09

    my mommy is nuts on jasper

  • larry09

    thats weard

  • HugAVampire_PunchAWerewolf

    Had any luck with sets yet, cutesweetiezzzz?
    I'm in Vancouver now! Heading to Jake's house and to the Cullen house today :) Then downtown to star hunt. lol

  • HugAVampire_PunchAWerewolf

    I don't know.
    I don't think its for Twilight.
    When do they go to Emily's house in Eclipse?
    My friend nor I can remember when they do (correct me if I am wrong).
    Maybe the guard was having fun with your friend and just saying it was Eclipse… The guards know fans will believe anything they are told if it is about Twilight.

    I think the set is for Tortured or Torched, whichever it is.
    Lol @ convenience of forgetting the camera the one shot where it would prove what movie it was.

  • cutesweetiezzz


    How's it going? Nope, I didn't see anything yet. But my friend did go to see them film at David Thompson, but she didn't see anything.

  • BiteMe

    They're in Langley somewhere. But that's a pretty big area. When they say Langley it could be anywhere from Aldergrove to Brookswood to Fort Langley area. :S I'm trying to find this one, but it's frigging hard!!

  • cutesweetiezzz

    I took your advice and I did some research. You have no idea how much information I found. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Now I can do a bit of stalking before school starts. I heard that Sam's house is in Walnut Grove, but I have no idea where that is.

  • BiteMe
  • cutesweetiezzz

    Okay great!

  • cutesweetiezzz

    Okay great!

  • cutesweetiezzz

    Okay great!

  • Kickergirl3

    were is Emilys house locate??

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