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Carlisle Has Stiched up Bella, Voted; Peter Facinelli Says

by Will on April 29, 2009 · 240 comments

in Peter Facinelli

peter facinelli  200904292054 Carlisle Has Stiched up Bella, Voted; Peter Facinelli Says Peter Facinelli has revealed the scenes he has shot so far in New Moon–including the birthday scene, the voting scene, and the scene where he stiches up Bella. He note that he has a couple of more shots to do in May, then he’ll be done. Coincidentally, when he was visiting Disneyland with his family none other than Stephenie Meyer was there as well–

I saw Stephenie Meyer at Disneyland. We went to Disneyland – just randomly went to Disneyland with my family and we both were eating dinner at the [Blue] Bayou restaurant, you know, Pirates of the Caribbean. And it was so odd. She walked over and I was like, ‘This is too coincidental.’ But, I should have told her, ‘You know, why did you take the Cullens out of the second book so much?’ I did tell her, ‘You know what? I’m a little upset I didn’t get to go to Italy.’ I said, ‘Carlisle could have shown up in Italy.’”

Check out the video or the transcript from the interview to see the rest.

  • Kim1524

    i saw the mods work yesterday, they deleted all the best ones lol! i'm just waiting to see how bad your comments are gonna be when the shirtless taylor arrives lmao!!

  • Vampgirl

    yeah there goes the plasma tv that Edward breaks, hmm me think New Moon will open with Bella's dream or Carlisle's back history with the Volturi. I don't think we will have a flashback of a green eyed Edward this time around we could had meet his mom.

    They all deserve a trip to Disneyland, and have a big Party.

  • IHowl2

    spontaneously combust !!! LMAO!! You can't even say that you are gonna combust… now a days it seems vampire “dazzle” if they come under sunlight….!! LOL

    I am gonna fursplode though!!

  • IHowl2

    You know what?? I have found a different site where I can let loose my imagination and creativity…!!

    But it IS gonna be bad enough… amazing how well a person know another one!!!


  • duckyggf

    Chris is no the one that makes the scrip he just directs the movie that woman i don't rememer her name is in charge of making the scrips she did it for twilight and is doing it for new moon and eclipse after that i'm not sure.

  • edward_addicted

    True True…lol…I guess I will just have to go to Italy to the Volturri then if my missery doesn't hurry and end…LOL

    Fursplode….LMAO….just make sure your not at work when u do…lol….remember nobody is suppose to know you phase…lol

  • bookobsessed

    Peter we adore you. You have told us more about New Moon in one interview than ET did in 3 nights coverage. At least we now know what they didn't skip. MuWAh…….:)

  • Kim1524

    another site? where lol! i know it really is lol! i just hope i get to see a shirtless rob in the movie *sighs* if they cut that i'm gonna be peeved lmao!

  • michno03

    Well I am certainly pleased to hear all of this…especially that he has voted! I love Peter…he seems to really be a great guy and devoted family man. I've always liked him as an actor and was thrilled to see him as Carlisle…he is great at this. I too am hoping they do some backstory on him, but I guess we shall see.

  • IHowl2

    I think TSH has already mentioned it… Twichicas????

  • HN87

    I AM !!! They sould film the airport scene too..

  • IHowl2

    LOL… I will run to the rest room to fursplode…! Scare the sh*t out of every one when a wolf comes running out the women's restroom!!

    But you know what I don't wanna be menopausal at such a age… I prefer being a wolf girl aka 24 chromosomal female!!!

  • edward_addicted

    Imao…..Im sure it would scare the sh*t out of everyone!!!!

    I like being a vamp girl and i don't have to worry about the menopausal thing…lol

  • Kim1524

    twichicas, i will have to check it out!!

  • IHowl2

    yeah… That is true… but I though you will have to worry about 'freezing' but after Eddy had Renesmee I cant even throw out that option!!


  • Bluefire111

    Aww, he's so sweet, I love him, not in the romance sort of way. :]
    lol whys he playing a doctor again.

  • edward_addicted

    lol…nope don't have to worry about that either…lol

  • Heather S

    The more I read about him, the more I like him.

    He's so down to earth and fun!

  • lil_cutey04

    Bella's reluctance to get engaged really annoyed me when I was reading! She wants to give up her mortality, but won't get married? Her reasons were never good enough for me. She got on my nerves a lot up until she became a vamp!

  • IHowl2

    Aahhhh! Seems like some one has something already figured out!!

  • edward_addicted

    My secret….lol

  • IHowl2

    Niiice… good to have a plan!!!! Does it involve torn blacK lace????

  • RainBeau

    I know!! I'm gonna have to ask my husband to hide the computer for that week!!

  • nomesters

    I've been good, there's a lot going on in school right now with tests and such, so I'm doing my best to keep up with the site. Haha. I've been checking in regularly, I just don't have time to comment as much as I did before.
    It's cool you noticed though! Thanks! how about you?

  • Anonymous

    I wonder tho, why didn’t they film the airport scene when he and the rest of the cast were there? Rosalie, Emmett, Esme, and Jasper are in the airport scene too. If they remove Rose and Emmett, that’s still Jackson, Elizabeth, and Peter who have to return for one scene. Seems they could have filmed that when they were all there a few weeks ago. It’s not like they are filming in order anyway.

    Oh a funny note…….sexual tourettes…….Bahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!! That bit had me laughing my ass off! I think I actually snorted!

  • Lizzaaay

    i so am not a crazy fan girl i just have the hots for the hotties u cant blame me for that. hehe i really wouldnt jump all ova them i would calmly intriduce maself and just tell them how much i respect them. tho i would never mention lol or atleast ma name for lol wouldnt that be embarrasing hahaha lol gee just the thought of meeting them!!! just the thought of new moon wooooooooooooooooo i cant wait!!! :o)

  • nicnix

    See :) you've just gone off on one again LMAO

    Your such a fan girl LOL kiddin

    Me i'd be too much of coward to ever introduce myself to anyone ever lol :)

  • Lizzaaay

    oh shoosh ya moosh lol i think i might start my own wet dish rag list if u get ma hint. hahha lol well me i wouldnt be afraid im quite boistrous as u can tell hahha i definently am my mothers daughter hehe ;op

  • that~stupid~lamb

    yay the vote!!! the vote!!!! im so totally excited *trys to jump out of seat but remembers she sprained her knee frowns* for a sec i was so worried that they wouldn't have the vote =] yay!

  • bella425edward4445

    ya i agree :D

  • I Run With Vampires

    Haha, I know!!! I do that randomly most days just thinking about the movie coming out soon so you're not alone if you do :)

  • kymomto2

    PETER IS GREAT! Please tell me I'm not the only person who thinks that the idea of Carlisle's story being it's own book/movie would be GREAT!!! I can just see him being a scared, lonely new vampire and finding a friend/son in Edward and falling in love with Esme. His whole struggle for goodness and becoming a doctor. That would be a film worth watching!

  • cutesweetiezzz

    I'm so excited! They kept a lot of the book in the movie!

  • Barbie

    which scene is belle gettin stitches???
    i cant really remember…=(

  • Twi-Tiana_7

    heck yes!
    more Twi
    i need to get my mom hooked…but she thinks of it as a teen book cuz i read
    but i will convince her!

  • Twi-Tiana_7

    i know and the first time you read it its like you just wanna know what happens next so you miss things and goin bak and reading shows you the little

  • mishaluvspatz

    Thanks…I won't lose hope. I will accidentally bump into Rob…someday. *sigh*

  • ocdrox

    hahaha its okay

  • ocdrox

    hahaha its okay

  • ocdrox (TeamGrannyPanties)

    hahaha its okay

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