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ET New Moon Exclusive Coverage: Your Reactions

by Will on April 23, 2009 · 1,001 comments

in Commentary

commentary  200904231736 ET New Moon Exclusive Coverage: Your Reactions UPDATE: The ET New Moon video coverage has been added! What do you think of what was shown tonight? Tune in to ET tomorrow as well as this weekend for more of their exclusive coverage from the set of New Moon.

The ET New Moon Exclusive Coverage is starting to air right now at certain places in the country! We’ll bring you the video as soon as possible, but in the meantime–anyone who is watching it, you can post your reactions to what you’ve seen here! It’s not coming on till 7:30pm EST–a little less than 2 hours from now–where I’m located, so I’m eager to know what everyone thinks!

[thanks, Melissa!]

UPDATE2: HQ Version of Part 1!

UPDATE: Part 1 from Lisa/LMCullen!

Part 2 from Lisa/LMCullen!

  • LLD

    I agree. Parts were so cheesy! Like the airplane heading off into the bright light, or the slo-mo running showing Bella as she will supposedly look, things like that. And Dakota's outfit! I can't even begin on all that was wrong with that!

    Overall, I think it was bad screenwriting, and poor acting on some parts. The wolves were good, and a few other things. But honestly, the audience I was in mostly laughed a lot, in places where laughter wasn't meant to happen.

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