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Fantastic New Interview with Robert Pattinson

by Will on April 24, 2009 · 100 comments

in Robert Pattinson

robert pattinson  200904240756 Fantastic New Interview with Robert Pattinson

James Mottram of The Independent has one of the best interviews with New Moon star Robert Pattinson that I have read yet. In it, he covers much of what he’s been up to over the last few months, including Little Ashes, his love life, fame, fans and general craziness. Check out this small portion–

According to Pattinson, he sees playing Dali as a turning point in his career. “To not betray or insult someone’s memory, it seemed a lot more important than other jobs I’ve done before,” he says. “I definitely felt I had a lot of freedom when I was doing for various reasons.” Still, how does he think the Twilight fans will react to his love scenes with Beltran? “I think girls” – at this point he can’t stop himself from a smutty chortle – “almost really like watching something like that. From what I’ve read, people really get excited about that – it sounds really sexy!”(Gozde: He SO reads internet fan pages and comments!)

Inevitably, since Twilight came out, speculation has surrounded Pattinson’s own love-life, linking him with numerous starlets, including 10,000 BC’s Camilla Belle. “I don’t really care about it,” he shrugs. “I have the same little set of friends and I don’t have anyone who would really get affected adversely [by false rumours]. Every single person who they sort of romantically link me to… I just don’t even really know anyone. So it doesn’t really affect me that much.” Is there any truth to the persistent rumour hooking him up with Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart? “Er, no,” he states. “I don’t understand where that even comes from.”

Hmm…Smutty Chortle could be the new Spunk Ransom….

Read the rest of the interview at the Independent.

[via Robsessed]

  • mljhasocd

    I loved this interview….he is so insightful and honest.

  • Kimberlina

    I completely agree, and Rob? Call me!!!

  • OhEdward

    That's because you're a giver – and that's what givers do – they give and learn and……….you have the absolute BEST intentions – Wow – i love rob, I truly admire you. Hey, wait a sec – gasp – you are not a giver….. you're a bad girl! And you know what they say “Good girls go to heaven – bad girls go everywhere” lol

  • i love rob

    Awww, you're so sweet!! And you are so right!!!! I am a bad girl!!!

    I prefer that Rob be the giver…….LOL!!!

  • i love rob

    LOL!!! Hey…you never know…..

  • ejaz

    I hope he has a long and fulfilling career. While most people will always remember him as Edward Cullen, he is capable of a whole lot more!

  • hartsafire

    lol, but I agree with you now that you put rob and Julian together….I am a big fan of both, loved Juliam in all the Warlock movies…

  • deedee81

    I'm the only one to call you out on it because my mind is more corrupted than yours! LMAO

  • marie_C

    no,he said,”i don't know where that even come from?”, three things i could respond, 1. he said that he propose to her in many interviews(he was joking), but people can take that serious or can begin to see them together. 2.they have such a good chemistry in the movie that we can believe that in real life that is true. 3. we are twilighters we will love to see our edward and bella together, plus they look good together.
    by the way camille belle is with one of the jonas brothers.

  • Nataniasmom

    Well, said,
    I love Salvador Dali. I am a huge fan and really can't wait to see this movie.
    I am excited for Rob to stretch out of the confines of Twilight and get recognition from a different audience.
    I think this film will be beautiful.

  • CindysGotOCD

    Great interview.. finally get to inside his head a bit… May 8th is my birthday and I think I will try to go see it. His acting is so great I need to see him play another character

  • Nataniasmom

    I am not a teenager and I like when I see ANYONE expressing their love for each other.
    It doesn't have to be in a movie and they do not have to be “hot”.
    I also like that we are, albeit very slowly, getting to a place where two men kissing is more acceptable.

  • twilover

    All this wishing has put this song in my head and I cant get it out!

    This is dedicated to Rob!

    Someday, I don't know how, I hope he'll hear my plea
    Some way, I don't know how, he'll bring his love to me

    Dream lover, until then, I'll go to sleep and dream again
    That's the only thing to do, till all my lover's dreams come true
    'cause I want this guy to call my own (yeah-yeah)


  • bestofthebest

    I'm sure Robert will do great in all his movies – he's a great actor with a lot of potential. Wish you all the best Rob, keep up the good work. Can't wait to see your performance in other movies and it sure will be fun to watch Little Ashes.

  • i love rob

    LOL!!! Bravo!!!! That was beautiful!!!

  • TrulyDazzled

    I really want to see him in different roles so I am excited for Little Ashes as well as How to Be. Im sure he will do a fantastic job. :)

  • shall

    I cant wait to see robert in Little Ashes. Mainly because it is such a versatile role. Everyone mainly knows him as Edward Cullen and hes so much more then that. He's been in other movies as well and I think he should get credit for them. And I already have tickets to go see Little Ashes on the 8th of may in L.A. and i am so excited.

  • ilovemasochists

    Very nice interview

  • Eli_Darling

    Ok, I'm definitely a woman and I can say that for me there is nothing sexy about guy on guy action, ever! I just want to clear that up. EVER! Anyway, I'm still looking forward to watching Little Ashes as well as anything he and the rest of the crew end up putting out. I love that they are all fairly new actors and actresses. It's about time we had some new talent. Who isn't tired of Brad Pitt and Angelina? I know I am! I for one think Kristen is way cool and extremely attractive… as well as the rest of them (Rob for sure!). That being said, I've always been into the quiet awkward types :-)

  • OhEdward

    and you be the recepticle – ooops – I mean receiver. Gasp – oooh diabolical. ; )

  • bella425edward4445

    nice interview :D

  • i love rob


  • twilight_lover


  • OhEdward

    To my avid friends here. Just want you all to know that my 14 year old and I are hosting book club tonight for 15 kids and adults. We're hooking up the site to our project to show everyone the New Moon cast, fan made trailers and posters. OBVIOUSLY, my racy comments will not be shown. Any suggestions of things I might have missed that would be age appropriate and cool for our guests tonight would be welcome. Thanks all.

  • amandelia

    sorry rob, i find nothing sexy about my ideal hot guy getting down with another man lmao! still, i would like to see it. i do apricate the art of acting and i honestly think Rob is a great actor. i really liked this interview.

  • IndiesR

    So true, your mind is beyond dirty! LOL All the more reasons to love you. :)

  • Kimberlina

    Yes, now it's playing in my head… just like that “I kissed a Vampire” From LMCullen yesterday. I almost started singing it in a meeting yesterday…this is having negative effects on my job! HA!

  • tweter76

    He has an awesome presence. And so freaking talented! I just love him! Can you believe that just a year ago he was “the kid who played Cedric in HP?” Wow.

  • tweter76

    I hope he realizes that his fans love him for all he is as an artist! Not just because he is extremely good-looking . . . which with all of the Twi-madness could be easily confused. I think he'll be brilliant in Little Ashes. I can't wait to see what he does with his career . . . and whether it is making music or acting or both . . . I will be a supportive fan. :) This was a great article!

  • IndiesR

    Rob has come a long way, and has a lot more to go. Of course, I'll always be by his side, so he'll never fail. :)

  • tweter76

    *giggles* don't forget the “gackle”

  • nicnix

    I totallly missed this thread :) But you are so right !!! He's the best:) lol

    What the heck will you do if he contacts you though :) I bet you'd just pass out cold and you'll not be able to teach him anything LMAO

  • rpattzgirl

    I totally agree-he is so much more than the hottest guy ever….

  • ktbugmarsh

    WoW! That was a great interview! I just love his honesty and the way he speaks. :P

  • OhEdward

    BREATHE in………….out………………in…………….out. Gasp- oh yeah, BREATHE in………………..out. I would make him bacon and pancakes with homemade syrup the next morning…………………… 'cause that's how I roll! LMAO

  • ferni

    WILL U MARRY ME!!!!!!!

  • kymomto2

    Oh….my….word… Rob Pattinson is just great, although just 'cause 99% of men enjoy a little girl on girl, does not translate to most girls liking guy on guy. I can't wait to see the movie just because of the story and I've heard he gave a brilliant performance. Good luck, but I'm definitely more into Rob with the ladies :) SWOON

  • Salondiva

    Absolute, Intrinsic and Fascinating.

  • TheLionFellInLuvWithCeci

    Wow… just wow!! This is really interesting… I love how nobody really knows much about his life and speculate away… so when I DO hear something from his own lips, it just makes me smile =]
    He's wonderful…. lol… er… that movie? Hmm well I”m gonna go watch it May 8th…. lol… I think it will be somewhat difficult for me to see him like THAT, but I have to watch it…. hehe… I love my Spunk Ransom =]

  • 2ylite

    GO Rob!!

  • applecrack

    Interesting article! I enjoyed that. I do admit that I'm crazy about Rob myself but from this you can glimpse this man is bigger than Twilight. I hope he makes good choices with other movies…. please don't be a flash in the pan! Please. Okay I'm done. lol

  • MCNutters

    he did this way before he thought he was doing twilight. before he even heard of it lol.

  • TwilightRobGirl

    Yes! Yes! Yes! A CD, please. Perhaps after the Twilight Saga is complete since it is going to keep him busy for the next couple years. Until then, I hope some of his music makes it onto each movie soundtrack! Can you imagine?! It's the perfect compromise.

  • Nataniasmom

    Yes, I realize this. It is just now being released, so I am just now seeing him stretch out of these confines.
    He did a few other things before Twilight too.

  • nicnix

    Such lies LOL :)

    Mundane things like cooking would never cross your dirty mind :) morning or not LMAO

    How did the projector show go??? :)

  • OhEdward

    How dare you know my dirty little mind so well. : ) Projector show went well. It is certainly hard to keep 16 people quiet enough get the full effect but I think everyone had a good time. Thanks for asking! Off to the Festival of Books – hopefully will meet Melissa Rosenberg but none of the schedules I have show her anywhere… keep your fingers crossed.

  • nicnix

    :) i really must get to work on that teleporter i'm building :)

    Everytime someone mentions something exciting they are doing i keep wishing i had one lol :)

  • MCNutters

    yes he did, like How To Be and i first saw him in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I just thought, oh he's cute. didnt think he could get cuter lol and the outtakes are hilarious! xD

  • MCNutters [TeamTaycob! <3]

    yes he did, like How To Be and i first saw him in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I just thought, oh he's cute. didnt think he could get cuter lol and the outtakes are hilarious! xD

  • MCNutters [Team Mishka!]

    yes he did, like How To Be and i first saw him in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I just thought, oh he's cute. didnt think he could get cuter lol and the outtakes are hilarious! xD

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