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New Moon Cast: The Yearbook Page

by Will on April 16, 2009 · 125 comments

in Casting

casting  new moon cast yearbook New Moon Cast: The Yearbook Page

Want to see an overview of the whole New Moon cast? ERDStock/Emily, one of our awesome chat mods, was kind enough to make this amazing New Moon official cast overview graphic just for the readers here at Be sure to check out the full size version of the New Moon cast yearbook!

  • Kelsi

    This is absolutely amazing! Good work!

  • alexaacullen

    omg whyy cant movie be out in like ohh i dont no like 3 months!!! this is pure TORCHER!!!!!!!!!!!!! im seriously counting down the days on my calender!!! 214 more days. thts a long time!!!!!!

  • nemesis_luvlion

    absolutely agree! i mean she's a great actress and u'r right about d description from the book, she's supposed to be represented that way…and then u get to know she's a little evil thing capable of inflicting great suffer…i think she'll do a great job :D

  • ferni


  • Tim

    IS this the actual cast for the volturi? I know Jane, Hiedi, Caius, and maybe Aro. But are the other volturi real?

  • Diane

    This is really cool! Thanks for sharing it. It was great to see “Jane and Alec” side by side and see how good they'll look together.

  • dazzled.

    they should sell it. it would be so cool!
    dont you think?

  • nemesis_luvlion


  • bella425edward4445

    ya i can agree ……hahahahha i am soo eexcited for new moon

  • IndiesR

    OMG!!! Hawt Damn!! Love your pic. :)

  • ERDstock

    Hi Karla :) Thanks! I made this lol and I put the rest of the Cullen's kind of 'off to the side' b/c everyone already knows who they are and also they probably aren't going to get much screen time other than the beginning and maybe the end… besides Alice and Edward of course.

  • marie c.

    yeah i do the same, we are irrevocably obsess.

  • Mel

    I thought Embry was the skinnier one and Quil was the chubbier one..

  • kira

    Great work, only one point and i've noticed it a lot… Jasper's last name is frequently mistaken to be 'Hale” where in fact that is only Rosalie's last name. Jasper's las name is Whitlock.

    FAntastic book though!

  • TeamEdwardForever101

    I can't even read the names!!!!!!!!!!!!! but whatever iiiii lllllllllllll oooooooooo vvvvv eeeeeeee EDWARD FREAKING CULLEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • vapire_girl97


  • tweter76 . . .

    Who in the hale are you talking to?

  • vapire_girl97


  • tweter76…TwiPire

    Who in the hale are you talking to?

  • danish

    ok, i really don't like the casting but i love the books and i'm just hopping that it will be a good movie because i'm REALLY picky when it comes to these kind of things.

  • JenTeamJake

    Everyone in Forks thinks Jaspers last name is Hale, thats why he is refered to as Jasper Hale, and if you think about it Edward's name is really Edward Masen and Alice's name is Mary Alice Brandon…

  • blaisee

    the movie is gonna be awesome,

  • blaisee

    the movie is gonna be awesome,

  • Steccia

    i love you

  • Steccia

    bell i love you . in new moon

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