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Taylor Lautner Filming at the Ridge Theatre

by Will on April 7, 2009 · 82 comments

in Vancouver Set

vancouver set  jacob black bowling alley new moon vancouver set Taylor Lautner Filming at the Ridge Theatre

Check out these awesome new set pics from a brand new set in Vancouver that we haven’t seen before. Taylor Lautner is spotted talking to tons of girl-fans in full Jacob Black drag in front of the Ridge Theatre and Bowling Alley.Check out the rest of the pics over at Allie’s blog!

[thanks, Andrea!]

  • TeamWolfPack

    lol! I wish I were there! I have a small group of twifriends that are going to go with me. Except I am the only nutcase brave enough to wear the shirts lol!

    You should have SEEN the Team Eddie fans glaring at me at the dvd release. I had my Jacob shirt on (although I'm more Switzerland) and it was cold lol. But hilarious.

  • celine

    ive always wanted to smell a famouse person…

  • alexaacullen

    i met kellen lutz before…hes smells goooooooooooooooood!! lol

  • tweter76

    How funny. There are about 15 of us in my group. We're all crazy fanpires!! You should see my office at work!

  • harumiblack

    cute (L)

  • TheLionFellInLuvWithCeci

    Aww that sweetie pie, staying true to his person… he's such an adorable guy… I love having him in the film adaptations… he's just oh so sweet =]

    oh and I'm w/ ya ppl… so comforted that they're staying fairly close to the book… yay!!

  • Lori

    I like the way long hair looks on guys with dark hair, blonde guys with long hair, not so much. Taylor looks amazing as always, well in this case waaaaaay better than the twilight hair.

  • Stephie

    I with ya about loving how they love their fans. I read this snippet in that article above
    “He couldn’t have been a better sport. His skin looked amazing up close snd he smelled GOOD!”
    If any of you girls in Vancouver get to see him and smell him, puhleeease, puhleeeease tell us what he smells like, and ask him what he wears to smell so good, haha

  • Stephie

    I've always thought the same too. I have this picture of him on my desktop with like dark natural shadows all around his eyes looking all sinister but sexy hot at the same time then he has those fantastic canines that not only make me wanna ask ed/rob to bite me but jake/tay too

  • Stephie

    I saw that too! His Daddy in the yellow shirt looking so proud of his son. That's cool too see a stage dad that doesn't get all nutty and lets the fans get close to his son.

    I thought that in that same picture his little sister is there too, the little girl wearing the white pants. From all the pictures on the net with Taylor and his little sister they always look so close and rightly so he seems like he is very protective of her.

  • Stephie

    yeah that would be redundant and weird to have to movie scenes with Jess then Jake. But for sure it should include the Jake/bella/mike scene.

  • joy

    “Yes, we may have been twice the age of everyone else there, but we were okay with that. We waited about 2 hours before Taylor Lautner (Jacob) came out to take photos with the fans. What a class act. Totally reaffirms why I am Team Jacob.”

    Haha,lmao,I love it that these guys Taylor in this particular case, and the rest of the cast for that matter are being worshipped from my little sister, a teen, to me in my 20's, to my mother, and who knows maybe even some grandma's!

  • ruby

    awwhhh hes sooo nice =)

  • ruby


  • Hales

    so I just cruised past with my dog, and sadly, there is no sign of any activity.
    there were a few groups of girls hanging around just waiting though.

  • M&M

    Taylor looks soooo good with his hair pulled back like so. He looks really happy too. So do those lucky fan girls now.

  • Nique

    yea thats what i was thinkin also i love that part in the book i was dyin laughin and i cant wait to see that on film

  • Elloo

    haha omg Hales! How odd. Wouldn't that have been awesome if you ran into him?? :D

  • TeamEDWARD#1

    Omg me 2 lol.

  • TeamEDWARD#1

    I'm team Edward but Taylor looks reeeeeeeeeeeeallly good with that wig. lmao

  • TeamEDWARD#1


  • CullenFan

    Yay yay yay, they are doing the movie scene!!!

  • Dalovely

    what a cutie he is.

  • magali

    hello soy magali de argentina rosarario…bueno la pelicula me re gusta y ademas leo los libross!!! muy buenos besos

  • Twilight Lover101

    Some of my friends say that he has such a big nose with the wig and one of says he has a big nose with and without the wig thats why she's not crushing on him anymore.My other friend says how can u not love him!?!?

  • emma

    wait that's his sister!!! wow I didn't know he even had a sister I learn new things everyday on this site

  • Yazz

    Sweetest guy ever! Wonder what it would be like to actually hang out with him?! *sighs* If only…..

  • anna t.

    good lord.. i think that first picture knocked me out of my mind a bit lol

    he looks beyond amazing <3<3

  • anna t.

    good lord.. i think that first picture knocked me out of my mind a bit lol

    he looks beyond amazing <3<3

  • jacblack123

    my fav book is new moon ofcors cause jacob !!!! he”s mine MINE MINE girl s out there jacobs mine

  • jacblack123

    my fav book is new moon ofcors cause jacob !!!! he”s mine MINE MINE girl s out there jacobs mine

  • jacblack123

    my fav book is new moon ofcors cause jacob !!!! he”s mine MINE MINE girl s out there jacobs mine

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