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Twilight with Cheeseburgers

by Will on April 27, 2009 · 144 comments

in Funny

funny  200904271150 Twilight with Cheeseburgers Check out this amazing trailer for an awesome movie coming soon….it’s Twilight–with Cheeseburgers! Ok, it’s not really a movie, just a trailer–It was made by the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theater and is quite funny!

  • cutesweetiezzz

    That was very very good.
    I give the guy who plays Edward props for keeping a straight face during the entire trailer.
    I could NEVER EVER do that.

    The ending was sort of gross, but in a funny way.

  • cutesweetiezzz

    haha, my thoughts exactly.
    I'm sort of sad to admit me.

  • *lilgirl*

    Dat was funny they should use that as a cormercial for Wendys or something!! right? but dat was funny i have to say

  • novvemberr

    My favoritest parody is:

    i almost pee myself everytime :P

  • Shannn

    That was lame but i loved it. So freaking funny. I have to agree that the the sparkle effect was better then the movie.

  • LiuLiu

    I love it!! what a funny clip!
    It'd be interesting if it becomes the real movie!
    Althought the scene that Edward take the cheeseburgers out of his mouth was a little bit disgusting. Ha ha ha

  • twilight_lover


  • bella425edward4445

    lmao :D

  • bella425edward4445

    lmao :D hahahahaha

  • bella425edward4445

    omg thats sooo funny u pointed that one out fran that one is my fave it is soooo funny lol i love the end when he slams in the door and says./….. owwww who shut that ……….lol :D

  • FranCullen

    yeah lol! I love that part too! The 1st time I saw it I couldnt stop laughing!!

  • bluegoddessgirl

    Gross I'm still full from dinner so seeing him devour that burger made me go yuck lol. Also he didnt need to spit it back out afterwards.

  • Tiana_7

    omg omg…
    *laughing so hard*
    *laughter subsiding*
    *okay just littlle giggles….tummy is definitly sore*
    oh man…has anyone listened to tyhe commentary on the twilight DVD?
    if you do it will explain this…its priceless.

    Edward: Ask me the basic question…What do we eat?
    Rob(in commentary): Cheeseburgers!

  • tweter76 . . . twi-pire

    It is flippin hilarious!

  • Tiana_7

    i know!!!!!
    nobody believes me when i say…..but of course everyone here
    but my favorite part is when he complains about his eyebrows like the whole time…and then when bella goes to get the book and he saves her from the gang of guys… i have a lot of favorite parts.loll.

  • tweter76 . . . twi-pire

    I love watching it. They are so funny. And he was a good sport!

  • Tiana_7

    hahaha i know he is so priceless….and i love the fact he had to ask a lot of questions cuz he didnt know what certain things were…hes so british…..and EF-ING HOT!

  • tweter76 . . . twi-pire


  • Team Seth

    *Still gasping for air* The sick sense of humor came into play again- I nearly peed myself laughing!

  • edwardd<3

    haha thats funny as

  • raneesmee cullen

    It's funnY…. hahaha.. it maybE trUe.. it's amazing… nicE jOb.. thumbs Up gUyz… ahahahha…. LOL.

  • rachaelwsz

    I'll never look at cheeseburgers the same way again. Lol

  • jaewel

    omg, so funnyyy :D

  • king:)

    Oh God it's sooo FUNNY! LOL
    I mean… look at carlisle! XD

  • RainBeau

    Bahahahahaha…omg…that was so funny!!!

  • AmandaJ

    I agree with “king:)” LOOK AT CARLISLE! X))) -dies-. That hair…wow.
    *I love how hot this kid who plays Edward actually IS…
    *I love how you can see James' gut and how poorly all these wigs are put on.
    *I love how WELL this trailer is put together!

    :D Comedy gold. I was clapping!

  • Livvy_Kate

    LOL! That is sooo hilarious!! They need to make a New Moon one now.

  • TeamRenesmee

    That's hilarious xD I died by laughing XD Casrlisle and James are the best :D

  • decode


  • alice

    i laughed throu like the whole thing that is really good and funny great jobs guys we love it

  • 2ylite

    Nooo Bella turned into a cheeseburger!

  • 2ylite

    Gee now that makes her look ugly at least looked and tasted good i want to take a bite at it lol

  • Katie87

    OMG seriously!

    The actor look really good epically Edward… and there acting i must say I though i was watching Twilight for realizes

  • PleaseCallMeMrsCullen

    oh my god yeah i love that bit of the commentary – it's so funny !
    and when he gets out of the car, rob goes 'come on guys' ,, haha :)

  • howdy25

    that one is soooo funny!

  • howdy25

    i didn't like that one. it was dumb.

  • smvgrey

    lol, that's abought right with the analogy of making out with a cheeseburger. How long before you just take a bite? ;-) I redid the twilight trailer to southpark, check it out :)

  • TeamJBTL

    ahahaha what the hell??

    that was some funny ass stuff! lmao! I would love to watch that! :D

  • Twi-Tiana_7

    hahahaha i know!
    with his gay/british accent.hahahaha!

  • KiKi

    Lmao i think Carlisle look really funny in this!

  • KiKi

    Lmao i think Carlisle look really funny in this!

  • puella

    my favourite part is when Edward starts spitting out hamburger and putting it together again…that's so funny :)

  • puella

    my favourite part is when Edward starts spitting out hamburger and putting it together again…that's so funny :)

  • puella

    my favourite part is when Edward starts spitting out hamburger and putting it together again…that's so funny :)

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