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Interview with Charlie Bewley – Demetri of the Volturi

by Will on May 12, 2009 · 94 comments

in Volturi

volturi  200905120933 Interview with Charlie Bewley   Demetri of the Volturi Newcomer Charlie Bewley is set to play Demetri of the Volturi in New Moon. Not much is known about the UK-born Vancouver resident, so the TwilightBlog took the chance to ask him a few questions about himself and the role he’ll be playing. When asked what aspects of his character Demetri he’s most looking forward to play, Charlie said–

He has unparalleled tracking abilities together with insane strength, speed and classiness; lives in Tuscany, underground; hangs out with the beautiful Heidi who brings him food all the time; he has red irises and glitters in the sunlight… It’s hard, therefore, to see what’s not to like about playing this legend.

The commonalities we share mean this is a character I can seriously get my teeth into: He’s a tracker, I’m a rave-runner; he’s a diplomat, I’m a spiritualist; he’s cool and stylish, I’m…. we have a lot in common.

What I love about Demetri is that he is utterly charming in juxtaposition to big bad Felix, yet “no less lethal”… clearly this guy takes no prisoners. Well, he does… before tearing them limb from limb.

[Photo from FB Fan page, thanks, Joanna86!]

  • StarlitHowl

    No need to bake or pop out…Just get a tube of icing & decorate me reaaaal good. I'll sit still, promise, despite how ticklish I am LOL! *bats lashes playfully*

  • 2ylite

    can wait for NM!!!! speed it up :)

  • Saxon23

    Wow – at last an interview with the delectablew Charlie…sigh….
    Rob who?

  • Saxon23


  • lovethemcullenboys

    Yeah that one…


    Come on how hard can it be. Make some shirtless ROB ones please!!

  • EstonianVampire

    lol! I may know what movie you mean.. I think it's called California Man (aka Encino Man) with Brendan Fraser. He played a cave-man or something and when he was dug up from the back yard a guy asked where he was from and he said Estonia.
    That was SO embarrassing but really funny as well. Was it that? If not never mind. :)

    It's great you like Tallinn. It's a lot different than all the other city's I know.
    That's nice of you lol. :)

  • Kimberlina

    honey_bee it's already been determined that I'm popping out of his cake tomorrow then he'll proceed to lick the icing off of me! I've been planning this for weeks!!!

  • EstonianVampire

    I LOVED the trailer. I think it's the best fan-made trailer so far. :)

  • nicnix


    Yes please honey-bee :) get right on it :) Or drop him an email and ask him to send us one :) lol

  • nicnix

    LOL :)

    Sorry um…… so slow at everything lol :)

    Ok you've reminded me though am gonna get right on it :) lol

  • lovethemcullenboys

    Yeah it's the best one so far… Bring on the real one… I can't wait! November is so far away… UGH!!!

  • neev

    that photo is cool

    nice to hear him talking about demetri.

    i like him!

  • IndiesR


    Happily playing “with” Rob! :)

  • IndiesR

    Oh yeah, definately! Did you ever get the chance to sign his birtday card?

  • honey_bee

    Whew. LMAO Go for it, ladies! Don't keep Rob up too late. I am sure he'll have some filming to do the next morning. ;D

  • StarlitHowl

    …no worries, I won't bite you for it. Vampire squirrels are far too unique to eat! :))

  • StarlitHowl

    You can keep Rob, but Charlie is mine! MINE! *growls menacingly* I've been howling at that Grade A prime choice cut of man since day one! Anyone ever warn you about standing between a carnivore & its dinner?!

    Sadly I'm far too generous & am willing to share as a result *scoffs at herself & drools over the prized, unbuttoned shirt pic that she holds dear* Not like I can blame you gals, he's just so tasty! :( lol

  • EstonianVampire

    Sadly yeah.. But the trailer will come out sooner though. I think (hope) it will come in June-August. I can't waiiiiiiiiiiiiit. :)

  • JoUK

    Finally some info on Charlie…
    He will definately make a good Demetri!

  • Kimoppi

    It was totally Encino Man.

    Is Tallinn really so different? Are there any other cities you recommend also? I'm trying to plan my trip with a lot of non-traditional stops. I'd love any ideas you have.

  • lovethemcullenboys

    Yeah in August…. that's closer than Novemeber…

  • Saxon23

    four…four…me like Charlie too

  • TheHolyThief



  • bean

    Well found Joanna! Great to learn a bit more about Charlie/Dmitri. We just need some more photos now…

  • joanna86

    ok… as long as we don't claw each other's eyes out! LOL

  • Wolves~Descending

    its funny, in my drama class, we have to do a bio on an actor
    & {i chose Rob} do a presentation, it just so happens that the day that it is due is on his b-day. so its like im deticating my presentation to him.
    i was so exited when i found out his birthday & i was like OMG its due on his birthday… ok, ill shut up now.

  • cutesweetiezzz

    Seriously, I think we need a better picture of this guy. All the few pictures we've seen of him have been sort of bad and dark lightning. We need something better.

  • TheLionFellInLuvWithCeci

    Um… Charlie is one heck of a hunka-dude… I don't think I had ever paid that much attention… he's so hot and very articulate… so sexy in a man… whew!!! P.S. I still love Rob… dont get carried away w/ my words ;-)

    My ROB's Bday is TOMORROW… yay… he's only 2 years older than me: PERFECT =]

  • I love New Moon


  • TeamJB

    LOL Im soooo Team Jacob but i habd is twicthin towards Team Demetri…Well team Charlie…With all the hunkys in this movie I really dont see any women in the WORLD that isn't going to see the movie. (oh and some men too LOL)

  • bella425edward4445

    great interview soo excited to see him in new moon :D

  • crookedsmile

    Thanks for finding this. There is something about this guy. I like the mysterious types. I wouldn't be upset if Melissa could once again use her creative license and make his part a bit bigger in the next 3 films.

  • crookedsmile

    make that five…. I might have to change my name from crookedsmile to trackmedown or something.

  • EstonianVampire

    Well.. The tourist's who have been in Tallinn say that it is – it's all about the old town, because as I've heard, no other country has an old town like ours, so it was supposed to be very special. I think it is too, I've traveled through all of Europe and haven't seen one like here. :)

    And about recommendations.. I don't really know specific places that aren't non-traditional. Usually when I travel with my family, we just drive through the country and on the way we see lots of awesome city's and villages etc, but I'm not sure about the names. Usually the not-so-known places are the best (my opinion). :)

  • joanna86

    oh yes please, Melissa! Team Demetri wants Demetri!!! ;)

  • Saxon23

    yeah – we all get a piece of Charlie**happy dance***
    No Dibs on particular parts????

  • RaccoonTeamJacob

    He seems like such a bad- a$$. That is one stinky vamp i wouldn't mind rolling around with lol….
    (dont tell the pack)

  • joanna86

    oh Saxon… I'm SO not going to answer that question here! *WINKS, drools and daydreams*

  • 4thewolf

    “Coon, the wolves just appear out of the woodwork when you are most hoping they didn't hear what you said. Bets are they already know! LOL

  • joanna86 wants Charlie B.

    oh Saxon… I'm SO not going to answer that question here! *WINKS, drools and daydreams*

  • 4thewolf

    “Coon, the wolves just appear out of the woodwork when you are most hoping they didn't hear what you said. Bets are they already know! LOL

  • joanna86 aka Charlie's Angel

    oh Saxon… I'm SO not going to answer that question here! *WINKS, drools and daydreams*

  • 4thewolf

    “Coon, the wolves just appear out of the woodwork when you are most hoping they didn't hear what you said. Bets are they already know! LOL

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