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Location Found for Volturi Tourist Feeding Scene in Montepulciano?

by Will on May 16, 2009 · 249 comments

in Italy Set

italy set  montepulciano tourist feeding scene Location Found for Volturi Tourist Feeding Scene in Montepulciano?

We’ve heard from a couple of different people that the location in the pictures, an underground location in the city of Montepulciano, will be used in New Moon for the scene in which tourists are led to a trap where they are fed upon by the Volturi. What do you think–is this what you imagined from the book?

[thanks for the pic, Sarah!]

  • nicnix

    Where the hell have you been Liz :) lol

  • Kat

    OMG that's like EXACTLY how I imagined it! Sounds like its coming along great! Good luck.

  • Lizzaaay

    oh good to hear :o) tho u r a traitor to rob :o( u r taken over by the bad *very hot* side haha but not as hot as the good side hehe so its your loss. anyways lol y the new name/acc???

  • LMCullen

    deeeeeeeeedeeeeeeeeeeeee where have you been? ; )

    I haven't been posting as much cause I MISS YOU!!! Its been so sad around here w/o you : (

  • Lizzaaay

    ahhhh nicnix good to see you :o) well ive been here but i cbf to comment but im back in the swing now :op lol where the 'hell' have i been lol straight to the point i like it!!! haha ive been on twichicas too but im not alowed on the chat and thats all you's do so i dont see much of u's over there o well tho :o) and ive got yr 11 exams the next 2 weeks so been busy with that too well good to hear from u and it is now 1:11am here lol and im not tired i swear lol ;op

  • Sarah

    Actually I kind of pictured that kind of setting for when Edward, Bella and Alice walk through to go see the Volturi, If you read it closely, when they described the tourists trap the setting is like a business reception area. you have to remember that the tourists take a path that has street access. And you also have to remember that Edward , Bella and Alice could not leave until it was dark out side, makeing you think that that's how it is all set up. other than that I do have to agree that it looks perfect.

  • AirTita

    I agree ~ the pics look more like the scenes where they are taken to the Volturi, not where the unsuspecting tourists are lured. I think that scene should be more like a reception area in a museum or something like that.
    These tunnels are much more sewer like.

  • AirTita

    I agree with you Sarah. This is so much more like the journey to the Volturi area through the sewers and underground.
    The visitors reception/feeding area should be more bright and inviting.

  • WetDishRag (AKA deedee81)

    I've been super busy, you know with this and that LOL.

    I missed you too but “guess who's back, back again, deedee's back, tell a friend!” LMAO

  • WetDishRag (AKA deedee81)

    I just thought with me threatening everyone with the wet dish rag, I might as well have it as my username LMAO

  • LockNessieMonsters

    same here :-)

  • LockNessieMonsters

    i agree lol but i think it might just be the lighting and that can b fixed

  • Vampgirl

    Thank you, thank you, I know what scene you are talking about ;)

  • nicnix

    Yes :) It's well filmed LMAO

  • bean

    Lizzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy!! Good to see ya too girl! :)

  • flavia_dreamy

    yes!! it is perfect!!!

  • Lovin_the_Cullens_n_Bella

    Agreed!!! :)

  • Izzy Swan

    Does NOT look like ANYTHING I imagined

  • Lizzy

    Wow this actually looks great i just pictured it darker and way cleaner lol like most of you have said! =)

  • Rhianna

    i love this – this is so how i imagined it!
    yay. cant wait for new moon!

  • lovin_emmett

    i pictured it like tht too but my mind was more on edwards body lol

  • ♥teremarie♥team.edward♥

    hahahah! yeah nice point i understand your distraction lol

  • Twilightlover

    lol wish someone else was there….:)

  • lovin_emmett

    it is tho i hope tht aint where bella meets aro!!

  • ♥teremarie♥team.edward♥


  • AshleyBiancaCullen

    fanfreakintasticlly creeptacular!! gettin chills already….

  • gabrielle

    Crazy, because this is exactly how i imagined it. SWEET!

  • Georgia

    OMG this is what I was So thinking Sarah!!!! This is a Great place for the sewers under the city!!!

  • ♥teremarie♥team.edward♥

    hahaha awww your thinking of your alex =]

  • My_Emmett_Cullen

    I agree as well, I don't think it would be best for the reception area but walking below the city or even the possibility of using part of it as the antichamber prior to walking into the room where the Volturi are would work great. Very dungon like! Perfect to show the darkness and scariness of the underground. :)

  • Tiffani

    i haven't posted a comment in a long time on here…
    how is everyone doing?
    well the pic is not what i imagined but it could work for the film.
    i imagined something more elegant.

  • Sarah

    ok so I was slightly wrong about how it is set up. Yes it is a business reception area, but there is a hall way with street access that the tourist come from and even that is described as “Ornate” meaning “Fancy” that was the only thing I was wrong on. I also suggest that anyone that only read the books once through, you should read them again, there is a lot of stuff you don't catch the first time through.

  • b_ella

    its not quite what i imagined but pretty close!!!

    Looks awesome, really creepy. I CANT WAIT TILL NEW MOON!!!!

  • Kotyn

    the first on is almost how i pictured it from the book. the second is just a little too dark and creepy for the room, maybe the long dark hallways, but cleaned up a little better.

  • Sarah

    you are totally right!!! you should check out my post 5 people below you.

  • Alessio

    Hey! This is a tipical italian ancient “cantina”, the place where wine is produced!
    Thousand of these in Montepulciano, everyone of you must visit montepulciano and try the “Vino Nobile”!!
    Cheers from tuscany.

  • xtina

    i love it

  • Lizzaaay

    far enuff sounds reasonable :o) lol good to see you bac tho every1 has missed you!!! ;op

  • Lizzaaay

    lol thanx :o)

  • danielle

    This is just about exactly as i imagined the tunnels.. not the area with the well.. it would be great if this was true, but probably very difficult shots

  • meggie

    Not really. Stephenie described a more round tall stone room for the feeding room, like a castle turret and as far as the hallway leading to the castle turret room it was supposedly stone covered so they could hear the sound of their footsteps and voices being carried down the hall.

  • MmmmmCullen

    Exactly…Thats what these Blogs are for to see peoples reactions..You never know if they get enough criticism theyll change it around..I Think it looks okay tho..?:P

  • michno03

    This to me looks like the sewers as Edward, Alice and Bella were walking to meet Aro. I thought the feeding room would be in an old castle room, very very tall with the long windows.

  • Angie

    It seems to me that it would be VERY difficult to film in any underground catacombs in Italy. They're so dark and to have to set up all the lighting and potentially mess with the integrity of an historical site? I am not sure I believe that the Italian government would let them do that. But I digress. I just assumed any “indoor” shots would be filmed on a soundstage.

  • emily

    EXACTLY how i pictured it….hmm wow

  • RN4Carlisle

    I guess I should read through again, because I too thought that it was street level and more of a building with large windows upstairs.

  • RN4Carlisle

    I guess I should read through again, because I too thought that it was street level and more of a building with large windows upstairs.

  • Renesmee cullen

    NO this not how i pictured it. but… okay.

  • Renesmee cullen

    NO this not how i pictured it. but… okay.

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