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Production Vans Move Possible Props in Montepulciano

by Will on May 14, 2009 · 85 comments

in Italy Set

italy set  italy set new moon Production Vans Move Possible Props in Montepulciano

Check out these pics of two possible sets of props that will be used in New Moon that were moved about this morning in Montepulciano–TwilightersItalia has the pictures and says

Here are the pictures, directly from Montepulciano, taken this morning.

The pictures portray a production van while unloading pews looking old and some gothic statues made of paper pulp, bringing them in the inside of the town hall.

It looks like some red flags have been moved from a near building too.”

Red flags, hmm?

[thanks, YuN!]

  • Saxon23

    easy jet here i come…

  • TeamSpaceHeaters

    are you in the UK too?

  • TeamSpaceHeaters

    are you sure you won't knock bella out and start running to edward yourself! LOL

  • TeamSpaceHeaters

    isn't that weekend the bank holiday too?

    I signed up race for life on Sunday…but I could fly out after it and be there to hunt them out on the monday! I just check and there was a flight to florence for like £60!!!

  • TeamSpaceHeaters

    no wind chimes effect please!! I don't want to hear tinkle tinkle!!

    Or look at a sweaty eddy! LOL

  • TeamSpaceHeaters

    Italy here I come!! lol

  • bookobsessed

    *Squeels* so close to finishing…..can’t wait….

  • kerbear585


  • 4thewolf

    *packing* Wait for me, TSH
    Shall we take the 12 “accessories” with us, or will you be giving the poor guys a break for a while? (I think they need to rest)

  • 4thewolf

    Are you serious!!!????? Go, TSH, why are you even hesitating????

  • TeamSpaceHeaters

    lol no accessories.. just me commando in my wrap dress!!

  • TeamSpaceHeaters

    I am tempted but I bought a house and need to pay off my debt first and promised myself no more trips. I have to be a responsible grown matter how much I hate it! :-(

  • 2ylite

    yea i want the official pics of volturi!!

  • TheLionFellInLuvWithCeci

    AGGG… bring on the Volturi and the RED flags!! Woohoo… I think this might be it guys… all these old fashioned statues and things… OME… it has to be… I can't wait to see this =]

  • bella425edward4445

    ya i agree…………. oh and theres tony the tiger again lol u know with the GREEEEEEEEAT lol sorry that was random lol :D but i am sooo excited for these scenes in new moon yaayyyy

  • ferni

    yeah me too
    are you cerial…. this movie is gonna be super duper GRRRRRRREAT……. like our good friend tony would say.
    p.s. i used cerial instead of cerious….. jejeje thats how me and my besties do it

  • Emily

    AHHH! this is so awesome! i cant wait to see this movie :DDDDD

  • liiqanntro0paaa

    no pued0 esperar masss … ya kier0 que se estreeenee luna nuevaa!!!! =D

  • mickey_lamb

    red flags???? yes!!!!!!!!! i think i know what it means!!!!!!! i wanna see the volturi… i like caius! and for the record i did not just say im team caius since i have no team. i love em all!!!

  • TeamEdward76

    awesome….things are in motion…

  • alex

    can yall belive it it's ago!!
    Love Rob patzz!!

  • lovethemcullenboys

    LOL! I'm running along side her…. Bella don't worry.. “I got this!”

  • lovethemcullenboys

    Tempting isn't it???? LOL!

  • TeamSpaceHeaters


    I can just see the image…Bella lying on the floor conked out by you and Edward going WTF?!

  • MrsBCullen

    Are they having that whole water feature thing do you think???

  • CullenWannabe

    Seriously, so excited! Can the cast & crew get to Italy already? This part is going to be awesome, I hope we'll get some pictures soon. Come on Summit can we at least get an official photo of the Volturi already?

  • Bluefire111

    YAY, finally some Italy! :D I can't wait!

  • lovethemcullenboys

    I would say… Oh Edward she's alright… Now you saw her… she's alive so can we get on with this now… your ok… Alice is stealing a car as we speak… LET'S Get OUT of HERE…. Bella snap out of it girl… We're taking off…

  • lizzie_14

    they probably are because in the book it says that they sit on a large wooden bench

  • stehfuhknee_hale

    This excites me.

  • Saxon23

    what about NY/LA next summer?
    was looking a flight prices today – both destinations are about same pice…
    **flexes Credit Card****

  • TeamSpaceHeaters

    next year is fine will out of debt thankfully…apart from the mortgage!!

  • bella425edward4445

    lol very funny ….. :D

  • bella425edward4445

    lol very funny ….. :D

  • bella425edward4445

    lol very funny ….. :D

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