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Robert Pattinson Says Javier Beltram Better Kisser than Kristen Stewart

by Will on May 2, 2009 · 184 comments

in Robert Pattinson

robert pattinson  200905021652 Robert Pattinson Says Javier Beltram Better Kisser than Kristen Stewart A Spanish reader of has been kind enough to translate an interview Robert Pattinson had with the Spanish newspaper El Pasi. I thought this passage was hilarious:

R.P. The worst part of it is that they are not romantic at all, they are super traumatic. Instead of excitement you feel pity for both of them [laughs]. All of it was very uncomfortable, not only because the first scene Javier [Beltran, who plays Lorca] and I shot happened only one day after we met, but also because we had no privacy while shooting them, we were surrounded by technicians who were speaking in Spanish, a language I didn’t understand, and they were giggling at us.

EP3. Who is a better kisser, Javier or Kristen [Stewart, his lover in Twilight]?

R.P. Definitely, Javier [laughs]

Check out the rest of the translated intervew after the break.

The mustache can’t fool us: Behind this young personification of Dali hides one of the most desired specimens of today’s movie industry. One year before playing the romantic vampire in Twilight, Robert Pattinson, 22, was devoted to the Mediterranean life style in Barcelona. The reason, the filming of Little Ashes, a recreation of the impossible love lived between the painter and Federico Garcia Lorca which is shown to us, for example, appearing naked next to his friend and lover under the moonlight in the waters of Cadaques [a town off the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in Northern Spain]. We caught him as he just landed in Vancouver to shoot New Moon, the second movie to the saga of Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.

EP3. What about Little Ashes caught your interest?

Robert Pattinson. It is an exceptional tragedy. I doubt I can ever again achieve such level of tragedy in my career [laughs]. I had no idea who Dali, Lorca or Bunuel were until this flick. And as I learned more about, them the more obsessed I became. Especially with Dali’s writings. Many people don’t know it but he was an amazing writer. I found out that I have many things in common with him.

EP3. For example?

R.P. He was very self conscious and very aware of how people perceived him. And he worked to manipulate that. That is something I did throughout my childhood and as a teenager.

EP3. Dali turned out to be a vampire also. What have the casting directors seen in you to keep categorizing you as one?

R.P. It is strange. During rehearsals for this movie, Marina Gatell [who plays Magdalena, Lorca’s inseparable friend] told me: “You know, you are a vampire”. I found that comment very strange and now that I think about it, I find it even more strange [laughs].

EP3. What do you think about your first sex scenes being with another man?

R.P. The worst part of it is that they are not romantic at all, they are super traumatic. Instead of excitement you feel pity for both of them [laughs]. All of it was very uncomfortable, not only because the first scene Javier [Beltran, who plays Lorca] and I shot happened only one day after we met, but also because we had no privacy while shooting them, we were surrounded by technicians who were speaking in Spanish, a language I didn’t understand, and they were giggling at us.

EP3. Who is a better kisser, Javier or Kristen [Stewart, his lover in Twilight]?

R.P. Definitely, Javier [laughs]

EP3. You have said that due to the success of Twilight it is hard for you to lead a normal life. What do you do in your free time?

R.P. In a way, work has become my best refuge. Although it might sound ridiculous, as soon as I have some free time I read scripts. I feel a little frustrated for not having gone to college, so I try desperately to educate myself. I have brought with me to Vancouver about 100 books, I have them all spread all over the hotel room.

EP3. I’m afraid it is going to be very hard for you to separate yourself from the vampire Edward. What would the perfect part be to help you achieve that?

R.P. Dude, if you find out, let me know [laughs].Nothing that has to do with blood, I hope.

EP3. I have read that a masochistic narcissism drives you to read everything that is written about yourself. How often do you google your name?

R.P. Oh, you have read that in the interview for the April American GQ, right? Dude, I was kidding. It sounded like a total loser and thought it would be funny to say that.

EP3. You should know by now that everything you say is news.

R.P. Yes, but it’s very weird. And it can be very annoying because I have to apologize a lot for things I say without thinking them through. I have hopes that if I keep contradicting myself all the time, anything I say will ever be news again [laughs].I have a big mouth, I know.

EP3. Is there anything that you have read about yourself that has particularly annoyed you?

R.P. Hmm… A few days ago my mother sent me an email, she was very worried because apparently I had bumped my head with a post on the set of New Moon and was left unconscious. And that without even having shot a single scene [at the moment of this interview], I haven’t even been on set!

EP3. The last thing I have heard is that someone from the set has said that you, literally, stink.

R.P. [He laughs hard] Yea, I’ve heard about that. The funny thing is that these things always come from “anonymous sources”. I just got to Vancouver! I must really stink because the set is 25 kilometers away from my hotel and I haven’t even been out of my room.

EP3. You also said that you don’t feel like having a girlfriend in this crazy environment of fame. Have you found someone to make you change your mind?

R.P. Oh, no [laughs]. I remember when I was filming Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, where I had a very small part, and everybody was commenting about my girlfriend at the time. It is very stressful for them. You have to become very secretive about it,

EP3. With Camilla Belle [lead actress of 10.000 B.C.] you lived a real persecution by the media

R.P. Yes, but it was different with her. She was just a friend. We were laughing about it. The thing is: If she is not your girlfriend, then it’s OK, but if she is, then it turns into a nightmare, everybody wants to know what you are doing.

EP3. Has someone already harassed you?

R.P. You are not going to believe it, but the last time someone harassed me was while I was shooting Little Ashes, in Barcelona. There was a girl who waited for me at the door of the house every day. The truth is that she was really nice, completely normal, but it all felt very odd. I don’t know what has been of her. Or maybe she just lived there and it all was in my imagination!

EP3. Let’s say that you have an eight weeks holiday starting today, what would you do?

R.P. I want to travel! That’s why I try to find jobs in different countries. I think that early next year I will be working in Paris for 3 months.

EP3. On what Project?

R.P. Oh, I think I’m being a big mouth once again…Who cares. It’s for an adaptation of Guy de Maupassant’s Bel-Ami. Now that I have told you I guess I can tell everybody else. I’m tired of hearing: “Ag, you are only on the Twilight movies, you are nothing but a shooting star”. I refuse that! [Laughs]

EP3. That way you will really earn the right to sit on the second row at the Oscars, like you did this year…

R.P. Dude, I was so embarrassed. I have never felt so unworthy of anything in my life. What was I doing there when I only had been part in a movie that would never be nominated for anything by the Academy?

  • joanna86

    I remember that in one of the earliest interviews Kristen was asked about how it was to kiss Rob, and instead of paying him a compliment, she replied that his teeth were sharp :D
    I guess that now they're even LOL

  • Morgan

    he is obviously joking!!
    he jokes around in all his interviews.

  • IndiesR

    hahaha. That's right! My love for Rob goes way beyond the surface. LOL

  • IndiesR

    It's ok, forgive and forget…at the end of it all we are all apart of the TwiFamily. No love lost. :)

  • bella425edward4445

    wow we r really random lol hahahahahha :D great now i want a apple lmao :D

  • maria

    the name of the newspaper is: El Pais
    not “el pasi”

  • ejaz

    Some fans can't see past Edward Cullen. Robert Pattinson is NOT Edward Cullen, he just acts the part, Twilight is a brilliantly cast but poorly adapted movie. I know Catherine deserves credit for making it the HUGE success that it was but facts are facts…the movie was certainly not Oscar worthy at all. It was primarily US, devoted fans of the books that made the movie the success it became. We wanted to see the love story on the big screen and many went to see it multiple times too! I'm very thankful that at least it gave us the chance to discover Rob as an actor. I cannot pretend to be a huge fan from before Twilight since I'd only ever seen him in Harry Potter. I felt a little sad for him when he expressed regret for not having gone to college….it really isn't too late, he's only 23 years old, he can afford it and I think it would be a wonderful way to enjoy some normality for a coupl;e of years. Other movie stars have done it, so can he!

  • Vampgirl

    Rob already played a bastard role in the Summer House, To bad they can't make Dangerous Liaison again. Can you picture Rob in the John Macholvish (sp) role?

  • TeamEdwardForever101

    People should REALLY stop saying that he stinks! i mean come on it not fair or nice at all. people just look for ways to embarrass the stars and actors/actresses probably because their jealous of them.

  • Emily


  • teamjacob

    dammm rob!

  • Nichole

    people im pretty sure he was just kidding,

  • vampire_vixen

    i felt like there was three answers to this question. one is, kristen is a better kisser, second is, javier is better and third, umm no comment. either answers would lead people to speculate him being gay or bisexual or still crushing on kristen…so this was a dumb question and a no winning question…if he pick kristen, the together rumors fly, if he pick javier which he did..the gay rumor fly..i meran look at the headline, because they would do this as the headline to grab attention. its all buisness , what grabs people attention..and if he had said no comment, definately people will make a big fuss out of it…hence the gay rumors or bisexual….honestly the guy was funny and probably honest and no he is not gay, but very comfortable in his takes a big man to say that like i said earlier because most stars be on the down load …lol..shyt if rob ws gay or bisexual, wouldnt change a thing..with his fine self

  • vampire_vixen

    lol..kristen said rob teeth were sharp..LOL. have yall seen kristen two front teeth..LOL.. i love her so much really and rob also..but if kristen really said that..thats funny cuz then they are even now..LMAO…both of them mess up sometimes in interviews, especially kristen and i love that at times because it show that they are not perfect and not fake

  • Whitney

    c'mon people! he was kidding! that question shouldn't have been asked. i mean abviously he would think kristen is a better kisser. i feel like chris crocker…LEAVE ROBERT ALONE!!!

  • cullencousin

    I am going to see “little ashes” and than I would know who is the best , Javier or Kristen…..

  • TheLionFellInLuvWithCeci

    LOL.. sorry… I had logged off and I just saw your comment…. lol… I'll email ya right NOW woman so we can talk OFF AIR… LMAO!!!

  • TheLionFellInLuvWithCeci

    No worries… thx for realizing what happened…. it got pretty bad and as you can see, some people did feel it went overboard and decided to complain… but we're all calm now, right? Good, lol… thx again girlie =]

  • TheLionFellInLuvWithCeci

    That was YOU? How dare you talk about my Rob? LOL… it's okay woman… thx for admiting it… lol… I honestly couldn't remember who post that since I was reading like a ZILLION comments… crazy!! But I forgive you, as well as Indie… lol… and thx for calming down, the more people we get to calm down, the better for the site so I would appreciate if you passed the word… thx =]

  • TheLionFellInLuvWithCeci

    LOL… crazy woman… that's why I love ya =]

  • TheLionFellInLuvWithCeci

    I KNOW, right? It's something so hard to process and not say something back… LOL… thank God we're such strong women… lol! But TSH admitted to have been the one to say such a thing… it's okay I know WE forgive her =]

  • TheLionFellInLuvWithCeci

    Personally, when I read the comments I could see that a lot of you were really comfortable w/ each other and thus, were playing along… but as you can see, yes, some ppl didn't see it that way and decided to let the mods know… it's just how it goes w/ these sorts of things… you just gotta be careful w/ what you say, you know?


  • TeamSpaceHeaters

    LMAO….thank you… *hangs her head in shame* lol

  • TheLionFellInLuvWithCeci

    LMAO You're very welcome… now, don't do it EVER again… LOL

  • Kim1524

    On best behaviour now LOL

  • TheLionFellInLuvWithCeci

    Indie talked to me and told me you were really upset… I had to do it b/c another mod told me about the complaints, you understand right? But is everything okay now? Is everything functioning alright?
    And thx for the best behavior NOW… lol!!!

  • Casizzle

    I cant find it etheir :(

  • ejaz

    With regard to the 'better kisser' quip, surely we have all read or seen enough Rob Pattinson interviews to know that he loves making tongue-in-cheek comments! He has a rather dry sense of humour and can look dead-pan when making a joke! I don't think he meant for his fans to take the comment seriously at all!! ;D

  • Kim1524

    hahahaha yeah indies understood my need for rob news lol i'm always well behaved, they call me saint kim LMAO, thankyou ceci

  • Perri

    Well my dear Robert, You definitely put a spin on that!! Bravo.. Practice makes perfect!!

  • TheLionFellInLuvWithCeci

    Great =]

  • brina

    i sooo.. agree with u ewww……

  • brina

    i sooo.. agree with u ewww……

  • brina

    i sooo.. agree with u ewww……

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