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Face Punch Movie Within Movie for New Moon

by Will on June 29, 2009 · 154 comments

in Interview

interview  200906290846 Face Punch Movie Within Movie for New Moon During the three-way date scene between Jacob Black, Mike Newton and Bella Swan that takes place in a movie theater in New Moon, Michael Welch has revealed a bit of a spoiler–the name of the action movie they’ll be watching: Face Punch.

When the cast of “New Moon” began planning out the pivotal date scene, they got a laugh out of some of the silly, fictional action-movie names that Weitz and his crew had assembled. But in the end, “Face Punch” was the winner.

“We started out with a few other comical names, but it turned out those were actual films so we couldn’t use those titles,” Welch laughed. “I forget the first few titles, but it was like ‘Crazy Explosion’ — and it turns out, there actually was a ‘Crazy Explosion.’ “

‘Twilight’ Actor Michael Welch Talks ‘New Moon’ Mini-Movie Details

[thanks LMCullen!]

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  • Jeffery B Eppes

    I want to see FacePunch the Movie. Especially if we can call it “the Movie” to imply that this was adapted for the silverscreen from some other medium.

  • Me

    Sucker Punch ?

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