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Peter Facinelli Interview on Twitter Bet: Sweaty Robert Pattinson

by Will on June 17, 2009 · 291 comments

in Peter Facinelli

peter facinelli  200906171847 Peter Facinelli Interview on Twitter Bet: Sweaty Robert Pattinson MTV has a new interview with New Moon dad Peter Facinelli concerning his aim to make it to 500,000 followers on Twitter by Friday. As we mentioned earlier, he’s now promising his Twilight director’s chair backing to a lucky fan if he reaches his goal–and he told MTV why it’s very special:

MTV: How will you decide who gets it?….Facinelli: I like riddles. I think I might do some kind of riddle, and the first person that posts the correct answer will win the chair backing. That sounds more fun than a raffle, right?

MTV: Yeah, and the Twilighters all want the back of your chair really badly. Facinelli: Especially since Rob Pattinson sat on my chair. It has some RPattz sweat on it.

MTV: Oh God. The winner could hire some CSI guys to remove the hairs and DNA. Facinelli: Definitely. One day, in the future, you might be able to clone Rob Pattinson if you own the back of my chair. That’s all I’m saying.

Check out the whole interview at MTV, and follow Peter Facinelli to help him win!

  • 5ctBauble

    well thats one way of attracting new followers…use the magic word “rob” along with 'sweat' and 'clones'….no wonder hes the smartest cullen :)

  • jaypat

    Aloha Aloha!

    Congrats on your baby boy Robbie! LOL!

    So will you be on maternity leave from

  • Mrs_Rathbone

    *jumping up and down*

    Me too! Me too! Where are the Jasper/Bella or Jacob/Bella stories? Can you hook a sista up?

  • TeamSpaceHeaters (TSH)

    hun I work my way around the pack…if Taylor is busy, paulex or chaske will keep me entertained!

  • Spunk Ransom "Spunkie"

    1st off – ROTFLMFAO!!!

    **laying on the ground**

    Don't ever call me spider-monkey again…I'll have the master punish you!

    **gets up**

    *hugs Effing*

    Thank you and the Wonder Pets for saving me from the evil Mother Ship!

    *hugs ming-ming, Linny and TUCK*

    Aww..they are so cute..I just wanna dunk them in my coffee!! LOL

    Rest up..I may need you tomorrow for another possible attack..stay off the phone! LOL

    **looks up at Mother Ship**

    *gives the finger to the Aliens**

    **shudders thinking about anal probe*

    You my dear friends are a life saver!!

  • 5ctBauble

    yes but your wolf pack numbers arent even up to double digits! billions of rob versus a few wolves….?

    but knowing you, there are prolly a few wolf clones out there already…im sure you've pulled out enough hair for dna during your entertainment sessions ;)

  • JCullen81

    You may need to borrow her tazer…. It seemed to work on her husband…LMAO

  • Aloha

    Hi Spunkington!! **hugs back**

    Is Thomas Rob's middle name?! I didn't know that!

    **googles pattinson wikipedia**

    “uhhhh, hubby, you remember that movie Twilight? You remember that guy who
    played Edward? Well, I reaaaally like his name and, and…………”


  • ferni

    well now i know what i'll be doing tomorrow…… doing propaganda for peter facinelli ohhh yeah

  • Aloha

    No way!!!

    You're all Aunties, and I'm gong to skype the delivery, dammit! One big happy and weird family.


  • kristine8

    If it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck…

    Apparently the mod is a perv, too.

    Buncha pervs.

    What's a sweet innocent girl to do?

    If you see one, let me know. ;)

  • Kimberlina

    You my dear, are a proper freak! LOL!

  • Twiloverswitz

    So lets say Peter does a riddle…and then expects us to post…if he isn't following us he can't see what we say…am i correct. I am a twitter newbie so i am so lost.

  • kristine8

    *big sloppy kiss to Kimberlina*


  • missmeliss

    got an email???

  • Mrs_Rathbone
  • Nataniasmom

    no, you can do the reply to him and he will see the reply, but you can not just post it as a comment.
    I just feel sorry for him going through 500,000 replies to the riddle, lol.

  • Kimberlina

    Eeew, cat drool!!

  • jaypat

    Yay! I'm an Auntie!!!

    LOL! Skyping your baby's birth!!

    We'll have to get you a gift basket for the baby..
    A baby black hoodie, baby Wayfarer sunglasses, and a stuffed baby wolf for little Robbie.

  • Whitneee (aka Charlie's Angel)

    ok…so uh, i'm not particularly “crazy” about rob but……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
    GOOD F&*##@&K HEAVENS that was hot. Thank you effing :)

  • Whitneee (aka Charlie's Angel)

    It's definitely quiet. We need some more damn Charlie news already!!!! It has been way too long since we got anything juicy. I have sent Will a few Charlie stories but NOPE…no post :(

  • Spunk Ransom "Spunkie"

    yes, it's Robert Thomas.. a good strong sturdy name for a baby boy!!!

    Let me know how well that goes over with the hubby! LOL

  • LovinEdwardCullen

    Thank you for re-posting it!!!

    *goes to watch it again and again and again*


  • LovinEdwardCullen

    Surely by now youv'e ruined more than one pair of panties by now…LMAO!!!

    *goes to shower again for the 3rd time tonight and put on yet another pair of clean panties*


  • ItsRobert_Effing_Pattinson

    I never get enough of that video…I am gonna watch it before I go to bed. I will be sure to have Pattinson unicorn dreams then!! LOL

  • ItsRobert_Effing_Pattinson

    I give up on panties…I think I will just wear my bathing suit bottoms all the damn time…then it won't be AS uncomfortable that way… LOL

  • breesmom

    Sorry, Effing, I had to work. I try not to do that too often but I do have to pay for my cable so I'll have internet, you know!

  • Lolla

    Effing U R effing best!! This video ROCKS!!!

  • breesmom

    No Rob! How awful for you. How nice to have you back here in civilization!

  • ItsRobert_Effing_Pattinson

    I understand…but I am leaving now, so hopefully will get a chance to talk to you tomorrow!!
    nite-Nite, Breesmom!!

  • breesmom

    Yes, I want to know why she wasn't tackled and arrested for that stunt. Just let her run away…what was that?

    And poor Rob had to keep smiling and walk away, like it didn't phase him one bit!

  • Kimoppi

    Ok kids… here's the trick to this:

    Currenly cloning from just a DNA sample is a bit shady and difficult… and expensive. If you get the chair back and want to try to make a test tube Rob baby, I suggest keeping it in the freezer for a few years while they better perfect the art of harvesting DNA for fertilization of ovum in the absence of a male gamete. Long term storage of DNA in a freezer is quite common.

    (I know I sound creepy, but I rarely get to use my brain outside of a lab… so it totally made me giggle.)

  • PhoenixMP3

    I know barely survived….. LOL

    not to mention the crappy flight there snoring passengers (while I'm trying to listen to Rob singing – Seriously people should just cop on! ha ha ha) someone in a hoodie falling asleep almost on my legs GGGGRRRRR

    I'm so glad I am back I alost kissed the ground after landing….

    *looking around worried* maybe I shouldn't say this it sounds like I am way too obsessed, add to it the talking to my avatar a while back and they will cart me off to the loony bin…. they'll have to catch me first!

    LMAO *evil laugh*

  • PhoenixMP3

    Hey Effing (pusher extraordinaire)

    bit late seeing this but what are you pushing these days? new fanfic or something else?


  • PhoenixMP3

    bathing suit bottoms???

    why not go comando??? saves on the washing and in case Rob is in the vicinity you are that little bit more ……. mmmhhh Ready?

  • TheGoldenOnion

    This made me follow! Hilarious!


    4 words :

  • laurjulia

    Great, I suck at riddles

    I really want that.


  • bella425edward4445

    LMAO :D good one lol

  • ChemicalTwilight

    Well ive finally joined upto to twitter so as i can help Peter win that bet, and possibly win the chair backing for myself lol

  • ChemicalTwilight

    Well ive finally joined upto to twitter so as i can help Peter win that bet, and possibly win the chair backing for myself lol

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