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Stephenie Meyer #26 on 2009 Forbes Celebrity 100 List

by Will on June 4, 2009 · 120 comments

in Stephenie Meyer

stephenie meyer  200906041033 Stephenie Meyer #26 on 2009 Forbes Celebrity 100 List New Moon author and queen bee Stephenie Meyer hit #26 on the 2009 Forbes Celebrity 100 List which measures the pay, web presence and press notoriety of celebrity figures. She was tagged as a $50 million earner, and Forbes said–

Thanks to the success of Meyer’s Twilight series, 2008 became the year of the vampire. The low-profile author sold 29 million books last year, releasing two new novels (Breaking Dawn and The Host) and selling hoards of paperbacks of what have become instant classics (Twilight, Eclipse and New Moon). Last November, gothy fans camped out to catch the first film based on the series; Twilight grossed $70 million opening weekend. A partial rough draft of the fifth Twilight book leaked online last August; Meyer published the full draft on her Web site and announced the book wouldn’t be published.

  • mandyho13

    it may be on her website, but I know I've read (or seen in an interview) that MS is just Twlight from Edward's perspective. It will not continue through the rest of the 3 books. I think just having a finished MS would be glorious enough!

  • mljhasocd

    Well said!

  • Agava_the_TwiFreak

    **smiles sweetly to Stephenie**

    Wow that's really something Congratulations Stephenie!!
    You rock, girl!!!

    **whispers to Stephanie's ear**

    …psssst……you know you could be even #1 if you finished Midnight Sun…


  • Minnie

    Congrats Stephenie! Well deserved. You rock my world in such a beautiful way. Thank you.

    I know your heart was broken, and rightly so, when Midnight Sun was leaked but — would you consider finishing it anyway? Please? It is such a beautiful book/draft and fascinating to read Edward's take on Bella. x o

  • Whitneee (aka Charlie's Angel)

    lmao…you. are. my. hero. for. that. :)

  • cjean

    Congratulations Stephanie! It is so neat to think she just wrote down a dream she had, and now the story is as popular as it is. Thanks for sharing their amazing love story with all of us.

  • lauraseclipse

    aw why thank you… i guess i learned something in 40 years of life :-)
    Also, best not to take too much too seriously because it's all transitional. Best thing we can do is just Love with our entire hearts :-)

  • lotheriel79

    You know– I would like to see her continue the series from a diffrent angle– Like a Jacob/Nessie story– I saw a fan made trailer of something like that on Youtube and I think that would make a great new series! Cause Breaking Dawn DOES kinda leave it all open, you know. ;)

  • TeamSwitzerland

    “gothy fans” gee thanks a lot Forbes

  • lotheriel79

    Yeah Steph! Congrats!

    To those of you who have watched twilight and read midnight sun.. Can you tell that Rob definitely has read it as well because he pulls that into the Edward character so well! I do hope she finishes. She stopped before the best part!! The Meadow Scene!!

    And I would be excited to see another series come from her as I said abouve– To keep the Twi characters and move on to Jake and Ness — I tried the Host and just couldn't get into it. I need more Twilight-ie-goodness!

  • crisnaserenacullen

    talking about this today I found a site that appears MS as the fifth book in the Twilight saga, I read what stephanie public in her website and is shorter than what these people have posted so i do not understand if someone is using her name or in fact she authorized the publication if somebody know Tell me please

  • mljhasocd

    Yep, I agree!

  • cutesweetiezzz

    Congratulations Stephenie!
    You deserve this!

  • lauraseclipse

    bwah ha ha… guess i really waxed philosophical there for a while… don't mind me i channel buddha sometimes :-)

  • lauraseclipse

    yeah i could tell that rob incorporated some of what he read into the character from midnight sun… i really appreciated that when it came to the movie.
    All of the people on the film worked so hard to keep the characters true… that always means the most to us fans :-)

  • LRL

    my feelings EXACTLY!

  • 5ctBauble

    Yeah i dont think she is motivated to do it anymore. But she talked about writing from Brees perspective…but definitly not the same. It prolly wont have all the cullens or bella in it :(

  • uprootedsprucetree

    Actually, it's definition is “not definate, uncertain, undecided, lacking precise limits…”

    I hope she doesn't mean forever! Although she has said in interviews she may get back to it in a few years when people forget about it. (Like we would!)

  • ladedah


  • ladedah


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