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Alex Meraz, Peter Facinelli & Mike Welch at Vampire Baseball

by Will on July 4, 2009 · 232 comments

in Alex Meraz,Peter Facinelli

peter facinelli alex meraz  vampire baseball peter facinelli alex meraz Alex Meraz, Peter Facinelli & Mike Welch at Vampire Baseball

New Moon stars Alex Meraz, Peter Facinelli, Mike Welch and others attended the Vampire Baseball game in Portland, Oregon today. reader Cristin sends in these awesome pics and has this to say–

I got Peter to jump over the fence and take a picture with Susie, one of the women who works at PGE park, then he stayed and took pictures and signed my copy of Eclipes. Then I yelled out to Mike and told him what Peter did and said that he should do the same thing….so he did!! Alex (Paul) was break dancing and just about all the cast took the time to walk around to all the sections and let people take a TON of pictures of them. But I think only our section got a star to jump over the railing. This has to be the most AWESOME cast ever!!!!

  • breesmom

    You are so right! Autographs and pictures are fine when done at the appropriate time and place. It is just wrong to stalk people and demand their attention. That certainly makes them not want to do pictures or autographs at all.

  • neev

    Another slow news day, huh?
    I am soooo bored. I've read this one like million times LOL

  • JakesChewToy

    Cheers for Peter. He just goes out and makes news. When he's not out playing ball, he'll film one of his buddies dancing half-naked. No real reason, just for our enjoyment.

    When are they going to start filming Eclipse?

  • breesmom

    According to the news they will start on Eclipse on August 17 and film thru the month of October. After that they will probably all have to get out there for a couple of weeks to promote New Moon. Then, on to Breaking Dawn….

    We'll have news of all of them for a while!

  • 30yearoldtwilightfan

    Thank You :)

  • NewMoon

    please take lots of pics or videos :)

  • 30yearoldtwilightfan

    I defiantly will, I promise. ;)

  • kerbear585

    lucky girl!!! glad they were nice enough to jump over for pictures and autographs. they really do appreciate all their fans =]

  • Cristin

    I'm not sure how to do a link for you to see them. If you can tell me how then I will.

  • Cristin

    Since half the people who attended were in line for Peter and Rachele most of the other lines were empty and since Peter had already signed our stuff (when he jumped the railing) we were able to get just about all the other cast to sign our stuff for free. I got 7 autographs in all, three head shots, and a picture of Little Bella and Rob together with message from Little Bella on the back. It was WAY better than I expected.

  • Cristin

    Is this the right website for the Twi Convention? When I look on there I don't see anything about Jackson, Ashley, or Kellan, most of them are the ones I saw at the baseball game. If they were going to have Jackson Ashley and Kellan there then I might consider paying to go. If there is a different website can you post it?


  • MandiCullen

    I'm super duper jealous!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

  • 30yearoldtwilightfan

    I live in Jersey, this is the one im going to, There are more in other states also though, check it out.

  • dracodarling

    Figured that would wake you up!! ;-)

    And if it didn't.. then I am sure you have seen the following post from the Vampire Baseball. LOl

    Looks like we got our wish… no shirt.. cute smile.. sexy eyes..


  • Jossy

    these boys r so SWEET. honestly, such lucky fans…
    super jealous!

  • Megan

    I have to admit I'm pretty excited because those two people right behind Peter and the girl are me and my mom.

  • Mistie

    They actually played that song in the stadium like a million times!! lol

  • ShowerMeInUnicorns(DOM)

    I havnt been on NMM for a dayy!
    I almost went through postpartum depressionn.

    lmfao. effing! The chinless wonder! hahahahah. i lol'd at that.

    Mike is looking pretty creepy though. ehhh[shivers]
    and HOTDAYUM ALEX MERAZ. thats all im gna sayy.

    &im a little dissapointed…wasn't ashley greene supposed to be there?

  • Mistie

    If you would like to see more pictures you can check out my Myspace:

  • allaboutedward

    WHAT??? You couldn't possibly be picking on someones facial features and being cruel? Not after the stern lecture you just gave Jaspers girl over on the Kellan post…

    No I must be mistaken… it couldn't be possible that someone would be such a HYPOCRIT.

  • twilight_fanatic

    i totally agree!
    i live in australia, nothing happens here! it all happens in america, they get everything! it annoys me so so much!!! americans dont realise how lucky they are!!! they r so selfish!!

    im very passionate on this topic, sorry

    p.s. i hope i havent offended any americans, u r all lovely people, just so much cool stuff happens there and not anywere else!

  • EmmettKLutZ_Girl

    Did I say “I think he looks unattractive”.
    I told JG that she can do it respectfully.
    I said his smile didn't help. Did I say I find Mike unattractive? Nope. I simply said his smile in the picture does not help him at all.
    I think he has his own advantages and I think that he is a great guy.

    Thanks for the attempt, though.

  • allaboutedward

    All JG said was that she didn't fancy him and thought his head was an odd shape. That is no different to laughing and slagging another actor about his picture – after all that's what we are doing, basing our opinions on their pictures, moving or not.

    Take it on the chin.

  • suitejuju

    How coooooooooooooool! I'm jealous. *howl*

  • cjean

    So AWESome that they can have fun with their fans! I love all the Twilight cast. I don't think they let their fame get to their heads, and they just have fun with it. Love'm all!

  • Cristin

    That is stupid that the two conventions are literally on the same days. You think anyone planning these conventions would give at least a couple of weeks between them so the stars can make multiple appearances.

  • koolgirl32895

    like i'm going 2 see you there!

  • 30yearoldtwilightfan
  • koolgirl32895

    like i'm going 2 see you there!

  • 30yearoldtwilightfan
  • koolgirl32895

    like i'm going 2 see you there!

  • 30yearoldtwifan "Team Slade"

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