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HitFix New Moon Vancouver Set Visit: Day 2

HitFix has Day 2 of its behind-the-scenes coverage of New Moon filming in Vancouver from May, including some new scenes with the Volturi as well as an unexpected scene involving a truce between the Cullens and Volturi–

After a few minutes, they change the angle of the camera and we see Jane — in the same scene — inflicting pain on Edward. Yes, she’s the cause and she does it with little gesturing and without speaking a word. A powerful vampire indeed.

The production has a lot to get through today, so the shot then changes to a close up on Bella who is being held by Alec stopping her from racing to Edward’s side.

“Please stop,” Stewart says, “Don’t hurt him.”

At first, during rehearsal as the camera operator sets up the shot, Stewart says the lines comically with deadpan effect causing some snickers from the crew. But when the take is ready for real, she says it with the expected dramatic resolve. The coverage also expands to find Alice Cullen (Ashley Greene) being allowed to race to Edward’s side. She gesture’s that he’s “OK.”

While Weitz talks to the actors on the set about the next shot, we take time to talk to newcomer Chrisopher Heyerdahl who plays Marcus, a member of the Volturi. The role is a huge break for the struggling British actor, but he seemed to be playing it cool. Intriguingly, he also revealed a flashback scene had been shot, including his character, Aro and Dr. Carlisle Cullen (”Nurse Jackie’s” Peter Facinelli) that set up the “truce” between the two parties way back in the 18th Century. To the other writers on the visit, this seemed to be a scene they didn’t expect would make the movie and were pretty psyched about it being included.

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