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Jacob Black – Wolf Transformation Times Two!

by LMCullen on October 20, 2009 · 278 comments

in Jacob Black,New Moon Wolf Pack

new moon wolf pack jacob black  wolfbeforeafter 560x460 Jacob Black   Wolf Transformation Times Two!

From fuzzy and cuddly, to mean and down right angry, Jacob Black has gone through even more changes since becoming a wolf. As you can see by the image above, the first Jacob Wolf is soft, fluffy, not so mean. That has been the Jacob Wolf we have seen up until today!

They made him meaner, bigger, and just plain awesome! I love the difference. Once again this proves that Chris Weitz is truly awesome!

Thank you to reader Molly for sending in the comparisons!

  • CF911 Kristen in Red Velvet

    Hey, I don't mind. You always laugh at my quirkiness. I appreciate it.

  • vee06

    im so glad they changed it, it look so much better and more real , loveing it . cant wait to see it

  • TeamSwitzOlturi(TSO)

    ok. You must see this! LMAO!!! I think I'm officially mental! I got all heated looking at cartoon characters.

  • TeamSwitzOlturi(TSO)
  • SquareBanana

    oh my….

    what big muscles he has.

    I think I just overheated…….*twitch*

  • TeamSwitzOlturi(TSO)

    I'm not going to ask what part of your anatomy twitched! I have an idea. LMAO!!

  • SquareBanana

    haha. well it happens…..

    its completely normal.

    *cough* it really is………..

  • TeamSwitzOlturi(TSO)

    Thanks! I'm so secure in myself right now! LOL

  • Name

    isn't the wolf suppose to have brown eyes??

  • JenJen81

    The second one is way more realistic looking!
    If they would have kept the wolves looking the way they did, Bella wouldn't have needed Jacob's help. She would have probably given Paul a belly rub after he transformed. And then Jacob still would have attacked, but only because he was jealous. (thankfully Bella has two hands, and could share the “belly rub love” with Jacob.) Thankfully, the CG effects are much better now, and the scene can proceed like it should. :)

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  • RobsMyEdibleArt(MRcansuckit)

    heehee……..btw, lovin' your screen name! that was such an awesome fanfic!

  • RobsMyEdibleArt(MRcansuckit)

    not a problem, my dear. that's what (cyber)friends are for!

  • ILoveWolves-TeamJorts_onFloor!

    I am gonna put it out there, don't hunt me down please!! Cause you know I'm a pack girl no matter what! BUT, I didn't like the look of Jake wolf, yes, he looks 100 times meaner than snuggly wolf, but not tough enough. I guess what is really upsetting me is that he looks like a pansy compared to Paul and Sam's…and I like the reddish tones in the first one's fur much more.

    Also, I thought they were using the actor's eyes for their wolves? The second one doesn't really give credence to that. Taylor has hazel-ish eyes, but the wolf's are very gold-ish (I've looked at a LOT of Tay pics [how I like to spend a quiet evening alone LOL] and I've never seen them go so light).

    The rest of it had me quivering in my shamanties, especially Paulex's fursplosion. AND, I am impressed with Kristen Stewart, she seems to have stepped it up a notch for New Moon.

    *takes all her secret twistuff shrine with her and goes into wolf girl protective custody*

  • ♥TeamRobstenIn<376♥

    I am glad they made a change, as the older version was abit cartoonish at first glance and it was smaller in size and it did look more like a dog than a wolf. :D

    The newer version is definitely a wolf and it looked meaner and bigger! AWESOME!!!!!!!

    We need to be scared :DD LOL Despite of it being a romantic vampire love story ..

  • uinen

    you ave to see new clip over at fandango, and jake there shoudn't disappoint you

  • uinen

    Bring CW to direct breaking dawn

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  • ILoveWolves-TeamJorts_onFloor!

    Problem is I promised myself that I will not watch any more New Moon footage. LOL
    But that makes me feel better! Thanks!

  • ILW-Teams Sure,Sure & Swirl

    Problem is I promised myself that I will not watch any more New Moon footage. LOL
    But that makes me feel better! Thanks!

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  • Crepusculo Amanhecer Parte 1

     I always prefer the way Edward puts Jacob down in that calm way. You know, that “Do you understand that, mongrel?” and “I will break your jaw for her.”… just download something about that calm anger. This clip just seemed a TAD over the top. And I love how angry Bella is when Jacob kisses her. Download filmes @D0-W-n10@D_F1L R 

  • Tivi Star


    i like it!!

    from chihuahua to I eat chihuahuas hahahahLOL

    i really like the look of New Moon!!

    thank you sooo much CW!!!!!!!!!!! 

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  • Kstrohschein123

    Wow this is a great picture!

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