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Taylor Lautner Attends Taylor Swift’s Concert in Chicago!

by LMCullen on October 10, 2009 · 124 comments

in Taylor Lautner

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Cute! New Moon-er Taylor Lauter (aka Jacob Black) attended Taylor Swift’s concert last night at the Allstate Arena in Chicago. Taylor-Squared are good friends who recently in the movie Valentine’s Day together. Which hits theatres on February 12th, 2010!

Lautner really looked like he was enjoying the concert! Glad to see that he is getting some R & R!

[Thanks, Aamna for sharing your pictures with us!]

  • Lauren

    Yeh, They're so cute.
    This is the video where she hugs him, just skip to the end.
    I love both of them.

  • Erin

    i was there and wasnt able to get as good of a pic however it was awesome and so cute!!!!!!

  • robsessed_21

    awesome!! i was next to the railing like on the side! i was screaming like a 2 year old.

  • Eclipse

    lol I didn't want to burst anyones bubble, but I agree, they make a cute couple!!!!!

  • brad0105

    i was at the taylor swift concert the night before that lol

  • ILoveWolves-TeamJorts_onFloor!

    I'm hurt imprintee…really!


    On another note, I wanna snap her like a skinny twig for hugging my Alpha so tightly! How dare she?!

  • kathrynisdabomb


  • hammy6666

    UHHH LUCKYY! i was like mot even near him at all ahhh!

  • Team Cam Gigandelicious

    I enjoyed the prolonged hug and their hands “letting go” at the end..hmmmm…might be switching to Team Swiftner

    Here's another point of view with the guy trying so hard to not be obvious about stalkerish on Taycob ROFL

  • Irunwiththepack

    OMGOSH!! haha that dude was a straight stalker!
    k im not even gonna lie…it slightly..k im lying it hurt a lot to watch him struggle to release her hand..
    *sighs* i wish it was my hand!

  • Team Cam Gigandelicious

    I just wish he knew I existed…but not in a stalkerish way, hehehe. Did you hear how evey girl screamed when Tay hugged Tay? lol

  • Irunwiththepack

    *sighs* I know exactly what ur talking about. No it was insane haha
    she hugged the other guys u heard a little screaming than she barely
    put her arms around Taylor and u just heard a roar I was like
    OMGOSH….I felt kind of bad like we were spying on a moment
    between…like just good friends & u know everyone stared until they
    were done hahaha poor tays

  • MCNutters [Team MCR 4 Eclipse]

    which links?? i wanna know! and why are there only 187 now 188 comment on this???

    and WHY are there 100 something comments ONLY on E!'s vid of my baby tay-tay all wet and half nekkid too!?

    ….ah well…more for me then. YAY. 100 posts! not 500! thank god. LOL

  • MCNutters [Team MCR 4 Eclipse]

    which one? im gonna leave the interview thing for manana. HA.

  • MCNutters [Team MCR 4 Eclipse]

    who? tswift or nicky? LOL

  • CJ>Leader of Team Leg Hitch

    Awww…look at your avatar and feel better. lol

  • ILoveWolves-TeamJorts_onFloor!

    *Stares into her avi's magnetizing eyes,mesmerized by the s#x inside of them* LOL

  • CJ>Leader of Team Leg Hitch

    I meant your avatar, not me! lol
    Not like I'm looking at wet Tay…

  • ILoveWolves-TeamJorts_onFloor!

    Sure..sure…you are immune to wet Taycob..I totally believe you!

    *shakes head at obvious falsehood* Really, sweetie, there isn't a hot
    blooded woman alive that could withstand wet Tay and his eye smolder!!

  • CJ>Leader of Team Leg Hitch

    No comment…lol

  • ILoveWolves-TeamJorts_onFloor!

    *grins* LOL

  • torioglesby

    hi edward ur so awesome cuteand cudly. kristen stewert is stupid to dump u

  • torioglesby

    hi edward ur so awesome cute and cudly.

  • 413294521

    hello!i am from China.Nice to meet you.

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