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Hilarious Video – How Twilight Should Have Ended

by LMCullen on November 21, 2009 · 137 comments

in Funny,Twilight is a site that takes ‘questionable’ movie endings, and puts their own comical twist on how they think it should have ended. This time, it was Twilight’s turn!

Seriously. This animated video is FUNNY! Watch it, you’ll see twilight funny  icon biggrin Hilarious Video   How Twilight Should Have Ended OMG Jacob Black! AND LOL @ the ending with Edward and Blade!!

[Source: MTV. Thanks, RealMenGlitter, and EternityWithEdward!]

  • bina209

    LOL hahahhaaha that was hecka funny, carlise voice! the whole thing was sooo funny, and the music at the end!

  • BooTay aka HOTGUY w/ UNICORN

    ROFLMFAO…Alice and Jasper's lines = SUPER HILARIOUS…..and they even got Emmet down pat…just kinda stands there, hahaha Can't wait for their New Moon ending. l love this site.

  • BooTay aka HOTGUY w/ UNICORN

    Ya know guys made that one….guys love them some Blade….there is a thread out there about Blade vs. Edward…it's pretty hilarious

  • TWERDanerdbutcooler


  • EternitywithEdward

    lmao! that was my favorite part! :D Saw this and died laughing so I sent it in. :)

  • EternitywithEdward

    Me too! This is my favorite one I've ever seen. :-) Couldn't help but LMAO.

  • FTW – Bring on Remember Me!

    This. was. AWEsome!

  • Twilight Space Cadets <3 NM

    So glad you sent it in.. the whole thing was just hilarious! I thought about it while I was at work tonight.. and it still made me laugh.. :-D

  • EternitywithEdward

    lmao about thinking about it at work and laughing! :D I love spoofs that are well done! And this one brings up some GOOD points. Like letting Bella change into a vampire right then would have solved a lot of problems :D No love triangle…no trip to Volterra..and issues with the Volturi…..BUT no Renesmee…

  • claracitti

    well it was really awesome.

  • zoecullen

    lol,,, that was hilarious “lets go eat sum people!!”
    that is actually how it shud of ended. xx

  • Shannonsparkles-Teambreakrecs!

    OK, for the most part I have no tolerance for any parodies or poking fun at Twilight. But this was freakin hilarious! awesome!

  • Shannonsparkles-Teambreakrecs!

    bring on breaking dawn

  • Shannonsparkles-Teambreakrecs!

    so fun! and I love your name! EB & J! They're like a sandwich!

  • Shannonsparkles-Teambreakrecs!

    cuz they were only here for premiere day? or cuz they're getting avi's and becoming like us?

  • Shannonsparkles-Teambreakrecs!

    lol……. if i had the energy I'd be lmao….. but i keep staying up all night on this site…. and i saw nm three times in 48 hours…… oh…. and work

  • Shannonsparkles-Teambreakrecs!

    when i watched it for the third time tonight i became very worried that when they leave Italy during the screaming and she wakes up in her bed to the continued screaming that people who didn't read the books might think italy was a dream or something….. hopefully not……… they really needed that return plane ride in there

  • Shannonsparkles-Teambreakrecs!

    I know! I'm so excited that we're breaking records! But part of me is like where is my paycheck from Summit? Cuz I have been marketing their movie like crazy for months! Plus I saw it three times…..

  • ♥KristenFreakingGorgeous76♥

    it was funny, i have enjoyed it :)
    I hate when they made fun of twilight with stupid acting but this one is ok.

    edward was like lame ..haha…

    alice is funny …

  • Twilight Space Cadets <3 NM

    very true.. we wouldn't have these amazing other 3 books.. I'm sure we'd have a nice story about after.. but it just wouldn't be the same.. still.. FUNNY!! :-)

  • em_n_erin

    Soooooooo funny! I've already watched it 50 times and just noticed that at the end it is suppose to be Rob singing and it's , “mumble mumble, vampires, mumble, mumble, twilight…” LOL!!!!

  • HungryFor EB&J

    lol Thanks! I tried to be a little creative with my name. Jacob is definetely my favorite part of the sandwich with his “bazillion ab muscles”! :)

  • EternitywithEdward

    exactly :-) that would have been super lame if that really did happen in Twilight and then there was only one book :( *shudders at the thought*

  • neev

    Absolutely hilarious!

  • mrsMcullen

    lol very funny :D
    ” too late I'm already vampire “

  • Shannonsparkles-Teambreakrecs!

    haha. that video was so funny

  • spikesgirl

    OMG- i am laughing so hard, i am crying!

    just too funny

    will have to watch it again and listen for the bad singing

  • Kittypurr

    the ending lol n Jacob lol

  • TeamCharlieSwan09

    This is my first comment ever so hi,
    it was worth the wait for new moon i think

    rottentomatoes obviously has a old man doing the reviews because i think all the twilight fans enjoyed it otherwise the ratings for the opening weekend wouldnt have been so high!
    id like to see them try to make a better movie

    even guys in my year are going to see it again who arent even
    fans of the series!

  • McVampy


  • Nessie~that_darn_hybrid_again!

    lol that video was hilarious.
    “Let's go eat some people! WOO!”
    Carlisle's voice was great(: and so was jasper's

  • Alice Whitlock 111


  • CJean>Leader of Team Leg Hitch

    Ugh…I know! The color difference alone between the two is phenomenal!

  • Rvicky


  • Rvicky


  • drock88

    you people are retarded

  • Best Registry Cleaner

    OMG! thats so awesome!!!

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