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New Moon Soundtrack Goes Platinum!

by JP on November 27, 2009 · 328 comments

in New Moon Soundtrack

new moon soundtrack  51UJRre3RpL  SS500  280x280 New Moon Soundtrack Goes Platinum! According to Atlantic Records, The Twilight Saga; New Moon Original Motion Picture Soundtrack has received the Recording Industry Association of America platinum certification for sales exceeding 1 million units.   Twilight Original Motion Picture Soundtrack won the award for Favorite Soundtrack at the American Music Awards.

“THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON-ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK” rises this week on the Billboard 200, ranking #8 and selling more than 93,000 units in its sixth week on sale. The soundtrack, which debuted in October, has also received RIAA platinum certification for sales exceeding 1 million units. “THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON” soundtrack, which peaked at #1 in its first full week in stores and online, made history as the first time ever a soundtrack and its sequel have both reached the #1 spot on the chart. In addition, the soundtrack has remained in the top 10 on the Billboard 200 since its release.

The musical companion to the highly anticipated second installment of Summit Entertainment’s film franchise features exclusive tracks from some of modern music’s most gifted and admired artists, including Thom Yorke, Muse, The Killers, Anya Marina, and Death Cab for Cutie, who contributed the album’s first single, “Meet Me On the Equinox.” The track is currently #8 at Modern Rock radio.

In other news, “TWILIGHT-ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK” took home the award for Favorite Soundtrack at this year’s American Music Awards. “TWILIGHT” has currently sold more than 2.3 million copies in the U.S. alone and over 3.5 million copies worldwide. The soundtrack has remained on the Billboard 200 for 55 consecutive weeks.

Great news for both soundtracks!  I loved the Twilight soundtrack, but I think I love the New Moon soundtrack even more.   After watching New Moon, I was blown away by the music during the scenes.  Possibility……*sobs*  Hearing Damage….*chills*  What are your favorite songs from both soundtracks?  

[Source: AtlanticRecords.  Thanks TwiNutter and Diana!]

  • FTW – Bring on Remember Me!

    I love this soundtrack. I like it much more than the twilight one, and that's saying something. I listened to the twilight soundtrack since a week before the new moon one came out.

    This one is loads better because there isn't a single song that makes my ears bleed (*ahem* Track 6 from twilight soundtrack)

  • Riss<3Twilight-TeamBELLA

    *slowly backs away from CF's window*

    yea, sure.. I'll definitely remember that one. Thanks for the warning.

    *runs off into the woods*


  • bigcombat the Slav

    it's santastache mofos! Buahahahah

  • FefiLovesTaycob-12/4NO-SPOILER

    Hi H2B! i know we haven't talk too much but if u get to know anything, anything at all about Marie, would u please let me know? it's been almost a week now since she hasn't been on twitter or fb and I'm more than worried about her.. as u said, this isn't like her

  • bigcombat the Slav
    The Followills.
    Don't worry 911…Kristen is in the Sparkly One's unicorn forest right. now.

  • bigcombat the Slav

    it's Ariel. From the color they painted her hair and the Archangel Ariel. there are a lot of religious symbols camouflaged in Disneys productions. especially in little mermaid.
    The painting in her chamber is a painting of Marie Magdalene by Georges de la Tour.
    not that it matters, tough. ;)
    sorry for geeking out on you.

  • omgnewmoon

    wat was d song when edward was leaving her in, d one in d forest during the breakup?

  • Civanilla

    When he said “Come to a walk with me” it was
    bon iver and st.vincent-roslyn.(It's VA)
    And when he said “Nothing compare…”etc.. it was
    A. Desplat – Edward leaves.(Motion Picture S)

  • omgnewmoon

    oh ok thanks

  • TeamCornOnCob :)

    No, it's fine.
    i really wanted to know about facts about her hair colour and DISNEY!
    seriously, :)
    What chamber,lovee?
    tell me more,
    tell me more.

    :) geek buddies!

  • TeamCornOnCob :)

    if i hear from Marie or anything.
    Please tell me as well if you tell her.

  • bigcombat the Slav

    well, the underwater chamber where she hides all the human stuff. singing 'Part of that World' during the words 'What's a fire and why does it – what's the word?
    Burn?' she touches that particular painting.
    this is going to be a show-off but i made a pastel replica of that painting.,0,0,album….

    I heart little mermaid. thats my excuse.

  • *PB*TeamSoapInMileysMouth*

    ****Can someone PLEASE tell me where “Meet Me On the Equinox” is in the movie?!****

    I have seen it 3 times now, and last night gave my hubby the job to be on the listen for it and I swear its no where!
    WTF?! The way they marketed that song, it was as though it would be the single. I'm a big Death Cab fan and have to say I was a little bummed.

    Anywho, my favorite song has always been “Possibility” on the soundtrack and that scene was just PERFECT and exactly where I thought the it would go. Kristen rocked it just like I knew she would.

    Second favorite was Hearing Damage, but only after seeing the movie and the scene that it went with.

    It was Epic.
    'Nuff said.

  • TeamCornOnCob :)

    that's amazing.
    now it fits altogether.!

    Your painting is breathtaking! :)

  • chicadelcaribe

    You know, I don't recall hearing the DeathCab song either and I wondered about that. I didn't stay for the credits though; maybe it's there?

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  • chicadelcaribe

    Anyone know what the song is that is playing in Jacob's garage, the one that Bella turns off and then Jake goes “You don't like that one? That's a good one” or something. That's not on the soundtrack, is it?

  • static22-CW.FOR.BD.

    It's a bonus track and it's called All I Believe In by The Magic Numbers.

  • http://NewMoonMovie VAMPGRL

    I was a little skeptical when I bought the soundtrack for New Moon because the Twilight soundtrack was so awesome. At first I was not very convinced but loved “Meet me on the Equinox”, “Possibility”, and a few others. After watching the movie I love the soundtrack because it goes so well with everything happening onscreen…
    My favorite songs are Possibility, Monsters, Hearing damage and The Meadow… I love the piano


    I absolutely love the part when the wolves chase Victoria.
    Puting Hearing Damage there was perfect!!
    And i LOVE No Sound But The Wind by the Editors
    but i wish they would have put it in a better place in the movie
    because it was a powerful song.

  • annerice19

    it was played during the credits.:)

  • annerice19

    meet me on the equinox and a white demon love song were played during the credits.:)

  • *PB*TeamSoapInMileysMouth*

    I figured thats where it had to be or no where at all.

    That kind of sucks for Death Cab! Thanks for the info, I'll be sure to stick around for the credits tomorrow for my 4th viewing! ;)

  • *PB*TeamStopTheHateOnBDH*

    I figured thats where it had to be or no where at all.

    That kind of sucks for Death Cab! Thanks for the info, I'll be sure to stick around for the credits tomorrow for my 4th viewing! ;)

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