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Official New Moon DVD Cover Revealed !?

by Will on December 13, 2009 · 446 comments

in New Moon DVD

new moon dvd  new moon dvd cover Official New Moon DVD Cover Revealed !?

Could this be it? This New Moon DVD cover certainly seems like the real mccoy.

Judging by the UK Film Board labeling, this will likely by the UK edition, if it is in fact not just a fan photoshop.

Thoughts? Like it?

[Thanks, Gabriel!]

  • Vampire_Fairy

    I Loved that scene, *and the moment I heard edward say, i dont have the strength to say away from you anymore, i Knew we'd be together* HAHA

  • kerbear585

    it's the UK version and it is the same cover as New Moon: The Score. i want something different. like how the Twilight ones were all different. so i am guessing that the US version will be better!

  • BellasLoveFlippy TeamEmotional

    Oh, oh and don't forget the option to just go back to whatever scene you want at any time!

    Ok, I need it.. NOW!

  • dazzledtwilighter

    I like it…. it is the wall papers from New Moon's official site…. If this is the official one, it is nice… but they should have something with them both shirtless on the back or something…..

  • eamcullen1901

    Yeah, seriously….

    Did you check out my work, the links have been posted for you.

    Have a nice day. :-)

  • Booey [TEAM JACOB "Sure,Sure"}

    both… hes like an open book. his eyes say so much… *melts*

  • Alicepowns [EW roxmysox]

    I like it, but did anyone else think it would be a little more elaborate? I'll love it no matter what, but I guess I was expecting something a little less generic. But who cares? They're all so pretty :)

  • SC~3rd_Wife(TeamSM)

    LOL! I was just adding to the movie references. Apparently Bella likes mushroom ravioli. I never understood why MR/CH made her a vegetarian in TL – I don't remember her ever eating meat. What happened to the steak and potatoes and steak fajitas she cooked for her and Charlie? Just because CH is a vegetarian doesn't mean she needs to make our Bella one, too. Bella needs her meat!

    BTW – I love my mushrooms, but I cannot even imagine mushroom ravioli. Chef Boyardee, or Lobster ravioli – I'm down. But mushroom??

  • RPCrackward~MarblePoleDancer

    Hey sorry it took so long to reply, I got home late, watched a movie and fell asleep an hour into it.

    Do they hope this is just some crazy phase or the latest fad that will disappear in a few months? I don't think so.

  • breesmom

    Probably…or that we are s%x starved old maids who have no lives! No, I don't think they see us a legitimate fandom at all.

  • Eclipse

    same here!! lmao!! naked all the way

  • RPCrackward~MarblePoleDancer

    Wouldn't it be shocking if they found out a lot of us are married, have kids, or actually work full-time. So we can spend our hard-earned money on repeat viewings of NM.

  • TellMeNoLies

    Yeah, plus the borders edition (the one I bought) doesn't even have them on the front cover. It has the whole vampires/wolfs on the back. XD Btw like my new name? (used to be Howlin' Half)

  • mAriE(LuvsToFrolic)TeamS3xHair

    we did? my oh my… i did NOT know that. hmmmmm…. *giggles*

    but yes, u and TLG would make a good couple. i can see it now. *sighs longingly* one of the best things about this site, we could meet our other half. *grins* ^_^

  • I♥TayDaniel(TeamELFitUpANotch)

    i know i can stare into them for hours……*drools*

  • I♥TayDaniel(TeamELFitUpANotch)

    i know!! for the last two movies bella hasn't cooked anything! what's up with that? that's like one of her main talents..smh

  • tlg_BELLERisALIVE_epicpotty

    Im pretty sure you posted me this long as “hale” comment before…

  • Booey [TEAM JACOB "Sure,Sure"}

    *places bucket under drool*
    ur gonna need it. =)

  • I♥TayDaniel(TeamELFitUpANotch)

    *wipes mouth*
    thanks i love how we wolf girls look out for each other.
    seriously i can talk to you all day b/c i don't think i'll ever get tired of that avi pic lol

  • Booey [TEAM JACOB "Sure,Sure"}

    saaaaame over here.
    i feel so stupid cuz i laugh by myself when i look at ur
    seenta clause get dooooown. haha i love me some mikash. =)

  • I♥TayDaniel(TeamELFitUpANotch)

    lol omg now you're making me want to watch it again!!!
    i've got to download it to my ipod.
    *connects ipod to laptop*

  • Booey [TEAM JACOB "Sure,Sure"}

    how do u download it? from youtube? cuz thats where ive been watching the skits all day! haha tay is my guilty pleasure… i cannot get enough of him! lol

  • I♥TayDaniel(TeamELFitUpANotch)

    they took them down :(
    i knew i shouldve did it when i 1st saw them up there!
    but i found another link it's alot mb though…

  • Booey [TEAM JACOB "Sure,Sure"}

    ahhh thank u thank u thank u! *hugs fiercely* now i can enjoy this delightful piece of human on my ipod! lol

    omg now i cant stop watching the videos haha hes so funny and adorable!

  • I♥TayDaniel(TeamELFitUpANotch)

    i know i'm glad i'm not the only one!
    & ur welcome :)

  • Booey [TEAM JACOB "Sure,Sure"}

    girl i bet u even the team edward fans are watching tay over and over in secret haha

  • eamcullen1901

    Apologies if I have, just trying to give people the opportunity to see my work.

    I've had some very positive feedback so far, and I'm currently working on some additional videos and poster designs from the new New Moon screen shots have acquired.

    They will be posted on here, when they're complete.

    Enjoy your XMAS holidays.

    Have a nice day. :-)

  • 30yearoldtwifan "Team Slade"

    I like it!

  • generika

    THIS IS NOT THE ACTUAL COVER…. trust me i know

  • CF911 Stripper JJ Stew

    I didn't say that it was. hehe :)

  • I♥TayDaniel(TeamELFitUpANotch)

    i know i love how they have to say i'm team edward but i loved tay on snl…like they had to make sure we knew they were team edward haha it was quite amusing

  • generika

    haha sorry, didnt respond to you directly, just in general =)

  • Booey [TEAM JACOB "Sure,Sure"}

    haha cuz they dont want us insinuating that they wanted to switch teams or something lol

  • CF911 Stripper JJ Stew

    That's fine. hehe

  • Sherileprada

    Sex walk is definitely more like it.

  • OCDJenni

    yeah I'm late on posting for this…but I think the cover is great!

  • gemma

    is the new moon movie out???????

  • gemma

    is the new moon movie out???????

  • fer88

    this is the score cover, i hope a different one a neww thing!!

  • brookebarnhart

    were sorry, we must not be as cool as you. you obviously know way more then we ever could.

    i think that cover is outstanding, and if it is photo shopped, you did a flippin amazing job and they should hire you to do all their work.

  • emma

    I wonder when it comes out

  • LMCullen

    shhhhhhhh you are giving away all our trade secrets ….

    *runs back to the fridge*

  • Alicepowns [EW roxmysox]

    You and me both girl. Remember Me comes out on March 12th, which happens to be the end of my teenage years as I'm turning 20!


    I get Rob for my birthday, I get Rob for my birthday…

    *remembers original “welcoming” intent of reply, smiles sheepishly*

    Btw, welcome. Happy posting to you :)

  • roxygirl107

    I love Edward sooo much he rox unlike the ugly basterd jacob black and ya i know because i said that people r gona leave rude comments but i really couldnt care less cuz i actlly like when ppl do that so i can seE them make a fool of themselves lol u retarted jacob black fans! I like taylor lautner but not his character jacob….at all! but yea well i loved the new moon movie and can NOT wait for it to come out! :D =D =) LOVE YOU EDWARD TEAM EDWARD 4 EVER!!! LUV YA <3

  • haups

    lmao now thats funny

  • Edward_cullens_gay

    Twilights gay I hate niggers

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