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Awesome Fan Made Backgrounds!

by LMCullen on January 3, 2010 · 49 comments

in Fan Art

fan art  54164690 7594b8fae0f973bccafd924c4c5f74a7.4b4099af scaled 560x308 Awesome Fan Made Backgrounds! fan art  54452593 560x308 Awesome Fan Made Backgrounds! fan art  54166067 560x308 Awesome Fan Made Backgrounds!

Above are just some of the  awesome backgrounds surrounding the Twilight Saga and some of the actors  made by Syr_seyra.

Check out a few more after the break, including Jackson Rathbone and Kellan Lutz fan art  icon wink Awesome Fan Made Backgrounds!

fan art  50501546 560x308 Awesome Fan Made Backgrounds! fan art  50501220 560x308 Awesome Fan Made Backgrounds! fan art  54165583 560x308 Awesome Fan Made Backgrounds!

You can see the rest of her backgrounds here, including more of Kristen, Rob, Taylor, and other stars from the Saga! She really does great work!

  • Jaymie

    coool !! :)

  • Heated_Cullen

    OME! LOOOOVE all of them!
    Kristian’s is just plain beautiful. Kellan’s is mouth watering. Jackson’s is awsome. and who could forget how Taylor and Robert’s back grunds make your heart jump to a stop.
    Anyone know if you could put them on a myspace or not? Of course, giving the creators their needed credit.
    Beautiful Everyone! Thanks for sharing!

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  • MissN.Gravety.Magnet.Satellite

    1st? wow .. these are amasing!

  • sunray16


  • eva6kora {THE LEG HITCH LOVER}

    third? Wow, I sooo love the Kristen one!

  • MythicalMonster

    WOW! Thats great work! Awesome!

  • PhoenixMP3 ~ Mrs. Cudmore

    wow talented peeps as always the saga fans Fab work!

  • rosie_is_team_carlisle

    wow, awesome! *takes kellan one*

  • MythicalMonster

    yes, the Kristen one is really gorgeous! :)

  • teardrop6047

    awsome work from a devoted fan. Keep up the good work.

  • MaryJaneTwilight

    It looks awesome! Great job!

  • Lu :)WeNeedSomeLuuurve

    That is very clever!
    *whispers* My avi is in the bottom one! good timess! :) hehehehe:)

  • eva6kora {THE LEG HITCH LOVER}

    Yeah, I must admit… Your avi screams HOTTT !

  • Lu :)WeNeedSomeLuuurve

    *jessica voice* I know right? LOL ;) Kristen looks amazing in yours :)

  • rpattz_dreamer(TeamRobsBeanie)

    These are awesome I particularly like Jackson one

  • IndiesR

    Damn! There are some talented fans out there! Absolutely amazing!

  • JMtoCullen

    Wow these r amazing!!! I love fan art!!! :)

  • DDB_DazzledByRob TeamElevator

    Jackson has this devious smile on his face..mmm

  • bean… I neeeeeeed iiiittt!

    Ooh, I was just looking for a new background for the New Year… Perfect!

    *changes background to Jackson one*

    Great work! I especially love the close up of Jackson's tattoo – hot!

  • Gih

    The kris and kellan ones are amazing *-*

  • Midnight_Sun_believer

    19th? This is the closest I've ever been to being first! I <3 Kristen Stewart's background! It's so dark and gorgeous!

  • TJWG*TaycobUNDERmytree

    The Taylor background is Fricking amazing!!:DD (Hot!!)

  • Team_Edward(HurryJune30th)

    Holy, the Rob/Edward one is amazing!

  • Team_Edward(HurryJune30th)

    Congrats :)

  • ferni [abc...] 8)

    These are all very cool. I personally like the Kristen one the best! 8)

  • FortuneTellingBloodsucker

    What no Alice/Ashley?? I think all of them are amazing. We have some very talented people on here and I am not one of them. LOL

  • CC; Miami Coven's Jane

    We really are the most creative and talented fans.

    *grins proudly*

  • Cjean>Leader of Team Leg Hitch

    These are beautiful! Now we just need the Official Eclipse poster!!!

  • FortuneTellingBloodsucker

    I drink to that. PLEASE give us something. DS you promised.

  • Cjean>Leader of Team Leg Hitch

    We NEED it! My NM hype is wearing down. lol

  • EdwardsTrueBlood

    yyyuummm…rob, jackson and kellan are sexy beasts!!!!

  • cullen1212

    i love edward !
    ……….. that's all ! :D

  • LookaftermyheartIleftitwithyou

    The Rob one is great!

  • TheLionFellIn<3W/Ceci-ROBECI

    OH damnnnnnn!! Kudos to you guys.. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Twilight Fans have SO much talent… and THIS just proves it!!

    My faves though… gotta say… are the FIRST and LAST one!! A-EFFING-MAZING!!


  • Jake–MyNaturalPath(SST)

    Really liking the second one. No…I'm not biased at all. ;o) LOL

  • MissN.Gravety.Magnet.Satellite

    I'm late.. Was at the movies, saw avatar for the 4th time.. But thank you:D It's the first time eeeever I'm first:D

  • Team_Edward(Rob,Anyone?)

    Your welcome. Now I just have to win one :)

  • Monica1236

    love the Robsten one!

  • cutesweetiezzz

    My favourite is the Kristen Stewart one. It's beautiful just like she is.

  • FTB (Team Alice)

    Why won't my avi pic change. It took the name change.

  • Alice Whitlock 111

    Wow those are pretty awesome :]. Though the Kristen one looks best, I just love the Jackson one most <3.

  • dRE-TeamCheeeerryBomb!!

    woohoo!! made the top 40!!LOL

  • wolfiexx

    LOVE the one with Kellan! :)

  • HighOnCrackAndLove

    this one is even better!!! :

  • RedEyes

    Can't decide between Kristen or Jackson!
    I will alternate xD

  • LaPushbabyLaPush

    Very NICE!!! Well done!!

    The first one is my new desktop background fo-sho!!!

  • lovekristen4ever


    Wow, this is some nice work!! Who made them? Got some more?

    I will go with Kellan this time =) he got some Sexy stares to…. ;)

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