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NECA’s New Twilight Action Figures…Shirtless & Sparkles

by JP on January 5, 2010 · 128 comments

in Edward Cullen,Jacob Black,Jasper Hale,Merchandise

merchandise jasper hale jacob black edward cullen  nmd 560x420 NECAs New Twilight Action Figures...Shirtless & Sparkles

According to, NECA toys just released 4 new Twilight Saga: New Moon action figures.  A new sculpt for Edward, a sparkling variant of that figure, shirtless Jacob and Jasper.  

You can preorder your New Moon  shirtless Jacob, Edward, Sparkle Edward or Jasper here!   These new action figures won’t hit store until April. 

Um…….oooooookay.   Jacob looks burned.  I need to see the Edward doll without the shirt on.  HA!  And Jasper….Is that Jasper? LOL!   They should have made Jasper with that face where he’s attacking Bella at the birthday party!!!!

Bean and LMHale neeeeeeeeeeeed the Jasper doll!!  Hahahahaha!

What do you guys think of the new New Moon action figures?

[Source: Dreadcentral]

  • Booey [TEAM JACOB "Sure,Sure"}

    lmao exactly! thats the first person i thought about when i saw it! haha

  • iseelondon

    Whoa! Nice avi! What's she holding?

  • KeriCullen

    Yikes. I guess at least Jasper's hair looks as horrible on this action figure as it does in the movie. And that's about all I can think to say.

  • FTB (Team Mice Olympics)

    A crystal ball its supposed to go with my name. FTB (fortunetellingbloodsucker). Thanks btw Nancy made it for me.

  • TeamRotation (Meg1)

    LOL! Love the avi!

    I totally made me think of the movie “Wizards” and fire-shooting crotch scene.. don't know if that was your inspiration, but either way it gave me a good laugh!

  • TeamRotation (Meg1)

    Okay, I'd officially be scared of my jasper doll if I bought one! He looks creepy :(

  • Booey [TEAM JACOB "Sure,Sure"}

    love it! *presses Like button*

  • iWannaBreakHousesWithEMMETT

    lmao; then they can make it life size! and bring in kellan to make sure they get every crease in his perfect chest into the doll! and they would have to bring in a fan to aprove it of course! and that my friend is where i would come in!(;

  • Booey [TEAM JACOB "Sure,Sure"}


    ….*comes back to reality*

    gosh im so sorry. its just your avatar…my god……….*starts drooling once again*

  • nemesis_robward's girl =D

    very veery interesting idea girl :D, u have all my support and my unconditional help for the, eheemm, quality testing 8)

  • tilleul

    I think Jasper is alot more convincing as a doll. At least I didn't break out laughing on sight like me and the rest of the theatre audience did whenever he was on screen.

  • chelseashayleexoxo

    Taylor stop tanning you look like a freaking cheese nip.

  • minkymink_TeamWhyCantIHaveBoth

    jacob: looks like a girl at my school who got sunburned at the beach, and then went to get a spray tan/ sit in a tanning bed bad combo. not really likin the face


    edward: looks like they tried too hard. and when you try too hard, mistakes like this happen

  • minkymink_TeamWhyCantIHaveBoth

    p.s: how could they deprive us from emmet?

  • tigresa11

    yeah y is n't there an emmet? what the issue we all like emmet here too……… Lets just hope they are taking their time on him unlike these ones

  • MissN.Gravety.Magnet.Satellite

    Have you guys seen this?;) hahah, twilight mentioned in Scrubs – take a look ..

    - oh yeah, we do love sexy vampires!

  • kerbear585

    omg those are terribly wrong in so many ways…..1. Jacob=burnt, indians are suppose to be TAN! 2. Jasper=scrawny girly looking, totally not him! 3. Edward=don't ever make a doll that sparkles, shirt is completely wrong color than movie, movie shirt is navy, doll shirt should not be royal, and oh yeah…looks NOTHING LIKE HIM!

    NECA= fail on this one!

  • Vampire_Fairy

    I can already imagine what my brothers would say to me if they saw me with these action figures
    *Norma, stop playing with your dolls, and get a life*
    *They're not dolls they're action figures, and Twilight is my life now!!!!*

  • TeamVampWolf

    *tries to hold in laughter but fails*

    I have been laughing for the past 15 minutes at these dolls!! Who on gods green earth designed these things? This is some straight up blasphemy!!

    I love my movie characters but this is ridiculous!!

    First of all ,Jacob looks like a giant cheese puff with abs, a tattoo, and jeans!

    Secondly, Jasper *shakes head sadly* Jasper, Jasper, Jasper What the heck is up with his head? I'm having bobble head flash backs. If i had this doll, I would constantly thump it to see if it would move.

    And lastly…..Edward…..Why are you so tanned in one and so pale in the other? I know you're supposed to sparkle but that is ridiculous. That expression that is on both of them freaks me out. *shudders*

    These dolls don't do Jacksper, Robward, or Taycob justice. These people need to re-watch New moon and get the proportions right!!

    *looks back at dolls and starts laughing again*

    God, If they made dolls for the whole cast, I would be terrified! Lol

  • Booey [TEAM JACOB "Sure,Sure"}

    omg now ur reminding me of that movie ALL ABOUT STEVE where the asian guy tells the reporter guy to stop tanning because he looks like a freakin cheese nip!… an orange with a mouth!… a wrinkled peach!

    lmao too funny hahaha

  • Azazel

    You can find tons more of Hollywood action figures at this cool site :

  • OJ

    I'm crying with laughter. Jacob looks painfully suburned, Jasper looks like an angry woman and Edward looks depressed. And why is his skin changing colour?

  • [email protected]

    ITs really cool

  • Wooden Toys

    Cheese nip. That is funny…lol

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  • Mr Cullen

    they are soooooooooo coool

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