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New Moon Parody By The Hillywood Show!!

by JP on January 4, 2010 · 142 comments

in Funny

The Hillywood Show put together an awesome New Moon parody!!  Here are some fun facts about making the New Moon parody…


• Bella’s truck in ‘New Moon’ Parody is the official screen-used truck seen in Summit Entertainment’s: Twilight.

• The core of this video was shot in Forks & La Push in Washington.

• The coldest day on set was 22 degrees.

• New Moon’ Parody took a total of 5 months to complete including pre-production, production & post-production with a total of 22 separate days of filming.

That was amazing and funny!!!  They all looked great!  Great job Hillywood!!

[Source: TheHillywoodShow.  Thanks Hilly & Hannah!   And H.N & 30yroldtwifan!]

  • 5ctBauble

    Yeah their sparkle effect was actually really really good LOL

    Maybe they should have given CH a hand in the first movie….

  • abbyskrilla


    The time and money they spent on this definitely showed. Awesome job.

    I loved their rebellious Bella. Loved it!

  • paigy19

    Oh. My. Jacob. HOW???? Geez I put so much work into my scripts and they are nothing to this!!! But it only makes me work harder. :) I'm going to make a twilight parody in the summer. I made a funny script and everything. It's so cute. I can't wait. My friend who is a girl is playing Edward. HA! It's going to be so funny!

    :) great parody.

  • paigy19

    Some of the other twilight parodies aren't necessarily making fun of it. Like I love twilight but I made some parodies of twilight. This is a really, really, really great parody. I think it's more serious though. I like that about it. Funny but also serious. Like the movie. :) I love the twilight parodies. Did you see the one by nigahiga? It's too cute. My favourite. Great speech btw. :)

    ps: the costumes, sets, and EVERYTHING was insane!!! :):):) sooo goood. I would have givven up . . . well maybe not but I probably would have got really stressed and yelled at everyone. tee hee. :):):)


  • Eclipse

    I have a qs how is that one song called where it says “Thinking of you” lol I liked it. It starts off when Bella tells Edward to “stay”.

  • Мαгіαηηα Lσνεѕ Єdωαгd

    I loved this parody! I think that the songs were cleverly picked and that the costumes and settings were spot on! Over all, well done guys!


  • mochaseptember

    Yeah! I noticed that MTV dress too xP I thought the parody was funny! It's cool how they used a Katy Perry song like in their Twilight parody.

  • JrunswitVamps

    In the words of Seth (from BD) hear hear!! I have to say i agree 100%… their really are so many parody out there that are not funny at all and just plain stupid or even rue to the twilight fans – This however is in all good fun and i think is pretty funny and looked really good (costumes, sets, music, etc.) – i loved it

  • SC~3rd_Wife(TeamSM)

    This is not at all what I was expecting, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was AMAZING! I have never seen or heard of Hillywood productions, so I didn't know what to expect. They really put a lot into this video. The details were unbelievable! The sets, the costumes, the actors – everything was great. It makes me want to go watch New Moon again, right after I watch my Twilight DVD;-)

    But first, *Google search Hillywood*

  • SC~3rd_Wife(TeamSM)

    *in Marianna's voice* Edward is…. EDWARD IS A BOY!!!!

    Sorry, I couldn't help it – LMAO!!

  • SC~3rd_Wife(TeamSM)

    You do know that they are definitely doing BD, right? They are just working out details. Summit really wants CW, and trying to get him to film part 1 and 2, but making it 2 parts is still in the air depending on finding a director to agree to both. Don't know if you have caught this before, but BD talk comes in spurts and it's been a while since we've heard so much as a peep.

    Hope that helps ease your mind.

  • mAriE_LovesToFrolic&BoxingDay!

    on VD already??? oh my.. thats.. WOW. im speechless. ^_^ it IS totally romantic! she's the one for u then huh? ^_^ i cant believe i missed that NEWS! of all things! ugh… *pouts* damn.. hehehe. but wait an edward-flipping second, Schmisle Schemse??? hmmmmm…. *rubs chin* ^_^

  • SnowyHedwig *Team Copward*

    Yup. She's mine, aaaaalllll mine! *giggles* oops, I do believe that's the NyQuil kicking in… :D
    Yeah, I know, Schisle Schesme… I'm completely stumped! (as are you, since apparently I couldn't even spell it properly…LOL)
    Yup. Drugs kicking in good now. Best head to bed before hubby finds me drooling on the computer monitor, and it's not because of a gorgeous Rob pic…. LMAO :D

  • mAriE_LovesToFrolic&BoxingDay!

    oooh.. thats sexy! im loving u more now my step-wifey! *giggles* hmmm… u wanna snuggle now? im all for it! *grins*

    *tugs step-wifey closer*
    *snuggles with step-wifey on the lay-z-boy*
    ahhhh… this is the life eh my step-wifey??? ^_^

  • SnowyHedwig *Team Copward*

    *grins sleepily* oh, I have missed you, my darlin' step-wifey!
    *smuggles closer and yawns* night, darlin'…

  • Mohammad

    Can we refer to this as a Montage?


  • Vampire_Fairy

    The video was cool, i just wasnt so sure about the music, i wasnt feeling it!

  • lizzehh.

    haha! the look on 'jacob's' face at the end was priceless :)

  • MrsTamaraaCullen

    *Not in relation to the Video*
    I have been on this site for a VERY very VERY long time, i have checked a minimum of at least once a day… even on my sisters wedding day were i was a bridesmaid haha :)
    But back on point. i disappointed. very much
    AT THE LACK OF CREATIVITY IN THE NEW MEMBERS NAMES! we dont want to have a conversation on this with someone named “sharon” or ” Tayla”.. I like talking to people who are like edwardcullen911! Meaning people!
    And another thing (yes im on a rant) From july 2009 to December.. comments on stories were at 700! we have dwindled to 100! Were have the true fan base gone? Round them up people!

  • mAriE_LovesToFrolic&BoxingDay!

    i've missed u too my step-wifey.. like u wouldnt believe. *sniff*

    *snuggles closer, kisser forehead*
    night love.. til later! loveu! mwah! ^_^

  • eternallyoung

    I loved it! I met Hilly & Hannah back when they weren't known for Twilight. One of them was dressed as Edward Scissorhands & it was an AWESOME costume & they both stayed in character when we asked to take a picture. Then I met them again at a Twilight convention. Just the sweetest girls! Anyways, I didn't read all the comments but wanted to show my support because they did a really good job on this.

  • minkymink_TeamWhyCantIHaveBoth

    ok fav part: volturi scene lol wish it was like that in the real movie!

    isnt it ironic that the dude who plays edward's name is jacob?

    thats all gotta go to school

  • minkymink_TeamWhyCantIHaveBoth

    i heard “hearing damage”

  • http://twilighthotgossipnews Ashley

    OMG!!!! it awsome!!!! i love hillywood, they are so funny and they work so hard for all this!!!!

  • Lu :)WeNeedSomeLuuurve

    That's not being over-dramatic, that's just telling the truth :)

  • elyx3 .::TEAM.HOT.POCKETS::.

    thanks. (: it has. but i just want some official confirmation and dates (maybe?). but if it takes them even longer to confirm as long as they get CW, i can wait. (:

  • facebook-1562448987

    I hate parodys! I normally don't even watch them but that was amazing! I love the music! Those songs definitely should have been on the soundtrack!

  • paigy19

    Oh my! LOL! I didn't even realize! That's too funny. I'll have to use that one on my friend or should I say “boy edward”. tee hee. That's cute. ;)

  • TJWG*TaycobUNDERmytree

    This was amazing.. LMAo at bad a$$ bella partxD!!

  • cdh1174

    I thought the parody was great! But, I don't see how it took 5 months to complete,unless there was a LOT of pre-production or they got to see an an advanced screening of the moive. I say this becuase most of it was re-enacting scenes from the movie—scenes that were unseen before Nov 20, which was approx. 45 days ago. If it took 22 days to film, that means they had about 23 days of post production, both of which seem plausible. But how could they have 3 months of pre production if they didnt see anything to base their filming on until 11/20? I'm just playing Devil's advocate, cause I'm extremely bored at work right now. I really think they did a GREAT job, regardless of how long it took them to make it!

  • cawleycullen


  • Cliara

    That was great. I can say I am a fan of Twilight but this is more better.
    Those lyrics fitted so well, actors so similar. Wonderfull. Great job. Thank you all :)

  • Tia_jb10 (Team Pants Explode!)

    whoa! they did an amazing job! loved it all and the ending priceless lol

  • Tia_jb10 (Team Pants Explode!)

    good point but they put alot of detail in it so im guessing thats where all the time went

  • ChelsC – Team Kristen

    Wow, took me a few minutes but I just realized that I've seen these guys from the Hillywood Show in person! I saw them walking around at Comic Con in San Diego this summer! The girl playing Bella, the guy playing Edward, the girl playing Alice, and the guy playing Jasper were at the convention dressed up as a different scene from Twilight each day. And I thought that they were just random dedicated fans! I especially liked their baseball scene costumes. They looked awesome :) they pay so much attention to detail. The girl playing Alice is petite and I remember thinking that she really fit the description of Alice from the books height-wise (though I love love Ashley Greene as Alice!). They were really nice when I stopped them and asked for a picture, too.


    well said !!!!!
    spot on!

    any idea where she got that green shirt from the italy scene? exactly like bellas!!!
    and that red and black dress that was suppose to be the dress k-stew wore at the MTV Movie awards!?!?!?!?!?

  • twilightfanyh

    wow. the jacket from the break up scene looked identical. was it the same one?
    it was really good.

  • thien

    Hi guys
    At the beginning of the video, when Bella say ” i belong with you..” there is a song playing in the background”….your eyes…..your face …just become…”. Can anyone tell me what is that song is ? thank you

  • alexis

    who ever put the music in suuuure love katy perry and P!NK!!! this is one of the best parodies ive seend!! lol

  • magykrider

    What are the songs in this video?

  • ♥Team_Write_Midnight_Sun♥

    It's a mix of “Thinking of You” by Katy Perry, “So What” by Pink, and “Please Don't Leave Me” also by Pink.

  • nose

    hola los de crepusculo me gustan su pelicula mecaien bien ustedes edward cullen,y isabella

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