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New Moon Pepsi Italia Website!

by MrsEdwardCullen on January 28, 2010 · 210 comments

in Merchandise,

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I say we all pack up and move to Italy!  Check out these amazing items from the Pepsi Italia line.  Calling all translators on this one, if you go to the Pepsi Italia website there are some pretty cool images there, fabulous downloads for your PC as well as your cell phone and special downloads for us Iphone & Ipod Touch users,  also a chance to win a 47 inch flat screen TV but that may be available to the residents of  Italy only(I went through 3 flat screen TV’s in a year and a half, I could’ve used this one lol.) 

(Source: Facebook & Twitter Thanks, JayPat! newmoonmovieorg merchandise  icon smile New Moon Pepsi Italia Website! )

  • aMUSEdbyTwilightMuse4Eclipse

    Hi just left u a message on FB yep there has been problems on FB, just got the problems on this site sorted and FB goes all nuts!!!!!
    Oh yes it's an awesome pix I would love to be there too, I love Italy!!! :)
    Will have to give those V Diaries a try! Nothing beats SM for Vamps in my book! But I'm open to trying someoneelses take on them!
    Will keep an eye open for u on FB and hope that the gremlins are booted out so I can reply to your messages :)
    Have a great day, I'm off to Sainsburys now for the food shop then typing a client's book!!! :{
    xxxxxxx *kisses & hugs* karen, go team Museitis (lol will change my name back when they announce Muse are on the soundtrack for Eclipse)

  • aMUSEdbyTwilightMuse4Eclipse

    Hey babe, sorry can't reply on FB at the moment but will read your last message. Things are not good here at the moment, have filled Leslie in on it all!!!! But wanted to share this vid with you :)
    Hope you like it, my cute, pretty lil pussy Cat
    xxxxxxxxxxxx Speak to you soon <3

  • Tm Edward

    hey amusedbytwilight. it has been a long time since i have been on disqus. i miss it. i just watched the new trailer of eclipse. it was awsome. i can not wait to see it at the movies. i told leslie that we will have to plan a get together and watch twilight and new moon before seeing eclipse. we will have to get a web cam for that night and you can be there with us. if you don't have a web cam than go buy one. i think it would be pretty cool if you could be there with us. god only knows when we will ever be able to see each other in person. we will have to keep on praying. on that note, how is your uncle? i have been sending my prayers. i hope that everything is ok. i've been thinking about ya. well my musemate/twihard bestest british friend in the whole wide world, i will talk to ya soon. try and catch us on facebook live chat. love ya, cat

  • aMUSEdbyTwilightMuse4Eclipse

    Babe, replied to you on FB. LOL at the camera, think James has one somewhere will have to ask him – that would be awesome if it worked!!!!
    Yes will try to get u on chat but will be MIA a bit at the moment!!! love you Cat – karen

  • Tm Edward

    hey amuedbytwilightmuse4eclipse, you and leslie need to change those names. they are way to long. ha,ha. how are you? leslie said that you might be on fb soon. i know you have had alot to deal with. i wish we could be there to give you a big hug. just keep thinking eclipse will be out real soon and you can get lost in the twilight zone with the rest of us. sometimes i wish there was a magical meadow we could escape to. don't forget that when eclipse does come out that we all are going to try and see each other on the web cam. ok. we will have to coordinate a time that is good for all of us. i think that would be the coolest thing. i am really excited about that if we can get it to work. well girlfriend it is 12:30 am and i need to go to sleep. i have to work tomorrow with mrs. leslie drury. we are going to meet up with rose after work to celebrate her birthday. we will have a drink for ya. some muse tequila. ha,ha love ya lots and lots. have a good day and i will talk to ya soon. cat

  • aMUSEdbyTwilightMuse4Eclipse

    *runs & hugs sweet lil kitty Cat*
    Hiya hun how you been?
    Yeh they are rather long but we vowed to champion Muse for Eclipse and will have these names until they see that Muse just HAVE to be in Eclipse!!!!!!
    Things are a little better thank you X *kiss*
    Yes must ask my Jimbobs if he has that camera, hahaha
    Hope you had a great evening with Rose, bottoms up and chin chin as we say over here!!!! ummmm Muse tequila sounds fierce!!!!
    yep love you loads too, don't get too pie-eyed and will get on FB soon General Election tomorrow so will be a funny day here in Britain!!!! <3 you xxxxxx

  • Tm Edward

    hey girlfriend, we survived the muse tequila. ha,ha. we had a great time last night celebrating rose's birthday. we were missing on member of the chica locas and that was you. today i am being a lazy bum. i can not get motivated to clean myl house and i really need to. i will find some energy somewhere. well missy, i have to start doing my house cleaning but i just wanted to say hi and to let ya know i was thinking about ya. have a good day and i will talk to ya soon. love ya, cat , go team edward and muse for eclipse

  • aMUSEdbyTwilightMuse4Eclipse

    Hey you all survived!!!!!! Great minds think alike my dear lil kitty Cat yep I should have been there EPIC FAIL on my part!!!!! :{
    Hey come do my cleaning everytime I do mine Steven thinks up some other place he has to pull a wall down, or dig up and hey presto flipping dust to write your name in :{ LOL
    Aww you are so sweet, thinking of you too my dear Southern Belle xxxx Love ya

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  • Anonymous

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