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Queen Latifah Takes Photo With Taylor Lautner, Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman!

by JP on January 6, 2010 · 74 comments

in Taylor Lautner

The People’s Choice Awards host, Queen Latifah, takes an opportunity during the show to get a picture with her, Taylor Launter, Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman.

“You look so different with clothes on!” LOL!

[Source: Youtube/FePattz3]

  • sagrario

    He has to get used to it…funny….God!

  • Wolfi ♥(TEAM LEAH & F U MR)♥

    LMAO..i missed it..congrats to TAYLOR, i knew you would win!!… my ALPHA!..

    lol, @ *you look different with your clothes on*

  • CF911 Save Gas/Ride a Vampire

    I'm really late to this, but oh wells.

    Congratulations Taylor.

    And apparently we won a bunch of other stuff, but it wasn't in the show. Epic Fail. Glad I didn't watch it.

    And taking nothing away from Taylor at all, but why for goodness sakes did Rob and Kristen not win? I know we all voted our tails off. Ugh.

    Well, this was Twilight, so hopefully NM will fair better next year. :)

  • ineedluv / Edward = VILF

    hey topic..hows updates girl…**wiggles eyebrows**



  • rpatzlover

    i thought the whole show was great I'm an Edward lover but i must say everyones alpha Taylor Lautner was looking pretty hot…and did ya see KEllan?? these twilight boys are gorgeous…

  • ineedluv / Edward = VILF

    if you havent seen recent pics of robsten well check this out.. i might be late in posting but i can see marcus foster, bobby long, tom sturridge, kristen and rob. see for yourself.

    i hope the link works..**shrugs**..sorry if it doesnt..


  • CF911 Save Gas/Ride a Vampire

    Working on it. We have three chapters that we have finished but are editing. NTJB and me have been working a lot this week.

    We want them to be really good, but I will get up with her and see if we can't go ahead and post one of them. :)

  • ineedluv / Edward = VILF

    muferkingwah….looking forward to your smut cf…smut we are getting yes yes…

    oh and waving team f**king robsten flag from the isle of wight..



  • vampwannabe

    Taylor was the BIGGEST star of the night, even Queen Latifah couldn't deny that! ha!

    yay Taylor!

    They should have announced ALL of the TWILIGHT wins, though….grrrrrrrr!

  • vampwannabe

    OMG! Thx for posting this!!!! did you happen to notice WHO was walking BESIDE each other?! hmmmmm?????

    yay ROBSTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hugs to you for posting!

  • ineedluv / Edward = VILF

    I did and its fabulous…i just love that rob is with his best buds and his
    lover the gorgeous kstew…**giggles**

    Yes yay!!! to robsten…


  • http://NewMoonMovie VAMPGRL

    I love his GQ look!!! Just wait until he is old enough and females are able to attack him legally, hahaha
    I still love the british….. but even I cant denied that he is HOT.

  • Twilight_In_Phx

    Go to the Kellan post on the post is there with a picture of all the people listed in green :)

  • mAriE_LuvsToFrolic&CherryBomb!

    the Queen is awesome during the awards! im glad it was her who hosted the event.

    though it sucks rob and kristen didnt win anything.. *sniff*

    there's always a next time though.. HA! ^_^

  • vampwannabe

    makes me so happy:)
    I hope they are truly relaxing! they deserve it!

  • ineedluv / Edward = VILF

    I hope so too…i just ferking love them SO much…*sigh*..

  • Taycob_Wolfie

    haha she cracked me up

    “oooohh Taylor Lautner! wow you look different with clothes on”

    when she came to nicole kidman & keith urban, I thought she forgot about “Taylor Lautner, take a picture with me” haha

  • blackbeauty

    It's so nice to know we have a group of cool ladies supporting each other!
    And you don't have to worry about a darn thing in regards to freaking out
    over Taycob. Darling, we have all been there at some time or other…and I'm
    sure there is more in store :D

  • Twilight In My Eyes

    hehe good!!!

  • nemesis_robward's girl =D

    your fearless leader looking absolutely hot!!!! and i'm sooo freaking happy he won!!!! **throws Tayfetti**

  • The Popper

    yep.. yep.. “umm.. i'm so sorry this is a requirement”.. lol..

  • riza ♥ vamps(teamEDWARD_4ever)

    woo! tay is so lucky to be side by side with nicole kidmAn! loove it! :]

  • cutesweetiezzz

    I love Queen Latifah! She's so amazing! She just makes me laugh.

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