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Taylor Lautner To Present At The Golden Globes

by JP on January 11, 2010 · 138 comments

in Taylor Lautner

taylor lautner  twilightxchange tlpc 4 280x420 Taylor Lautner To Present At The Golden Globes According to ABC News, Taylor Lautner will be presenting an award at the 67th annual Golden Globes.

A werewolf is coming to the Golden Globe Awards.

“Twilight” star Taylor Lautner will be among the presenters at Sunday’s ceremony, along with “Milk” star Josh Brolin and “Saturday Night Live” alum Amy Poehler.

Ricky Gervais will host the 67th annual awards, which will be presented at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. The show will air live on NBC (8 p.m. EST).

Presenters also include Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman, Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster, Kate Winslet, Tom Hanks, Sophia Loren and Robert De Niro.

Alright Taylor!  We get to see him in another suit!!  I like dressed up Taylor.  I wonder what kind of suit he’ll be wearing.  Hmmm….:) 

PEOPLE! Exactly 1 month until Taylor’s 18th birthday!  Woo Hoo!!

Can’t wait to watch the Golden Globes next week! 

*fingers crossed for Anna Kendrick*

[Source: Examiner, ABCNews. Thanks Spectra, Eternity With Edward, Dori & Diana!]

  • wolfexx ~ Team8Pack

    hehee.. I googled it and here (I live in Finland) RM will be out in april too :)

    and Eclipse is gonna be out 2nd July..I can't understan why it takes time to come out now, it didn't take time when NM was here at the same time as in US…!!!

  • ♥RobstenIn<32010::76♥

    Orange Rising Star Award


  • BillyBlackAttack

    I know, no fair Summit!

    I'll have to wait an extra week and will prob have to stay away from here becuase everone will be taking about it and I'll be sooo jealous!

    Just neeeeeeed trailer now!!!!

  • BellasLoveFlippy -TeamCake

    He isn't 16.. Don't worry about it ;)
    I think Boo Boo Stewart is almost 16.. Maybe they confused dates or something ;)

  • TeamPattzJaw

    I dont like Taylor either :) I mean I dont hate him. And what are u talking about? Everyone loves rob! :D

  • riza ♥ vamps(teamEDWARD_4ever)

    woo. that would be cool. :)

  • SC~3rd_Wife(TeamSM)

    You can be Lava Girl!!


  • iRunWithTheWolves.

    He is on a role!!!
    and that pic is incredibly cute :)

  • iRunWithTheWolves.

    YOu are the first ive every seen on this site!!

  • ILoveWolves-Sure,Sure & Swirl

    Please twigods. A black tux with a bowtie. Please.

  • wolfexx ~ Team8Pack

    HA! same here! :) taytay has been legal here like..for almost two years now!! ;)

    you suckers there in US!! you guys have to wait for one MONTH!! bwhahahahahahhaaa!!

    just kidding.. ;) LOL

  • EternitywithEdward

    It's like he knows….he's keeping up that mysterious vibe….making us thirst for him……we need you Rob…NEED! :-)

    Woohoo – my name's in lights. (delayed reaction)

  • megilegin ( team "flippy" )

    Well i wish i lived in your world!…When I went to see New Moon in the theater every time Edward was their they would boo him and curse at him and say his ugly…Yeahh.. i hated it.

  • MrsCullen121

    LMAO awsome video and tbh ill be WHATEVER he wants me to be XD

  • MrsCullen121

    OHHH come back the more londoners the better…we need to british up this site!! fish and chips style!!..bangers and mash…sheperds pie!!! and other things british…um rain?? lol

  • MrsCullen121

    well hellooo there fellow londoner … lol i know i was feeling soo happy when i found out i wasnt the only person in england who luves! now if only the gosh darned snow would melt =(…unrealted topic i know but…complaining about the weather seems as british as it gets =)

  • megilegin ( team "flippy" )

    Nooo…soo many more people love Taylor!!! I mean have you even seen a I hate Taylor Lautner facebook group?..I haven' But i have seen a I hate Robert Pattinson group. Ugh.

  • IloveyouEdward

    LOl sorry to interupt MEG Robert pattinson is more popular then taylor lautner.So popular that he even has haters.
    Remmeber hater's are motivators.
    All popular ppl get haters because ppl tend to get jelous of them or just dont agree with their fame and crazzyness.

  • megilegin ( team "flippy" )

    Ohh its fine!.;P

    “Haters are motivators”..Lol where did you get that from??Then i guess its a good thing he has haters! xD lol
    But thats true, Rob is more loved around the world…its just you already know people around me loveeee Taylor…they hate English guys with scruffy faces, no big ass six pack, and unique hair. WTF?..

  • Chel*TeamLeakedScriptsAreEvil*

    Ha ha i'm back but…..i'm not british sorry i'm irish ya gotta jump over that pond a little further to get to me lol but um yeah poxy rain we got it too bloody stuff!!!

  • SPrada(Jamie's Girl)

    Maybe it was a typo, the 1 instead of the 2.
    I really just think the magazine wanted to lie to me. lol

  • Aloha – Scooby Doo

    Golden Globes is one of my favorite awards shows! Everyone is sitting around table and getting drunk!

    Apointment TV!! I'm def watching.

  • jac♥b l♥v

    YES! More Taylor, I hope he gives us some red carpet interviews this time. He didn't for The People's Choice:( And if I was an interviewer on the red carpet I would ask “Taylor, what are you wearing? No,no,no,no I mean under the suit what are you wearing?” haha

  • BellasLoveFlippy -TeamCake

    It's a conspiracy!! The thought: let's say that Xavier is 16, just to tease SPrada!! ;) LMAO

  • MrsCullen121

    IRISH!!! even better I LOVE YOUR ACCCENTS their sooo COOOL..i tried doing one for my irish friend..she nearly backhanded me =( but yes we europeans rock!!! brits and irish alike….is it snowing in ireland too because the it WONT STOP SNOWING HERE and im almost at the brink of suicice..i miss grass =( and the rain too….i shall correct myself then..we dont need to british up this site we need to…um…irish it up…O_o ok that may have sounded better in my head….

  • chloe25

    lol God I hope so! I need a little sneak peek!

  • TeamPattzJaw

    What! :O thats… I dont know what to say :S

  • Chel*TeamLeakedScriptsAreEvil*

    Woohoo tell ya what how bout we Euro it up then we're all included!!! It's finally stopped snowing here THANKS GOD, but now its back to ice rain and slush, i love the bristish accents especially the London one *swoon* you like ours REALLY???!!

  • MrsCullen121

    yes indeed we shall EURO it it up!!! lol you like our accents? thankx it can be pretty ok i guess esp when it comes out of the mouth of a certain vampir sexgod from barnes….
    and ofc i love your accents guys with irish accents melt me like butter!! their sooo friggin HOT! and your all mysterious and cool, we brits, especially english just complain a lot and THANK GOD it started raining,ive missed the rain i cant wait for the snow to completely shove off at first it was gorgeous now i miss green =) when it rained i was sooo close to crying happy tears

  • Chel*TeamLeakedScriptsAreEvil*

    awww MrsCullen thats so sweet but yep i love the accent always have always will *whispers* even before a certain vampire sex god from barnes ssssshhhh!! Trust me we all complain our asses off but its ok everybody does it lol

  • MrsCullen121

    lol thank you my love and love you avi btw….have you read the evil script?..i have =s…

  • Chel*TeamLeakedScriptsAreEvil*

    awww thanks lol, nope i haven't read it, i may have it in my posession but i won't read it i'm Team no spoilers, i did it for New Moon i can do it for Eclipse

  • iRunWithTheWolves.

    LOL yes..
    its kinda wierd though because i always connect the weather to when it started snowing i was thinking about how the cullens would soo be able to live in the UK and not go “hiking” or whatever…
    okay maybe i need to go out more

  • SPrada(Jamie's Girl)

    EGGSACKLY!!!! lol

  • BellasLoveFlippy -TeamCake


  • MrsCullen121

    woow your self control is amaaazing i just dont have the strength, but your right it can ruin the film fo ryou, but not entirely because nm OWNED

  • MrsCullen121

    who wants to go out in the cold when they can stay at home on nmm and fantasize about the cullens..heck im all FOR indoors!! but yes uk does have awful wether, but for some odd reason it wouldnt feel like home without some sort of weather problem…

  • Chel*TeamLeakedScriptsAreEvil*

    I know my self control is kicking my ass but i'm managing to hold it together i will NOT ruin Eclipse for myself

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