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Another Outtake Of Taylor Lautner From The Rolling Stone Photo Shoot

by JP on February 17, 2010 · 195 comments

in Taylor Lautner

taylor lautner  RS1 560x746 Another Outtake Of Taylor Lautner From The Rolling Stone Photo Shoot Here’s another outtake of Taylor Lautner from the Rolling Stone photo shoot. 

*clears throat*  Are you happy to see me or what Taylor?   WOW!  Heeeeeeellllllllooooooo Taylor!

[Source: Taylor-Lautner via Blackpack]

  • ILoveWolves-Stalking 04/09

    I don't know how my Taydar didn't go off!

  • ILoveWolves-Stalking 04/09

    I had a very vivid Tay dream last night. And was shocked by its innocence after seeing this pic! Maybe I am coming down with something!

  • Newborn_Leia


  • Spectra

    If he didn't want to be seen this way he'd decline the photo-shoot. He's a big boy. He can take care of himself. He makes his own decisions.

  • ILoveWolves-Stalking 04/09

    Scuse me while I go change panties again…

  • Jakesfan


  • Tori

    God must be a woman because a man wouldn't create such a beautiful creature like Taylor Lautner to compete with! I just want to stare at him forever, I would love these pics to be available as wallpaper….FOR MY HOUSE! He is so stunning, and from what I have seen from interview his soul is even more beautiful. Ladies!!…call off the hunt…we have found the needle in the haystack.

  • BMC~Team Snap!

    I am on his side and I agree with everything you've said, but every now and then I just want to say hot damn, he's so hot! When I was younger and got alot of attention for the way my body was shaped, I said some of the same things. Oh, I don't want people to like me for my body, yada, yada, yada, but then I realized I was made this way for a reason and I embraced it. Looking back, I wouldn't change anything. So give us a break, and don't think that we are totally trying to objectify Taylor, we just want to have a outlet to say he's hot and not have anyone judge us for doing it. So, Taylor, you're an amazing actor, and very intelligent, but, damn, boy, you are smoking hot, too!!

  • Tiff

    You all are funny with these comments LOL.. all I have to say is Damn. What a shot!!!

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  • CherBear87

    Yeah, that's true. And the photographer kinda baited us with this one anyways!

    I was only a little serious about that being wrong anyways… Funny about your “Aw that's cute” comment. I just said that about his chopping wood pic cuz of that big goofy grin! Lol


  • I♥TayDaniel-TeamUpAnotherNotch

    i feel like one super hero movie is enough. stretch armstrong already sounds like a failed movie.

  • The Popper

    Whoa.. calm it down queeny.. i thought you really were someone i knew.. little did i know you are indeed queenish, so your rant is wasted on me .. And I don't know how me saying that indicates that I “don't like it.” but .. umm .. ok..

    Regardless, your statement about “if Taylor doesn’t like me only taking him at face value” is laughable, because I'm sure, with a statement like that, you really know him “at face value.” You don't know what anybody thinks about him unless you've asked them yourself. How many ppl in the massive fan base know him personally anyway? Oh, I'm sorry, that's right, you do. How do you know that ppl don't like him physically and for “who he is?” Sorry, but i'm sure, besides you, not many ppl know him enough besides what we physically see. I don't see how twi fans are not being on his side b/c they like his physical appearance or doubting that “Taylor is an amazingly mature, responsible, and talented young man!!”

    Plus, the facts are ppl can make whatever comments they want so I really don't know how much “standing up for him” your really doing.  Magazines are out to make $ and ethics are opinions.

    .. and if you “really don't give what [I] think!” Then stop wasting your time. So, stay up there on your “non-contributing” horse and please ride away.


  • Mrs Edward Cullen

    I feel like I need to Mod this photograph because its definetly RATED:XXX !! lol

  • iRunWithTheWolves.

    Hay thats a nice shirt

  • [αℓρħα т. ∂ .ℓ]

    Commando Taylor… I'm loving the sound of that…. RE: Quoting Mcnutters ” Le Sigh..”

  • MCNutters [Team Nessie!]

    yeah max steele sounds a bit better than stretch. when i first saw that toy of armstrong i cracked up! LOL

    well if he's a really good actor (and he is!) he can transcend that and even if the movie fails he himself as an actor won't have to and the good reviews can fall on him. but maybe it will be good with the right director, screen writer, and cast members. but he or his team are picking the easy stuff. he needs something meaty to prove himself.

    hollywood has just gotten really bland and ran out of ideas is all. looking for a quick buck in this economy. /rolls eyes/ they don't wanna take risks anymore.

  • MCNutters [Team Nessie!]

    oh okay. i love dogs and wolves too :)

  • I♥TayDaniel-TeamUpAnotherNotch

    i want him to do a movie w/ a well respected actor in a comedy or drama…hell even an action movie. i think it'd be great. i'm not going to lie i wanted him & tom cruise to do a movie together. say what you want about tom, he's a great actor imo.

  • MCNutters [Team Nessie!]

    im not a fan of tom but i wouldn't dis him either lol. i dont get whats so wrong about him. he's eccentric? so what.

    i do like action movies but i wanna see variety :)

  • uinen

    he gets more tasty with every photo, *licks lips*, *hyperventilates* *faints* lol

  • I♥TayDaniel-TeamUpAnotherNotch

    lol idk he has his weird moments but i love it. haha

    & i agree variety is key.
    i'm mean it's action movie after action movie after action movie..can we throw another type in there?
    i like action movies but not that much lol

  • TheLionFellIn<3W/Ceci-ROBECI

    *clears throat*
    NUTS… I mean…
    *runs away*
    That wasnt intended that way!!
    *keeps running*

  • MCNutters [Team Nessie!]


    hey! come back here!

  • MCNutters [Team Nessie!]

    well i found it adorable when he jumped on oprah's couch. whats wrong with shouting to the world your in love? seriously. people are too uptight and “realistic” now adays.

    yeah i like them too but their not my fave. my fave are the ones rob and kstew choose to do. maybe it just says something about themselves ;)

    at least we know taylor LOVES action movies. it'd be great if he becomes the next matt damon or denzel anyway :)

  • TheLionFellIn<3W/Ceci-ROBECI

    *screams from far away*


  • I♥TayDaniel-TeamUpAnotherNotch

    i wish him nothing but success he deserves it. :D

  • MCNutters [Team Nessie!]

    cos he really wants to succeed and he's beautiful inside and out. couldn't go to a better person. :)

  • I♥TayDaniel-TeamUpAnotherNotch

    exactly. i hope he knows this & isn't letting the haters get him down. i want my happy tay back :/
    & not those fake smiles..

  • MCNutters [Team Nessie!]

    aww me too.

    what fake smiles? :O i think he loves being surrounded by his fans and promo.

    well i wrote him the most beautiful letter i could to uplift him if he needed it. i sent it to his fanmail address along with my happy b-day poster with pics of him, my handmade v-day card with the letter inside, and the written URL address for the video i made him. :)
    if you ever wanna read the letter, let me know. i hope he reads it though even if i get no reply back. cos my goal was was to complement him, say positive things, and make him blush :)

  • I♥TayDaniel-TeamUpAnotherNotch

    fake smiles at the award show & that v-day premiere.

    & yes i would love to read the letter, I think that is so sweet you did that for him. & if he read it i'm sure he blushed haha

  • MCNutters [Team Nessie!]

    which award show? he looked excited for the GGs but bored in there or while presenting lol.

    he looked like he was having a nice time at the premiere i think…?

    aww yeah cos he's so humble. hehe gosh i just wanna squish him now and kiss him. it was from the heart :)

    i'll tweet it to you.

  • I♥TayDaniel-TeamUpAnotherNotch

    people's choice i didn't really see much of him during the gg's but i know he'll be happy at the oscars w/ kristen :D.

    i know, i just want to tell him how awesome he is. ok i'll look for it!

  • alydia

    he is stupitd

  • iM_tEaM_tAyLoR

    Dear Santa,

    I swear I will be good for the rest of my life if you and God will team up and grace me with ine blissful day with this young man and that thing he is pointing right at my face! :D

    Thank you/Amen! :D :D

  • MCNutters [Team Nessie!]

    well one pic showed him really happy for winning his award :D he just came off bored to me there. i bet he was bored at the GGs too. aww yay! bff time with kristen! lol

    sorry i didn't tweet it. i'll tweet it now.

  • MCNutters [Team Nessie!]

    ok i just tweeted it to you @theverybest

  • I♥TayDaniel-TeamUpAnotherNotch

    Aww!! that was so sweet. :) i hope he gets it or got it. he should know that his fans do love him for more than just his looks. *sigh*

  • facebook-15611728

    u sure ur shirt is the only thing thats wet? lol

  • facebook-15611728

    looks like theres a slight bulge in his pants *teehee* so glad hes 18 now, even if he isn't in the pic. feeling a lil warm down there now O:-) (angelic face) rob pattinson who????? lol

  • biches


  • biches


  • Anamaria_LovesRob

    is it just me or is he getting a lilltle fat :/ hes still hot but im just saying



  • mrs lautner

    he is going to marry me

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