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‘New Moon’ Portugal DVD Menu

by JP on February 21, 2010 · 135 comments

in New Moon DVD

new moon dvd  26913 316466108207 279967793207 3518298 7845210 n 560x319 New Moon Portugal DVD Menu new moon dvd  26913 316517838207 279967793207 3518497 6753130 n 560x315 New Moon Portugal DVD Menu new moon dvd  26913 316516318207 279967793207 3518495 6313865 n 560x317 New Moon Portugal DVD Menu Lua Nova DVD on Facebook has new photos of the menu for the DVD BluRay for New Moon in Portugal.

I cannot wait to get the New Moon DVD!  March is going to be a great month!

[Source: LuaNovaFB]

new moon dvd  26913 316521328207 279967793207 3518500 5197049 n 560x307 New Moon Portugal DVD Menu

new moon dvd  26913 316523878207 279967793207 3518507 2081661 n 560x311 New Moon Portugal DVD Menu

  • Team Swirl RWTP

    wait, why are you getting yours from target? walmart has the eclipse trailer i thought.

  • PTD ~ Team Elevator

    How is that possible?! I need the DVD now!

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  • twilouca

    Ok, the first pic says: see movie, select scene, bonus, config.
    The second one says: Delected scene
    see all
    1- the Bella´s birthday cake
    2- the way home after party
    3- night-watch in the woods
    4-Charlie put Bella in the bed
    5-Bob´s motorcicle
    6-motorcicle accident
    7-Bella´s nightmare and the talk witc Charlie
    8-remember the meadow
    9-Mike stay in the movie theater
    10-I´m here if you want to talk
    11-Victoria driving

    And the 3 says: Bonnus
    - Comment of director
    - Delected scenes

    I hope that what i wrote make sence to you. Hope you understand. This DVD it will be Wonderful. ;)

  • leahreallyitis

    don't wanna squirm too much;)

  • leahreallyitis

    oh yes the diva strut! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

  • leahreallyitis

    oh yeah I did NOTHING this weekend well I went to the movies but that's it LOL:)

  • leahreallyitis

    LOL:) he's fine:) but you can have the pic if you want it:) it's the thing on all the the famous men that have done Ck adds and Kellens(no pund intended……… is a little bigger pic! okay I know what you are thinking *wiggels eyebrows*

  • leahreallyitis

    I thought all the NM dvds have the trailor to Eclipse and the reason I am getting it at Target is because it is the 3 disk specail edition and I hear that it is better than the 2 disk:) hey I'm greedy LOL:) I want more:)

  • leahreallyitis

    oh I am definitly going to rewind that a dozen times in HD! ha ha ha ha:)

  • RobismyRomeo (RIMR_)

    <———————— changed my avy. Rob Bel Ami BAFTA is the new pic— if anyone else has it, let me know! :)

  • leahreallyitis

    oh I spoke along with the trailor too!(in the theater) I just saw it on tv a little while ago:)so Eclipse comes July 9th for the UK well June 30th for us in the US:) when I saw the trailor of RM for the first time(I have seen it now oh 6 times 5 times with NM once with Sherlock Holmes) I almost dumped my popcorn!:) I can't wait!

  • Kez_MLIT

    I know your lucky in the US! and remember me comes out like,a month earlier! oh wellll they have to make it up to us with a good premiere/fan party for eclipse! and I only saw nm 4 times because I ran out of money haha! But I didnt see the rm trailer in front of any film :( cant wait to see it though! and LOL @your popcorn! mine would be spilling my cookie dough!

  • BAM6AM88

    this reminds me the twilight DVD and now the song in the menu is stuck in my head!

  • leahreallyitis

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm a The Rob Moaning Hour love it!

  • leahreallyitis

    I.can't.wait. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! okay got that out of my system:)

  • leahreallyitis

    wait til you see the trailor of RM oh my god EPIC! and the rule for me is I can't have anything in my hands or I will squish it to death and that would not be good if it was food or a drinkLOL:)

  • Xana3

    I'm from Portugal and I can't wait to see this dvd..
    Totally love twilight!

  • cullen1212

    aaahahaha I KNOW ! SOOOOOOOOO HOTTTTTTTT OH ROB I LOVE UR MOAN! Seriosuly ! ooo fantasy ! :D

  • Kimmy

    Looks really good!

  • HugAVampire_PunchAWerewolf

    Hi Kimmy.
    We have a rule on this site, please do not post links :)

  • teamtaycob3

    Wow it loooks really good(: i cant wait for it to come out.I was so excited for twilight to come out on DVD and i thought New Moon was so much better so imagine how hyped up i am now! =P

  • Team Swirl RWTP

    Well, I know the 3rd CD is what I'm watching first:). I will be overly anxious. Thank you very much for doing that for me:)

  • Team Swirl RWTP

    Hmmmm….. I thought walmart was the only one. Well, if target has 3discs plus the trailer or eclipse stuff then I'll be buying that one. Thank you

  • SpaceHeated_Cullen

    OMJ!!OME!! I can't wait till March. One it is my birthday month, (March 8)Second, RM comes out and My friends and I are going to see ti soon as it comes out. Trying to talk my mom in to letting me go to the midnight premere.
    Third, my friend Kirsten and I are going to Boarders for the release of NM and we are dressing as Jazz and Alice!!
    I'm gonna be Jazz, I am a girl but my hair is poofy and I am 5'11″. Kirsten is 5' 2″ and she will be Alice. I'm so Happy!!!
    Why can't February be over!!!
    I looooooove the pictures.
    This is going to take forever to get too!
    Anyone have anything they want to talk about or meet up at Border in Brighton, MI?

  • SpaceHeated_Cullen

    hey, if you go to boarders, they actuallly have a party and give gifts away for quizes and trivia questions all night. even while the dvd's are being handed out.
    Reply to me. Maybe we can meet at Brighton's Boarders.

  • SpaceHeated_Cullen

    Why don't you even it out and ignore both and just settle on going to Boarders. they have a real party. you can win prizes and free Twilight stuff. That's where I'm going.

  • Tézona

    Now I know how my dvd is gonna look like :D It's similar to our Twilight portugal dvd edition! Only the images change. But it's nice =D

  • robskiwi

    I found a thing saying that here in NZ we're not getting it till the 14th April!!!! so being our next door neighbours you guys may be the same.
    The NZ one will have:
    Exclusive Eclipse Sneak Peek
    Team Jacob vs Team Edward: The Ultimate Love Triangle
    Death Cab for Cutie – “Meet Me on the Equinox” Music Video
    Anya Marina – “Satellite Heart” Music Video
    Muse – “I Belong to You” Music Video
    Behind the Scenes rehearsal footage
    Never-before-seen extended scenes
    Never-before-seen deleted scenes
    Plus more! “

    It sux we have to wait longer :(

  • TheHoneyBear

    Because I'm not the kind of fan who goes to midnight parties for DVDs.

    Mhh. Sorry.

  • Miss_Heather

    no i can get it via ezy dvd we get it on the 22nd, with twilight i bought it on ebay to from america and got it 3 weeks before it came out in oz, but i checked the relese date is 22nd, i'm thinking about ordering on line just hope it gets to my house on the 22nd

  • carinations

    portugal is the best!!!

    portugal é o maior!!!

    we are the first one's to see the DVD menu from NEW MOON!!! great!! xD


  • robskiwi

    oh lucky! that sux that they can get it to you guys on the 22nd but it takes them another 2 or 3 weeks to send it across the ditch to us! I might buy online too, i cant wait that long!

  • jacobells17

    i know right

  • jacobells17

    hey girl can not wait for eclipse either i have my calender.i like both of them[jacob and edward ] don,t know why but i do.i think eclipse is going to be better than the other 2 movies.cause in eclipse jacob and bella kizz.peace out.later.

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