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New Moon Un-Nominated For Scorecard Review Movie Awards

Yes — you read correctly. New Moon was nominated in several categories for the upcoming Scorecard Review Movie awards. Then they were un-nominated shortly after!

Here are the categories they were nominated in –

* Best Blockbuster
* Best Music
* Best Action Hero – Jacob Black
* Best Action Hero – Edward Cullen
* Best Ending
* Best Visual Special Effects
* Best Screenplay (Adapted)
* Best Actress – Kristen Stewart for New Moon
* Quote of the Year – “I just have one condition. If you want me to do it, then … marry me Bella.” ROBERT PATTINSON – THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON
* Actress of the Year (Multiple Roles) – Kristen Stewart for New Moon & Adventureland
* Actor of the Year (Multiple Roles) – Michael Sheen for New Moon & The Damned United

Jeff Bayer then released an official statement as to why he all of a sudden removed the nominations –

I run The Scorecard Review … Unfortunately, I had to remove ‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon’ choices. Too many twihards were giving everything Twilight a 10, and every other film a 1, trying to manipulate the results.

I love movies, movie fans and I have no problem with people loving Twilight, but trying to kill other movies is not the point of these awards. It was a difficult choice, as I love the attention the TSR Movie Awards have already received, but here is an example of what was happening …

In the BEST MUSIC category, Twilight had a 9.3 score. The next highest was Crazy Heart with a 3.8. That was the next highest! In other words, there were hundreds of twihards who decided the best way for Twilight to win was to give the other nominees a 1.

I apologize to all the Twilight fans who took time, and now don’t have the opportunity to vote for the film they love.

Here’s a side note … Edward was beating Jacob in BEST ACTION HERO/VILLAIN/SUPERHUMAN. It’s pretty funny actually. Edward had the most first place and last place votes. But officially, Team Edward was in the lead.

Jeff Bayer

Wow. Epic fail on the part of Jeff Bayer and the Scorecard Review! Sorry if our fans are dedicated and wanted to see what they love win awards.  I’m assuming that if this was Avatar winning at the same ratio you would remove them from your awards list, right? Doubt it.

[Source: Twilight Examiner. Thanks, McNutters!]

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