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Comcast’s Exclusive Sneak Peek From the ‘New Moon’ Commentary!

by LMCullen on March 10, 2010 · 90 comments

in Chris Weitz,New Moon DVD

Check out the Exclusive Sneak Peek from the New Moon commentary with director Chris Weitz! The video was provided to us from Comcast directly, and includes a part of the Rain Scene with Bella and Jacob!

Here are Exclusive deets for Comcast’s New Moon release -

Comcast will have The Twilight Saga: New Moon On Demand beginning at 12:01 a.m. on Saturday, March 20 – the same day as the DVD release but HOURS before most retailers are even open.   AND, only Comcast customers will be able to view never-before-seen commentary from director Chris Weitz on a number of favorite ‘New Moon’ scenes such as: Bella’s birthday party, Bella’s cliff dive, when Bella rescues Edward in Italy and when Bella first meets the Volturi.  Attached is a teaser clip from the exclusive director’s commentary for you to preview.  The clip is from a scene between Bella and Jacob.

When Twilight was first released on DVD last year, we made it available at 12:01 a.m. the same day it was released on DVD, which led to our biggest rental weekend as well as Twilight being the most rented movie On Demand of 2009.  We anticipate a big response from the same say as DVD release of The Twilight Saga: New Moon On Demand as well.  We’ll also have Twilight available on Showtime On Demand if people want to make a night out of it.

Sounds awesome! Especially for those who can’t make it to a midnight DVD release party, or do not have one in their area.

I do heart Chris Weitz — but i think the commentary is going to be a tad bit boring new moon dvd chris weitz  icon sad Comcasts Exclusive Sneak Peek From the New Moon Commentary! No offence CW! We were all just really looking forward to a Rob/Kristen/Taylor commentary session with you!!

[Thank you to Nicole from Comcast!]

  • MCNutters [Team Nessie!]

    the eclipse stuff is on walmart's dvd

  • OhEdward (mouthy since 04/09)

    It was ok to watch, painful to listen to. And I'm a CW fan – but spit it out brother. Stop hemming and hawing! LOL

  • PTD ~ Team Elevator

    I'm going to miss Rob's jokes for real. Apotampkin, cheeseburgers, something you found in the garden… just to name a few! And don't get me started on Taylor. I hope the deleted scenes won't disappoint, though.

  • Small Town Cullen Girl

    Iwatched with the commentary and was so annoyed with CH that I had to turn it off. It had started to ruin the movie for me. I didn't get past the biology scene. *shrugs*

  • Ingrid Dale

    Oh that one! Where a pic of vampire monster with a diaper came up on Bella's laptop, right?!? LMAO, you call that SEXY, Rob?!?? BAHAHA

  • newmoon2010

    I love this scene so much!

  • BiteMe

    The water was so cold, or Taylor was so hot?? …..

  • cbella

    Taylor is so hot he STEAMS!
    mmmmmm Bring that to momma…

    oops sorry hee hee

  • anniewwleader

    Which DVD for sale will have a digital copy (or iTunes copy) so I can watch it on my iPod too????? I got Twilight from Target last year, and it had this feature…but I can't find it this time!

  • cullencrest

    i saw this new moon parody and thought i'd share

  • Miss_Heather

    yeah i ordred it and i came early but there are no deleated anyting so i feel a little bit ripped off

  • Miss_Heather

    that's great but in Australia we don't have wallmart and it comes out in april thats why i odered it on ebay to get i now, looks like i'll be getting another dvd just to get the extra bonus stuff, shh don't tell my husband

  • Lucie LegHitcher

    Hahaha.. I love your name!

    And agreed.. this is definitely not what I will remember from the dvd. The commentary from Twilight is something i could watch again and again. Though I love CW.. he might put me to sleep. Its tragic that the trio isn't on it. *sigh*

  • Lucie LegHitcher

    “The moral of this story is never trust a guy who plucks his eyebrows.”
    “Where's Efron?”
    “I just walked out of a flower bed…”
    The inexplicable facial expressions. The peacoat. The bouffant.


    I really hope the deleted scenes make up for missing more of these jokes!

  • EAD_TeamRobsButt

    OMG! I love that line about the girls crying and then CH calls him out! Oh, our adorkable Rob. No one does or will ever do a commentary like him.

  • EAD_TeamRobsButt

    I can't just watch Twilight lately. I have to listen to it with the commentary. It's just Rob, dude. The best improviser ever.

  • EAD_TeamRobsButt

    Yes! The “sexy” part and then Catherine asks, “What, the diapers?” OMG! He is so hysterical.

  • EAD_TeamRobsButt

    OHHHHHH….Nice avi, Hitchy.

  • EAD_TeamRobsButt

    Yeah, I love Chris, as well, and he is funny and charming. However, no commentary will ever be complete for me without Rob.

  • EAD_TeamRobsButt

    GADZOOKS! There are too many to list. He is bloody brilliant. I love when he stumps Catherine. “Is that supposed to be me watching her?” CH: “Maybe” WTF?

  • HHIMC<DS_gotScrewedByScummit

    Ya, they are green. CW messed up ;)

  • sjaantje

    I was wondering the same thing. I was going to pre-order but then remembered that the Target copy had the download when you bought the DVD. If anyone one knows, please pass on this info.

  • sjaantje

    I thought the steam coming off of Taylor was CGI, you know because of his wolf self. Either way I guess, I did notice that and thought it was cool.

  • PTD ~ Team Elevator

    Yeah, I hope the behind-the-scenes info will be worth it. :(

  • TeamGrayFace

    For me it's like, once you watch it with the audio commentary you can never go back! Even at the screening of Twilight before the midnight screening of New Moon, all I could think about after every line in the movie was the audio commentary.
    My friend and I were about to say “CHEESEBURGERS!” out loud but sorta chickened out and just left it as a whisper yell. To which other movie goers weren't happy about. :

  • TwilightInMyEyes*iNeedRM*

    yeah. totally sucks.

  • EAD_TeamRobsButt

    Oh, yeah. We all know exactly what he will say at the precise moment. On the rare occasion that I do watch without, I just insert his lines anyway. That is funny about the cheeseburgers line. BE LOUD! BE PROUD! You should get an avi, dude. You have great comments and people will recognize you easier.

  • kerbear585

    that is one of the things that i noticed in that scene. you could really tell how cold Taylor was in that freezing rain. there are times when you can see him like jerking and shivering cuz he was so cold. felt bad for him :(

  • kerbear585

    the Twilight commentary was awesome! rob and kristen made it hilarious, then oh yeah CH was there but she was dumb and boring. was trying to be all technical and no one cared about that stuff, commentary is suppose to be humorous.

  • Just_Me88

    Whaha I am watching it now too with commentary. But I must confess: I always start watching it when I am really tired so I fall asleep after 10 minutes. But well can you blame me? Falling asleep while listening to rob? hehe, he should really do audio books.. (a)

  • EAD_TeamRobsButt

    It really is a nice way to drift off to la la land. The man would be a billionaire if he did audio books.

  • TeamGrayFace

    Technically I do have an avi. I'm different from all the other grey faces. And it would kinda ruin the whole 'team gray face' thing if I did get a real avi. But it is tempting.

    Hmmm, maybe “it's time”

    (ok, that ^^ was lame)

  • EAD_TeamRobsButt

    As long as you are happy. It is a cute gray face at least.

  • Lucie LegHitcher

    Hahaha.. I LOVED when he was so random that CH didn't even know where to go with it. *sigh* I was so looking forward to his humor.

  • EAD_TeamRobsButt

    He had CH completely baffled. You are the director. Don't you know anything about your own movie? Hee.

  • TwilightSagaFanatic

    So I've been trying to decide where I want to go to buy the New Moon DVD. Do all the stores have the same amount of extras? The way they promote them it seems like each place has their own set of extras but I don't want to have to buy 10 different DVD's. Where should I buy the DVD from?

  • MCNutters [Team Nessie!]

    oh wow bummer. well good luck :)

  • Tess Riley

    Was able to get my hands on a New Moon DVD early and while points of the commentary are boring…CW is HILARIOUS! I think that a lot of people are really going to enjoy it. I really wish that KStew or RPattz was on it, but Chris is really, really funny himself.

  • Effy_edwards

    Yeah… I laughed a lot with that!! *-*

    Whatch it –

  • Effy_edwards

    Watch it -

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