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Compilation Post Containing All ‘New Moon’ Deleted Scenes!

by LMCullen on March 22, 2010 · 113 comments

in Must See,New Moon Deleted Scene

Some of these may be a double post for you, however I thought it would be a good idea to have all the deleted scenes together in one place!

Included in the two above videos -

  • Bella’s Birthday Cake
  • Driving Home From Party
  • Walking in the Woods
  • Charlie Puts Bella to Bed
  • Bob’s Bikes
  • Bike Crash
  • Bella’s Nightmare and Chat with Charlie
  • Remembering the Meadow
  • Mike Left at Cinema
  • I’m Here if You Want to Talk
  • Victoria Driving


Side note — I’m currently watching New Moon and just got COMPLETELY sidetracked by the Edward Sex Walk … gets me EVERY TIME!!

  • edbella10

    wow how could alvin and the cimpmuks r beter to some pepole not all

  • edbella10

    new moon should have won

  • Treadmill Rob= heaven

    Thanks!! I like yours:) Kristen is such a bada$$..

    I got it on a website called
    There are sooo many pictures of her on there.

  • H2B~ Give me your bra&sandwich

    Watching this gets me so excited!

  • MissN.Gravety.Magnet.Satellite

    More than my own life – I've checked it and It's not something special, Bella and Jake says a fue more words I believe.. It's when he takes her home right after she jumped.. but I'm gonna check again and then I'll get back to you.

  • MissN.Gravety.Magnet.Satellite

    Oh . . and uh, bobs bikes scene.. It might be when charlie stands outside the house, fixing the yard when bob comes out to and he has two motorcycles on the ground and he says he is going to throw them away and charlie says something “about time” and then Bella comes out and the whole “all right – that's it, I'm sending you to jacksonville” -scene starts.. I'm sure it will be out in the internet soon:)

  • vampdazzled

    hey vl, this is vampdazzled in case disqus doesn't show who it is, for some reason it won't let me log into eclipse, I'm bummed and then someone else has my avi :,,,( and I can't even ask if she or he could change it!!! what can I do?!!!

  • VAMPLOVER ccc <3 my Twisters
  • VAMPLOVER ccc <3 my Twisters

    Goodnight VD,I'll check with ya tomorrow darlin' Let me know if you got everything fixed in discus tonight. OK? Twister Love!!! Hug*

  • Mickey <3 my Twisters!!

    *looks back and forth* VD? Who has VD??? OHHH, Vampdazzled…sorry…*hangs head*

  • VAMPLOVER ccc <3 my Twisters

    LMAO, I should have been more aware. *blushes* I sure hope I didn't make Vampdazzled feel bad. OMG! hahaha

  • vampdazzled

    hey vamplover! I'm back! avi and all yupiii! disqus and I are in better terms! thanks for your recommendations though! *bear hug*!
    p.s. I'm not offended, don't worry I thought it was funny ha ha ha! although those initials might not sound well ha ha ha!

  • VAMPLOVER ccc <3 my Twisters

    hahahaha *blushes* I'm glad I didn't offend you, honey. hahahaha Just wasn't thinkin' hahaha That is wonderful-our vampie D is back. *hugs* missed you. I don't know what the problem has been with discus,but Ugh, it's been doing crazy stuff since last week. It seems fine then someone will be blocked, or can't post . ????? Who knows, but it seems fine tonight. You are so very welcome doll. Thank you fr letting me know you are ok,now. I was trying to find you earlier to check with you. Great to have you back. I know how I hate when I can't get to my fixes. LOL Great avi,too. That smile————*crash*

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