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Edward Cullen’s Car From ‘Twilight’ On Ebay?

by LMCullen on March 24, 2010 · 97 comments

in Edward Cullen,Twilight

twilight edward cullen  Bo61v2kKGrHqYHCwEuHpWDyBLpcMJ4 3 560x360 Edward Cullens Car From Twilight On Ebay?

There is a newly listed car on Ebay causing quite the fuss. Apparently there is a   seller who states that she has the car that they used as Edward Cullen’s in Twilight. Now we all know that there was a Volvo given away last year on the Tyra Banks Show, which was Edward’s car from Twilight.

It is quite possible that this is the real deal. In most movie sets, they use more then one car. Just in case something happens to one of them, or if they need the car for multiple shots.

Bidding starts at $24,000 US. I find it somewhat sketchy that one one has bid on it yet. I also thought it was strange that in the description it states that the car was originally rented by Twilight Productions -

THIS IS THE ACTUAL CAR USED IN THE MOVIE TWILIGHT. The car was rented by Twilight Productions LLC for production in the motion picture “Twilight” from 03/03/2008 through 05/06/2008. The car was leased by the studio in 06/2008 and returned to the original car dealership in 02/2009. I purchased the car just days after it hit the showroom floor.

You can check out the auction here (along with the full write up). And decide for yourselves!

  • edwardsjenn_x3

    well with what ive seen so far i dont think we'll be disappointed. eclipse is my favorite book im dying to see the movie!

  • TwilightSagaFanatic

    They also say in the article above that she bought the car once it hit the showroom…..Seems kind of shady to me :)

  • VAMPLOVER ccc <3 my Twisters

    Me,too,honey. What we've been given looks very promising. Just hope they take the scissors from the editor. LOL

  • edwardsjenn_x3

    edward and bella look very intimate and i love it <3 hopefully they edit better this time around.. i mean if its 3 hours so be it =]

  • VAMPLOVER ccc <3 my Twisters

    You got it,hon. I'll sit for as long as it takes to get the book told. Just hope they keep what we've seen so far. *crosses fingers*

  • edwardsjenn_x3

    i def dont mind! as long as it takes *crosses fingers*

  • VAMPLOVER ccc <3 my Twisters

    You know I don't think anyone would mind. This 'has to be 2 hours' crap is silly.

  • VAMPLOVER ccc <3 my Twisters

    Sweet Twister, I'm going to have to get up early, so I'd better sashay to bed. LOL Awww I hate to leave this site so bad. I almost have topry my fingers off the keyboard. LOLYou're a joy to chat with,and I'll look for ya tomorrow, OK? Have a great evening-Robalicious dreams and *hugs*

  • amberlovesnewmoon82187

    I don't think this is the real one because I saw a girl win it on the Tyra Show in Nov/Dec 2008…Shortly after Twilight came out… Unless they had more than one for the movie…I don't think this is real… I wouldn't go for it anyway… Unless the seller had actual proof that is…

  • amberlovesnewmoon82187

    And… the above comment is exactly right… I live in St. Helens, OR… where Bella's house is located on 6th and where the scene of Bella being harrassed by the group of men and Edward saves her… the set for both scenes were set up in the John Gumm Elementary parking lot in St. Helens (which is down the street from my house) and I saw the set and most of those scenes being filmed, and there were not more than one of the Volvo's… at lease that I saw… and the film was very low budget and kind of an unknown at that time, so there wasn't much security (it wasn't so secretive) me and sister were able to walk very close to the set and the actors trailers and watch a lot of this… so I really don't think that this is the real one. Also the fake Washington plates that were used on the Volvo the numbers and letters were the other way around that on this car. That's how we could tell that they were fake Washington plates.

  • Robertsgirl – Team v-necks

    I think it would end up way out of my price range if he was included!!

    I am good, I hope you are well. Work does tend to get in the way of Twilight don't you think? LOL

  • amberlovesnewmoon82187

    those are definately not the same plates at all!!!!!!!!! I just watched the part in Twilight where the plates are shown…and these are completely different. DON'T FALL FOR IT GUYS…IT'S A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!

  • amberlovesnewmoon82187

    In Washington… ALL plates are numbers and letters only, they are NEVER mixed, for example 123 ABC or ABC 123. That's it. So the plates that were used for the movie Twilight are fakes. But, this is definitely a scam. I saw the set of Twilight in St. Helens where I live, and they did not have more than one Volvo. It was very low budget, so much so that they let people watch filming and get very close to the actors trailers and sets. I was able to get very close and watch many scenes, plus the girl that one the car off of the Tyra Show lives in California. I highly doubt that she would sell the car, or randomly move to Washington and put the car on Ebay of all places, just days after New Moon was released. Come on guys… Even in my tiny home town of St. Helens, they close down 6th street where Bella's house is located everytime a Twilight movie is released in theaters or on DVD because people flock to the house and take pictures of it and ask the couple thats living in it now if they could have a tour!!! Its madness, I think that who ever this is is trying to make a quick buck off of us adoring fans. Don't fall for it guys…

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  • HHIMC<MRmeetEdwardsDEATHGlare!

    Why would the “owner” write that it was leased in June 2008(6/08) when he just wrote “twilight productions” rented it in March (3/08)??? Does that make any sense? NO.

    Twilight was already in post production by May, so why would they still have the car in June?
    As Amberloves… ^^^above^^^ stated, this guy's trying to make a buck from some gullible fan(s). Lame.

  • nike810

    thats not edwards car!!!! i loved that car before i loved twilight lol and i know it and thats not the one they used in twilight!!!!!!!and the production bought the car im geussing nd it was givin away……no wonder it has one bid

  • Dee

    I just watched New Moon at home and loved it. Once the room was quiet (no kids or husband to make noise) I was able to totally absorb myself into the movie. I really think Chris did a fabulous job with it. New Moon is not my favorite book in the series, the first time I read it I skipped most of the middle part. I liked the movie more than the book. All of this makes me very very excited for Eclipse. Eclipse is my favorite book, if Eclipse is anything like New Moon ( or better) I will be in heaven.

  • Dee

    I think the car thing is ridiculous. Edward is a fantasy, a fictional character, he is always in my head no matter what I am driving.

  • uinen

    i don't like 3 door cars, unless it's a 2-seater,

  • uinen

    I was the same. In the cinema I almost hated the movie, but at home I loved it. The best bits were every time jacob made an appearance, just like in the book. I always skip the beginning and the things in italy.

  • Treadmill Rob= heaven

    I am deeply deeply offended. And hurt.

    I'm kicking you out of the car as Rob and I pass through the Sahara Desert. I'll throw in my bottled water, and maybe unblind-fold you and untie you. Rob will be laughing. As will I.

    OK. So the above message is a little hurtful. And maybe unecessary (Keyword: maybe) How about this. You can have Rob Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, and I'll have him Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays:) I did after all steal him first.

  • kerbear585

    i am thinking no….i doubt that girl would give it away after winning on Tyra. she was like crying she was so overcome with joy. and if it was hers i bet she would be out there in the pictures.

  • TeamVampiresWearBlackSocks

    nope, that ain't the car.

    And in any case, wasn't it given to some lucky fan at the Tyra Banks show…? I remember something like that (aka a jealousy attack on my part).

  • Riss<3Twilight

    Thank you :D

  • Wolfi ♥(TEAM LEAH &TOMBAH)

    FAKEE!!… twilight production..haha, its summit production you car owner scam person!!

  • Twimom26

    I have never commented on here but, I can tell you all that yes the girl that won the car lives in CA, in the Bay Area. A couple of weeks after Tiffany won the car, a local news station said that the car was being delivered to her and that anyone that wanted to see it could. It was at a movie theater parking lot in Mountain View. I took my daughter and her friend to go see the car. Tiffany is only 16yrs old! I doubt that she would sell that car. We took several pics of it and of her receiving the keys. We also talked to one of the other girls that was in the Tyra Banks contest. She said that the show didnt allow them to take any pics with Rob or Tyler! no autographs either. I asked the girl how they got on the show. One of the dads saw an add in Craigslist asking for people that were involved with the Hot Topic meet n greet for Rob that was a mob scene.(we were there too, lol) So ya, I dont think the car on Ebay is the same one

  • queenannie

    can I have holiday's too?

  • queenannie

    St. Helens? I've actually been there…. BEFORE Twilight. I have some really good friends who live in Warren, OR

  • Treadmill Rob= heaven

    (looks off into space, rubbing chin)

    Ah what the heck. Why not:)
    Merry Chrismas.

  • Treadmill Rob= heaven

    You're right! There was only 1 volvo.
    PLUS… the real volvo was given to a girl on the Tyra Banks Show.
    I don't know if you watched that episode…. but Robert and Taylor were guest stars.

  • chicadelcaribe

    How much is a regular Volvo worth? If I had THE VOLVO from Twilight I would surely sell it for more than $24,000.

  • queenannie

    oh thank you, I'm glad we could work this out so I didn't have to call my attorney! :)

    Merry Christmas in-deed!!!!!

    can we be friends? shared custody is a hard thing to do if you can't be friends! :)

  • TSC <3 Flying Ninja Rob (8/09)

    pfft… I saw NO car in that scene

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  • Spectra


  • milohh

    Edward´s C30 has black leather seats, the C30 on Ebay has no leather seats.. so it´s a fake!

  • E_B_J

    Didn't soms girl win that car on the Tyrabankas show when Taylor and Rob was there?

  • Treadmill Rob= heaven

    Heck yeah we can be friends!
    I mean…. I don't just share Robert with just anyone!
    That'd be pure craziness.

  • queenannie

    I feel so warm and fuzzy inside….oh wait is it my day with Rob? that could explain what the feeling is coming from! :) hehehe

  • Treadmill Rob= heaven

    Hope you two have fun with the tea party:P
    Make sure to bring him back to me…. so he doesn't get too bored.

  • queenannie

    trust me, he'll enjoy himself. I'll bring him back when he gets sleepy!

  • xsalisfactionx

    this is suppose to be the type of volve edward drives, but it is deff not teh one they used in the movie. they used a compeltly different model

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  • tiffany1231

    hey everyone!!!
    I am the one who won the car on the tyra show, and no that is not the car and i am definitley not selling mine!!! i've gottena few text messages asking if i was selling my car and i was confused. i found out about the one on e bay and was kinda shocked. its a scam. its not the real car. just thought i'd let everyone know :) my volvo…the one they used and drove…is with me and is not leaving!


  • alcinasalls

    I loved this car, i had this last year but now my dad is using it. I liked both the cars that Robert used in the Twilight, the one was SUV.
    fitflop walkstar

  • brittanycarlisle

    hi my name is brittany carlisle twilight fans

    edward car twilight first movie
    i want drive like that
    i get it drive at bud rips bar new orleans la home town

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    Yeah, you will probably see a few of these “exclusive” cars.

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