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Hilarious New/Old Video:Comic Con 2009

by MrsEdwardCullen on March 15, 2010 · 119 comments

in Ashley Greene,Kellan Lutz,Kristen Stewart,Must See,Nikki Reed,Rachelle Lefevre,Robert Pattinson,Taylor Lautner


Check out this absolutely hysterical video of the Twilight Saga cast as they talk about the films, and life during this Twilight pandemonium.  Check out how Rob beings to ramble and won’t stop talking, then they all burst out laughing at him, then Ashley & Kristen begin to talk about Ashley’s ring and Rob blurts out SHUT UP! LMAO!

In clip #2  Rachelle begins the interview with her pillows that keep falling off of the couch, then she talks about the castmates being really close but then Nikki puts her on blast and asks “when was the last time you called me” lol oops! Check out when Kellan strokes the back of Nikki’s head…very Emmet like taylor lautner robert pattinson rachelle lefevre nikki reed must see kristen stewart kellan lutz ashley greene  icon wink Hilarious New/Old Video:Comic Con 2009

I guarantee these videos will make you fall in love with the cast all over again.


  • taylorocks

    i love how b4 taylor starts laughing from rob saying “now i cant concentrate anymore”, ashley leans her head on his shoulder for like a second

  • TD-CCC- I <3 my Twisters!

    Woot woot! 2000 comments! That's awesome! I've gotta catch up! *makes mental note to start randomly commenting to people and saying weird sh*t that makes no sense just so I can comment to my twisters* lol Ok–I'm weird, I admit it.

  • VAMPLOVER Carolina Twisters

    Yeppers, looks like for a while anyway. LOLI've been down here in gutterworld all day and night. LOL Talking about the love scenes in RM and his legs in the Bel Ami pictures—–Oh help me!

  • TD-CCC- I <3 my Twisters!

    sorry…I was too busy staring at Rob…what were we talking about? ;-)

  • TD-CCC- I <3 my Twisters!

    oh geez…I'm gonna have to try not to wake my hubby with all the dreamin I'm about to be doin….those legs, that look on his face, those hands, that outfit. dayum! There's no helpin us Vampie.

  • EFC(TeamSexHair)I<3myTwisters

    LOL Its okay, me too!! And you said it….out loud!! haha LOL Even if you say weird stuff, I have a feeling I will still understand you! =D

  • TD-CCC- I <3 my Twisters!

    On that note…I'm off to rub my hubby down with some ben-gay (cuz we're old and falling apart) and then get started on my sweet Rob dreamin. Night Vampie!!! *hugs*

  • VAMPLOVER Carolina Twisters

    Aww, K. darlin. It's been acting up on me,too,some. Sleep well,doll. Love my Twister. *hugs and Blows kiss*

  • VAMPLOVER Carolina Twisters

    Night, darlin,have a great Wednesday!

  • VAMPLOVER Carolina Twisters

    Beyond help–I don't want any help. He's going to slay us in this,dear TD.

  • VAMPLOVER Carolina Twisters

    hahahaha See? You,too.

  • Lucie LegHitcher *Support RM!*

    Gahh.. just realized my comment back never went through during all of this error business!
    *hugs back* Yes.. definitely feeling better :) I'm SO grateful for having access to the sites again.. and so grateful to have them at all. After seeing all the mean, uninformed things people have to say.. it makes me love our sites even more. From now on.. I'm staying away from the anti twilight/rob/remember me/kstew/robsten commentators elsewhere!

  • More_than_My_Own_Life

    Yes, pay no attention to the haters, stay here where the Twi-Love overflows & the error messages have disappeared. (thank goodness) Glad you're better!

  • Lucie LegHitcher *Support RM!*

    You know.. I think they said something like, “There's no stopping him…” Ha.. I can't believe how many times I just watched it, and I LOLed each time.. then paused.. rewound.. and watched again.

    The part that made me laugh the most.. Kristen was so funny.. intentionally messing Rob up while he was talking. The first part she did it on purpose.. she says she was pointing to him being on the tv or something? Anf then when she & Ashley talk about Ashley's ring, Kris doesn't even finish whispering to Ashley about the ring.. she hangs her head hiding her laugh & waits for Rob's reaction to come! Hilarious. She was just trying to get him fired up. He really is so cute how he rambles on, and she really is cute when she antagonizes him.
    Eeeeee.. Robsten might be adorable.


    I posted this early this morning, and spreading the word on it. Im sending this to VL, and to vwb aswell Just want ur opinions…Thought it might be worth a try. If you think it's a good idea, can you email the twi gods…
    ***….Instead of tweeting to get rid of MR, which aint gunna happen, why don't we all band together, and have a list of like 5 MUST HAVE scenes for BD? Like 5 for the first half, and 5 for the second half….I think we should do a post on it, and then all tweet like b*ggery. All of us….That would give me more hope. Majority rules, and we all tweet the same thing…What do you think?****

  • TD-CCC- I <3 my Twisters!

    I LIKE it SB! I don't use twitter much but I do have an acct and I'd be
    willing to do this, for sure.


    thanks my sweet…. we just gotta email twi gods at the moment, to get a post up, find out what everyone wants in BD…then we all twitter the top 5 scenes to summit, asking them that they don't get cut out… (i don't use twitter either…i made an account so i could twitter DS, but that's my extent of it)

  • Edwards bro

    Kristen didn't let him get a word in.
    I really would have liked to hear what Rob had to say.
    It was cute tho.
    So what if Nikki was in Greece for 3 months!! Why would this be a secret?

  • Andew Herda

    sorry robert not

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