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Michael Sheen In ‘Tron Legacy’ Trailer & Screen Caps

by JP on March 9, 2010 · 26 comments

in Michael Sheen

michael sheen  zz4feee7de 560x233 Michael Sheen In Tron Legacy Trailer & Screen Caps michael sheen  zz7e1d8c56 560x232 Michael Sheen In Tron Legacy Trailer & Screen Caps

Here’s the new trailer and screen caps of Tron Legacy with Michael Sheen!  Yes that IS Michael Sheen!  The Sheen Machine!

From Slashfilms:

How awesome was the movie trailer for Tron: Legacy? I know I’ve watched it at least five times now, and that doesn’t count the two times I saw it in 3D at the Tron Trailer Premiere Event a week ago. But even then, I haven’t seen everything. Especially in the world of Tron, the quick cuts and fast action blast across the screen. For example, did you catch Michael Sheen? He was the guy with white hair looking like David Bowie. And thats probably not the only thing you missed. There is certainly a lot of cool visuals which are worth pressing the pause button to examine at length. Check out all 70 images, after the jump. Click on through to see the images in high (near 2000 pixels wide) resolution.

This looks awesome!!

[Source: Slashfilms, TrailerAddict.  Thanks Matthew!]

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  • JMG (:

    Looks like they used Aro's wig, but just dyed it bleech blonde LOL (:

  • H2B ~ Team Victoria Pattinson

    Dude is it just me or does Sheen look like Ziggy Star Dust or what ever David Bowe called himself back then? BMT

  • MythicalMonster

    Awesome trailer!!!

  • MythicalMonster


  • Nina

    I didn't recognize him. It looks interesting.
    Sheen machine LMAO :D

  • SwedishLore15

    If any of you want to know, Michael Sheen plays Kaster, the owner of a night club in the virtual world who is partially modeled after David Bowie.

  • H2B ~ Team Victoria Pattinson

    Thank you. That helps explain my observation.

    *points up to earlier comment*

  • SwedishLore15

    Aro's wig is slightly longer, but I know that you mean. ;P His character is Tron Legacy is pretty creepy, but quite incredible at the same time. If you can't quite tell, the bar in his hands turns into a virtual guitar. Michael Sheen is a night club owner/rock star. xD Can't wait to see it!

  • SwedishLore15

    Yeah, I don't think the similarities are unintentional. ;) I'm not quite sure where it is, but Michael mentioned modeling his performance off of Bowie in an interview a while back, I believe…

  • Marti (Team The Runaways)

    I saw this trailer in a theatre on Friday and I had no idea this is Sheen Machine!

  • Joseph

    I knew I wasn't the only one that would be seeing something David Bowie-ish about him. Love the look 'tought.
    Sheen is such a good actor that he can make everything role look good.

  • .TF09.

    I totally lost my sh*t when I saw the trailer for this in IMAX. OHMYGODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.

  • Effy_edwards

    Watch it –

    Is a story about vampires like Twilight…*-* Watch the trailer ^^

  • immortalbeloved01

    Okay, I'm going to age myself and say that I saw the first 'Tron' when I was 15. This is totally taking me back, along with 'Clash of the Titans'. For nostalgia reasons, I'm definitely going to see these movies! Even though I'm…..

  • leahreallyitis

    I remember seeing TRON on HBO a long time ago it was pretty good:)

  • TSC <3 Flying Ninja Rob (8/09)

    LoL I was watching this and all of a sudden my husband comes up behind me and asks.. are they making another Tron? I was like.. there was an original?

    Looks like it might be a cool movie.. I may go see it :-)

  • OCDJenni

    I find it hard to recognize him in a quite alot of stuff he does – The Sheen Machine is quite the cameleon! He takes on a role and literally becomes a totally different person. I love that :)

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  • PhoenixMP3 The One & Only

    I wouldn't have known it was him …. this looks quite awesome and 80s…. hehehe he looks like David Bowie :)

  • Eclipse

    why til december????

  • Bella on Bald Hill

    Totally agree! Ziggy Stardust all the way.

  • unicorn glow(vampire_vixen)

    anything with michael Sheen in it is a must see…i love him, and will definately be seeing this

  • Nisa

    i rmemver this..i want to see it this.

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