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New Moon & Cast Among The Nominees For The 2010 MTV Movie Awards

by JP on March 29, 2010 · 329 comments

in Anna Kendrick,Dakota Fanning,Kristen Stewart,New Moon,New Moon Cast,Remember Me,Robert Pattinson,Taylor Lautner

taylor lautner robert pattinson remember me new moon cast new moon kristen stewart dakota fanning anna kendrick  normal 00112 280x415 New Moon & Cast Among The Nominees For The 2010 MTV Movie Awards taylor lautner robert pattinson remember me new moon cast new moon kristen stewart dakota fanning anna kendrick  bestkiss 280x280 New Moon & Cast Among The Nominees For The 2010 MTV Movie Awards The 2010 MTV Movie Awards voting begins today March 29th!  The Twilight Saga New Moon and cast have numerous nominations!!  Check them out!

Best Movie

The Twilight Saga New Moon

The Runaways

Best Kiss

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson The Twilight Saga New Moon

Emilie de Ravin & Robert Pattinson Remember Me

Kristen Stewart & Dakota Fanning The Runaways

Taylor Swift & Taylor Lautner Valentine’s Day

Best Female Breakout Star

Anna Kendrick Up in the Air

Best Female Performance

Kristen Stewart The Twilight Saga New Moon

Kristen Stewart The Runaways

Dakota Fanning The Runaways

Best Male Performance

Robert Pattinson The Twilight Saga New Moon

Taylor Lautner The Twilight Saga New Moon

Robert Pattinson Remember Me

Global Superstar

Kristen Stewart

Robert Pattinson

Taylor Lautner

Voting begins now until April 9th on MTV Movie Awards!  Go VOTE!!  NOW!!  The 2010 MTV Movie Awards will air on MTV June 6th, 2010! 

It kinda worries me because it may split the votes between the actors’ and their other films and then someone else will win!!  ACK!  Who will you vote for in all the categories? 

[Source: MTV.  Thanks CullensDIL & CFsten!}

EDIT!  This is to choose the five nominations!  But keep voting!!!  PLUS, you can write in a nomination!!

  • KStewfan – Team Bada$$ Stew!!

    So after looking over all these votes it looks to me like our Twilight stars may not take home anything … this year our votes are all over the place, which is good in a way because Twilight won't be dominating but bad too because there is chance that none of them will win since we are all over the map … hmmmmmm I hope that somehow we still manage to get of our stars that MTV popcorn bucket

  • Marti (Just Team Stewy)

    Stupid disqus. I couldn't reply to your next comment:

    It looks so. ;)

  • effy_edwards
  • effy_edwards
  • teamtaycob3

    I do agree with you that she did better in NM then in Twilight, definitely. And with the Runaways…. it doesnt really interest me but maybe ill see it on dvd or something but im not doubting that she did good in it. But the Twilight series are not the only movies i have seen her in. I have seen her in other movies and she can act better in different situations. I just dont think her acting is 100% right for the role of Bella.

  • Eclipse

    K I saw NM of course Remember Me and the Runaways, so I think according to my opinion best kiss would be Remember me just saying.

  • KStewfan – Team Bada$$ Stew!!

    yay teamtaycob3 :) …. I could agree with that statement!!! I'm glad to hear you do like her other roles just maybe not Bella :) I can totally understand that!! There are somethings that I miss from book Bella and somethings that I'm glad she didnt' bring, but the biggest thing I miss from book Bella is the “traitor tears”!! That was the #1 thing about Bella I could relate to and that was never brought over to the movies :(

  • teamtaycob3

    Yay! ((: Im glad you agree with me to a degree! =D
    The “traitor tears” were never brought to the movies! I was pretty disappointed too when they werent there. i was actually a little suprised ! And i agree that there were things that werent brought to the movies that need to stay that way lmao. But one of the biggest things that i dont like about the movies is the dialogue. It could be waay better in my opinion. MR needs to improve it in the next movies lol

  • KStewfan – Team Bada$$ Stew!!

    Yeah MR is our biggest problem by far!!! But did you watch the extended & deleted scences from the various DVDs?? I was so mad at CW after I watched him cut out the exact dialouge from the books … I was like WTF is up that Mr “I wanna stay true to the books” … I watched the Borders special features and the Target ones …. the extended scenes on the Borders were almost word for word from the book and he cut them out … I was loving CW then I saw that and was all WTF!! I learned about disappointment from the Harry Potter series so I was expected it with this …. but MR SUCKS!!

  • teamtaycob3

    I havent watched the deleted scences yet but i definitely will! I heard they cut out exact dialogue! Why would they do that!!!! thats so dumb!! Ugh… directors!! and i really liked CW too! But i have heard some disappointing things and that just adds onto it! WTF!
    and yes MR SUCKS ALOT!!!!! =D

  • KStewfan – Team Bada$$ Stew!!

    I was SERIOUSLY disappointed in CW after I watched the extended scenes and saw he cut out exact dialoge from the book!!! UGH!! so now I'm really nervous about Eclipse since they fired the editor like 3 months before the movie is supposed to be released … I mean what does that say about the movie that is currently cut ….. I really hope Eclipse doesn't get ruined … I think it's my favorite book … I still undecided between Eclipse & BD (I know call be crazy but I liked the way she ended the series)

  • teamtaycob3

    Ill have to watch the deleted scences soon, but wow its really stupid to delete dialogue from the book! ughhh! Im also nervous about Eclipse, I really want it to come out good. I liked Eclipse,too! A lot of ppl didnt like it but i did! and i would never call you crazy cause i liked the endind of the series too! =D Idk which book is my favorite but i really liked breaking dawn and New Moon. But what i do know is that twilight was least favorite! lolol (:

  • blogger2442

    Hey please visit my blog @ im just trying to get more people to check it out!

  • gαzε✷iηto✷mγ✷εγεs

    hey guys. wow idk WHO to vote for! so many good ppl….

  • Gypsy0531

    thanks for video Bella and Edward so beautiful.

  • mscullen18

    you can add the fight between Edward and Felix, if you scroll all the way down! I think that fight deserves to be in there!

  • TheLionFellIn<3W/Ceci-ROBECI

    Gah!! I'm SO late to respond.. I got it from this chinese video.. it was HILARIOUS!!

  • MissN.Gravety.Magnet.Satellite

    I hope you aren't forgetting to vote people! Come oooon, where are you these days!? Do you want your favourite actors/actresses to win? Well.. then give them your votes!

  • blogger2442

    hey check out my blog @ I would love to hear your thoughts on it, in my blog i talk about book, life, and stuff!

  • KStewfan – Team Bada$$ Stew!!

    I like your thoughts!!

    I think The Runaways should totally win best movie
    and Rob for Remember Me instead of NM

  • Lamia Pattinson

    I'm voting for Rob and RM all the way!! :D

  • musiclikelove

    That's almost exactly how I've been voting! :D I just vote for Kristen & Dakota for Best Kiss instead. I already know that Kristen & Rob will be nominated without my vote. Everyone will want to see another almost-kiss. (even me)

    On another note: Kristen deserves the recognition for the Runaways. The unfortunate thing, however, is that the voting ends on the day that The Runaways releases for everyone else. :( But Kristen made that movie incredible, so I hope that she wins anyway.

  • TheHoneyBear

    Ya'll better pick right.
    If you don't, I'm going to blame all your pathetic&sorry arses if… a PERSON who's NOT Kristen Stewart and/or Robert Pattinson, wins.

    lol, jaykay… but STILL… do your best, people.

  • dee – Future Mrs. Pattinson!

    Will do, thanks

  • johndonnerie

    Lots of people really liked this movie. It's quite touchy admitted. For those who are young at heart, this is good for you. Enjoy!

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  • teamjacobsfatherinlaw

    Rob- get ready to remove your gum…

  • Brittanyblair

    i love you robert

  • Brittanyblair

    i love you robert

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