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Taylor Lautner Interview From The New Moon French DVD

by JP on March 28, 2010 · 24 comments

in New Moon DVD,Taylor Lautner

Here’s an interview with Taylor Lautner exclusively on the New Moon French DVD! 

I love hearing Taylor say Bonjour. LOL!

KahinaBTwitter via TwilightBritneyFan  Thanks MCNutters!

Translation of the questions after the break!

1. Is Jacob Bella’s sun?

2. Did you have a lot of time to talk with Stephenie Meyer?

3. Was there a lot of pressure to play Jacob?

4. How was the casting?

5. How did you get prepared for this role?

6. Did you do research about Quileute tribe?

7. Is it diffucult to shoot a movie with a wig?

8.  During filming, could you improvise a scene?

9.  Did you do your own stunts?

10. Are you a fan of your CGI wolf?

11.  How does your wolf have been created?

12.  What was your biggest challenge?

13.  Is it different to be directed by a man director?

14.  Did Chris Weitz give you a “guide”?

15.  How do you react to the fans’ expectations?

16.  How can you explain this phenomenon?

17. Do you think the film is true to the book?

18.  If there was a fight between Edward & Jacob…

19.  Are you happy to have your ‘pack’ with you?

20.  How was the atmosphere during the filming?

21.  What do you think about your co-stars?

22.  Do you understand Bella?

23.  Are you excited to discover Eclipse?

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  • twilightx3


  • I♥TayDaniel-TeamUpAnotherNotch


  • leahreallyitis


  • leahreallyitis

    I haven't even watched it yet!

  • MCNutters [Team Nessie!]

    taylor: bonjour.

    mcnutters: *le melts*

  • leahreallyitis

    Taylor is a good looking guy:)

  • leahreallyitis

    well gang this cougar is going to go to bed so good night have a good evening and sweet dreams about Taylor!:) and I will have sweet dreams about Rob LOL:)

  • leahreallyitis

  • I♥TayDaniel-TeamUpAnotherNotch

    lol & you know i had to rewind it.

  • I♥TayDaniel-TeamUpAnotherNotch

    congrats on first it's so dead here though.

  • LTM – TeamSexyBack

    This post is freakin dominated by leahreallyitis! Get it guuuurl!

    Also. Tay + French = Sexy!

  • Team Swirl RWTP

    oh taylor you make me melt. answering those questions all professional!:-D

  • TeamVitaminR

    This video reminds me of a job interview. lol

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  • Kyna Black

    It's me who posted the video. Thank you for posting it ^^

    Love Taylor when he speaks sexy :)
    Love the interview. Too bad it's always the same questions.xD

  • Name

    AaHHH, Taylor is just great…he seems so mature for his age..he's always so generous with his praise of his other cast mates..he is just so good in New Moon, loved the interview..

  • ThePackBrat

    Aawww mon amour..He's so cute! Bonjoure…Love that…say it again Tay.

  • RUN W/ VAMPIRES! <3 Cullen1212

    okay fine ! tay is cute ! gosh i admit ! ahahah

  • ILoveWolves-Stalking 04/09

    The vid doesn't work anymore. /le sob/

  • ILoveWolves-Stalking 04/09

    Ok, found it on youtube.

    Swwonage. That is all.

  • ILoveWolves-Stalking 04/09

    OMJ. Pause it at 10:44! When you finish slobbering, pause it at 10:45! Just do it! LOL

  • I♥TayDaniel-TeamUpAnotherNotch

    i tried but the video is no longer available. :(

    what was it?

  • ILoveWolves-Stalking 04/09

    I have another link. I'll link you on Twitter when I get home. LOL

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