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New Moon Japan DVD Box Set!

by MrsEdwardCullen on April 9, 2010 · 85 comments

in New Moon DVD

new moon dvd  box 1 560x373 New Moon Japan DVD Box Set!

new moon dvd  box31 560x373 New Moon Japan DVD Box Set! new moon dvd  box41 560x355 New Moon Japan DVD Box Set! new moon dvd  box22 560x376 New Moon Japan DVD Box Set!

new moon dvd  box5 560x374 New Moon Japan DVD Box Set!

Check out this fully packed, and beautifully illustrated New Moon DVD box set from Japan!

The set includes: a keepsake box, several sets of stills, a film cell, and it looks to have 3 DVD’s included. Gosh I wish we had these kinds of goodies, here in the states. :(   To view the entire set, click here.

(Source: RobPattinsonLife)

  • Sparks

    Me too. It doesn't take much to set us off huh? LOL

  • Sparks

    No problem :) It was creepy. I wonder if that's actually why they didn't leave it in.

  • Sparks

    *whispers* Theyre everywhere!! Even the Walls have ears!!! LOL!

  • Sparks

    Even better that it was unintentional LOL

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  • EADTwista&TeamRobsDeepThought

    *eyes dart back and forth* We used to be one of “them” Hello? Stalkers? Come on in….grab an avi and a name and join the smutfest. Everything is smuttier in GutterWorld.

  • AshleyAnne5

    this just doesn't seem fair :( I am sad… I want a pretty box with 3 DVDs instead of my Walmart Ultimate Fan edition 2 DVD set… **pouts**

  • teamswitzerlandgirl

    I wish I was Japanese! The DVD's look awesomer and there are more goodies! I'm full of jealousy!

  • PTD TeamElevator&FerrariThief

    Maybe because Summit only designs the DVD sets meant for USA & UK, so other countries can either design it themselves or f**k themselves. No wonder Japanese box set is beautiful, check out their manga and stuff. It's pretty cool, IMO.

  • leahreallyitis

    no it does'nt:-) it was so hilarious

  • leahreallyitis

    LOL uh oh! *hides under covers with Rob*

  • leahreallyitis

    well said:) and it is just a rip off that we get crap and other countries are smart enough to do their own design O_O I wish Summit would be a little bit more creative but nooo they are way too freakin cheap:(

  • TeamGrayFace-CosI'mJustALilShy

    WOAH! That set is huge!
    Japan, you continue to amaze me.
    Now. must. get. off. computer. Must. finish. homework.
    *scrolls up and drools over box set and Rob Bel Ami pictures once more*
    ^^^ this is not going to work out.

  • TeamGrayFace-CosI'mJustALilShy

    Speaking of lurkers… Hi!

  • RUN W/ VAMPIRES! <3 Cullen1212

    would someone care to explain why we dont have these awesome sets here ????? ugh ! ahahahah LOLZ at least there is my avi ! :D

  • PTD TeamElevator&FerrariThief

    Plus, they make way too many versions of the DVD. There's one with deleted scenes, extended scenes, and Eclipse sneak peek. B*tch, please. Epic fail.

  • rob is a beast!

    lol yeah..I've read some pretty smutty things while lurking ;)

  • Alice Whitlock 111

    I LOVE Japanese things, they're always so beautifully done ^^ Awww man I wish we had this here in Hong Kong! I haven't gotten the DVD yet, though I'm DYING to. =P

  • hurryupandwait

    Wondering what's exactly in the other 2 discs. This is a nice, tricked-out DVD box set. When Summit releases the Specially Enhanced Director's Cut Platinum editions a bit later on, Japan's going to get more new and improved tricked-out box sets again.

  • Cjean loves Bel Ami Rob!

    LMAO!! I remember that too. Box s*x! lol

  • Sparks

    So funny.. Poor LMC! Although she had a good laugh about it too LOL

  • EADTwista&TeamRobsDeepThought

    The Twilight dvds were beautiful, as well. Not fair. *stomps foot*

  • Riss<3Twilight


    *stomps feet and runs away*
    *remembers something*
    *runs back*
    WAIT!! My cousin is in the Navy and is stationed in Japan! AH he HAS to get this for me!

    *runs away again*

  • leahreallyitis

    oh yeah I know I would sit here with some popcorn and just be entertained by all the hysterical comments!

  • leahreallyitis

    oh I know O_O it is definitly epic fail for once I would like something a little bit more creative is that too much to ask SCUMMIT?!

  • PTD TeamElevator&FerrariThief

    Then Scummit might have to hire Japanese artists to design the DVD cover. I'll go on a strike if they don't.

  • EADTwista&TeamRobsDeepThought


  • rob is a beast!

    lol same here…the weird thing is, someone always said exactly what i was thinking! great minds thibk alike, eh ;)

  • kerbear585

    why is it that the other countries dvd's have cast pictures on them and the US ones don't? i personally don't think that is fair at all!!!!

  • EdwardsVenom/RobsBoxerBriefs


    I got the Blue-Ray from Target which is blue (both disks). Yes. Very boring.

    I also got the Borders collectors edition (cause I wanted both, sad but true) and it has a picture of the clock tower and the backs of the people with red robes…and the disks fit in the center of the pictures with matching pic on disks…kinda pretty. But yeah, they could have glammed it up a bit for ALL the freakin fans here in the States. They suck.

  • alcinasalls

    I love to watch this type of different covers which are very beautiful like this one. I have some good DVD which I purchased last year and some of them had nice goodies and large poster of the movie and the actors.
    fitflop walkstar

  • mAriE_Loves Budapest!!!6-09

    oh sh*t!!! totally missed this one! *facepalm*

    wow. i'm glad to know that! nice name! *wink* hehehe ^_^

    i'm SO glad that Bella has “Marie” in her name. makes me proud to have Marie as MY name. SQUEE!!! ^_^

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