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twilight james cam gigandet  cam gigandet 500 Cam Gigandet Talks Twilight With Next Movie

Next Movie asked Cam Gigandet (James) 5 questions recently and talked a little about Twilight.

In the final analysis, do you get more attention from fans for killing Marissa Cooper or breaking Bella’s leg?
[Laughs] I’m going to have to go with the “Twilight” fans because… they are really never-ending. I played paintball this past weekend with my dad — the whole day, people would come up and say “Oh, you’re the guy from –” and if it was a girl, without fail, the girl  would bring up ‘Twilight.”  They used to bring up “The O.C.” but not so much anymore.

The guys who came up to me this past weekend — it was always “Never Back Down.” Which is interesting.

Thankfully, “Twilight” set me up for a really long time. Everything that has such success and a fan following makes my job easier. It’ll always help me, for the rest of my career.

Two vampire movies in the last few years — are you a big fan, yourself?
I don’t know if it was even vampire movies that was the draw for me. I’m fascinated with worlds where there’s a small population left, whether it’s a movie or these TV shows that fascinate me — “Falling Skies” or “The Walking Dead” — they are about survival and triumphing over difficult times. I just have a thing for ‘em.

Of course, vampires are so cool and scary.

Read the rest at Next Movie!

Ah Cam!   He really played James perfectly!  Loved it when he sniffs the air and says “You brought a snack.”   AHHHH!   FLOVE!

Thank you Andie!

twilight stephenie meyer james  216887 10150149853210674 8526405673 6489063 6936627 n 560x427 James Information In A Preview Of The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide

Check out the character information on James in a preview of The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide

I want to read the rest on how he became a vampire! 

The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide will be available on April 12th!  I can’t wait to get it! 

[Source: TwilightFB. Thanks Lydia!]

uncategorized james cam gigandet  mid0001 Cam Gigandet On Cover of August Man

Cam Gigandet (aka James) is on the February 2011 cover of August Man, a luxury lifestyle magazine for men in Malaysia.

More pictures after the break!

[Source: The Cam Gigandet Network; August Man]

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victoria twilight must see merchandise laurent james fan art edward cullen bella swan  prom edward5 560x532 Amazing Repaint of Various Twilight Dolls! victoria twilight must see merchandise laurent james fan art edward cullen bella swan  edwardcullenlarge 560x553 Amazing Repaint of Various Twilight Dolls!

An absolutely fantastic repaint/re-vamp of Twilight dolls: Edward Cullen, Bella Swan, James, Victoria, and Laurent done by artist Noel Cruz.

Noel repaints various dolls from celebrities to characters, and everything in between.  He does absolutely fantastic work!

Prom Edward/Bella and the Victoria repaint are by far my favorite!

Check out more of Edward, Bella, and the repaints of James, Laurent, and Victoria after the break!

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