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The fabulous Stevie Nicks has a new song Moonlight (A Vampire’s Dream), which was inspired by The Twilight Saga: New Moon!   Moonlight (A Vampire’s Dream) is available now on her new album In Your Dreams.  Here’ some information on the song.


  • “MOONLIGHT A VAMPIRES DREAM”: The first song on the CD.  Two of the verses were written sometime in the mid-1970′s and said a lot of her fans have that demo already bootlegged… Was touched by the movie New Moon in the Twilight series, where he says to her “I’m leaving you because you’re not very good for me”. Said she had an experience like that a long time ago that she never really did get over.  So when she saw that part in the movie where she’s sitting in the bay window just staring out and it goes Oct…Nov… Dec… and she’s not eating or sleeping, she thought about the lyrics, “Some call her strange lady from the mountains…” and the story takes place up in Oregon. So she thought these words in this old song were almost like I wrote them for this movie a long time ago.  So she wrote one new verse and a chorus and she did that in Australia 2009 right after seeing the movie. It’s her favorite song on the CD.
  • I’m a huge Stevie Nicks fan!  I just love this song!  It’s perfect.  Oh, that scene is New Moon with Bella at the bay window kills me. 

    Thank you Rae! 

    [Source: Youtube]

    Check out the lyrics after the break!

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    New Moon’s amazing director Chris Weitz was on another Tweeting frenzy last night! In what he calls Twilight Tuesday, Chris answers fans Twilight Saga related questions .. and some of his answers are hilarious!

    I tweeted him last night about Edward’s infamous Sex Walk in New Moon .. and he actually answered me!

    robert pattinson new moon news must see funny chris weitz  CWLMC 560x212 More Hilarious Tweets From Chris Weitz About New Moon, Robert Pattinson, and Much More! That scene will never be the same. I’m sure we’ll all have Chris’s voice in our heads saying “Work it baby ..” LOL

    Check out the rest of Chris’s awesome tweets from last night here!

    new moon news new moon must see  twilight newmoon poster 1 280x398 New Moon Hits TV on Showtime in January It’s about that time again to welcome another installment of our beloved saga into our homes. The Twilight Saga:New Moon will be premiering on TV in January 2011!

    Back in July of last year, Showtime nabbed the pay cable rights to Twilight, The Twilight Saga: New Moon, and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse(they also house Peter Facinelli’s Nurse Jackie and Melissa Rosenberg’s Dexter), and they began running Twilight on cable in January of this year.

    Thanks to HitFix, it is now known that New Moon will be hitting Showtime for its cable debut on January 8th, 2011!

    The date for New Moon‘s cable debut makes sense since both Twilight and New Moon hit theaters in November and were released to DVD in March of the following year. The scheduling for the Showtime launch, then, falls in line with the parallel dates of significance that the two films have had so far.

    Yay!! Excitement. I know we all have the New Moon DVD, but let’s be honest. There’s nothing quite like seeing your favorite movie on TV. Am I right?

    (Source: Examiner Thanks, McNutters!)

    robert pattinson new moon must see mtv movie awards kristen stewart awards  111945394 d7af3e49445d5ab74c25ce4e49f4d121.4c0c52a0 full1 560x257 Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Win MTV Movie Award For Best Kiss!

    Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were nominated for Best Kiss pertaining to their performance as Edward Cullen and Bella Swan in New Moon.

    This is the second year in a row that they were nominated, and have won! Last year, the duo teased fans and didn’t kiss on stage.

    The above video and picture are low quality, but what do you think? Did they kiss? Or just fake it?

    Comment below and let us know what you think!

    More pictures after the break!

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    Some of these may be a double post for you, however I thought it would be a good idea to have all the deleted scenes together in one place!

    Included in the two above videos -

    • Bella’s Birthday Cake
    • Driving Home From Party
    • Walking in the Woods
    • Charlie Puts Bella to Bed
    • Bob’s Bikes
    • Bike Crash
    • Bella’s Nightmare and Chat with Charlie
    • Remembering the Meadow
    • Mike Left at Cinema
    • I’m Here if You Want to Talk
    • Victoria Driving


    Side note — I’m currently watching New Moon and just got COMPLETELY sidetracked by the Edward Sex Walk … gets me EVERY TIME!!

    new moon dvd new moon cast must see  006y3ffq 560x310 Screencaps From the New Moon DVD Extras! new moon dvd new moon cast must see  006xyy9d 560x313 Screencaps From the New Moon DVD Extras! new moon dvd new moon cast must see  006y63qq 560x310 Screencaps From the New Moon DVD Extras! new moon dvd new moon cast must see  006z53xp 560x311 Screencaps From the New Moon DVD Extras!

    Check out the awesome screencaps from the New Moon DVD extras!!!

    Lovin’ it!!!! new moon dvd new moon cast must see  icon biggrin Screencaps From the New Moon DVD Extras!

    More after the break!!

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    Check out this absolutely hysterical video of the Twilight Saga cast as they talk about the films, and life during this Twilight pandemonium.  Check out how Rob beings to ramble and won’t stop talking, then they all burst out laughing at him, then Ashley & Kristen begin to talk about Ashley’s ring and Rob blurts out SHUT UP! LMAO!

    In clip #2  Rachelle begins the interview with her pillows that keep falling off of the couch, then she talks about the castmates being really close but then Nikki puts her on blast and asks “when was the last time you called me” lol oops! Check out when Kellan strokes the back of Nikki’s head…very Emmet like taylor lautner robert pattinson rachelle lefevre nikki reed must see kristen stewart kellan lutz ashley greene  icon wink Hilarious New/Old Video:Comic Con 2009

    I guarantee these videos will make you fall in love with the cast all over again.