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Here is all the info on where you can download the Twilight Saga: New Moon Movie including the soundtrack , score and the movie. We’ll keep this updated with the most current information:

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  • anniewwleader

    Which DVD for sale will have a digital copy (or iTunes copy) so I can watch it on my iPod too????? I got Twilight from Target last year, and it had this feature…but I can't find it this time!

  • glowflower

    I have to say that before I watched this movie I was really disappointed in what I had known of the Twilight Saga (the first book and the first movie). New Moon ultimately changed my mind and now I can't wait for the movie to come out so I can watch it again.

    I am a Sookie Stockhouse fan (True blood all though I really like the books better) seeing the similarities between twilight and the Sookie Stockhouse novels I would have to say that if you like Twilight check them out. It would be wonderful if we could get these two authors to team up and write a book together.

    Anyways please buy the move or go to the theater if you want to see new moon the money we spend buying DVDs and tickets of or to new moon ultimately pay the people who will play in the making of the next movie and the more funding they receive the better the budget for the next movie will be. The profit made off of this move will also serve as encouragement towards the people contributing towards the Twilight saga. I would like to see the saga get better and better from here on. Thank you.

    As for those of you who argue that twilight makes Bella a horrible role model for young girls. I think that you should pay attention to the references to Romeo and Juliet in the beginning of New Moon. I use to scold Bella for her behavior too however I am also a fan of Shakespeare and there are worse things on television to influence our young people today. I think rather than scolding the objects that MAY influence our young people we should teach our young friends to resist being influenced especially by something such as a movie.

    New Moon is in fact created for our entertainment and not as a manual to living life.

  • jolisaheight

    kristen and robert just want u people 2 leave them anlone and they feel happy with each other i mean kristen has a boy freind but its like if u love robert and urboyfreind but mostly robert u should go with robert . and 4 the press there tired of u making things up like whom dose that only a person who dosent care and im ten and i no that falling in love isint about just beeing seen with or using the person its about caring 4eachother and feeling like u want 2 b with that person 4 ever i no some people might be threated by this but its the truth i mean how will u feel if u were famous and the popers were always in ur prived life and u love wolden u b like robert and kristen.always belive in ur heart the world is about peace right or almost half of the world

  • jolisaheight

    robert kristen goodluck and dont give up love always jolisa

  • jolisaheight

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  • Abby13

    i think edward and her make a cute cuple to gether and other people back off

  • blinks

    i think NM is the best and also Jasper is soooooooooo cuuuute

  • iacia

    i love the main aktris edward

  • jesse james

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  • Melisssamccallum

    i like twilight the best so far, new moon was ok but Edward look like a real vampire. his skin is so pale, he really look dead, lifeless. Im all for EDWARD & BELLA but Jacob seems more suitable for her. He picks her up where Edward left her. He didn't bail on her when things got bad like Edward did. In know he thought he was protecting when he left bt thats what relationships is all about. Anyway, im looking forwad to ECLIPSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • haya

    nice movie

  • Yalda

    can some 1 put the new moon full movie on youtube or Google please i really wana see that movie please please

  • Halimcutez

    You very beautifull Bella,,,

  • XXSammyFBabyXX

    Lmfao | How Do You Work This Thing ?? | <3


    Bella &+ Edward Are Meant To Be Together , I Mean Look At Them Their Obviously In Love ♥ | I Can't Wait To Go To The Movies To See Eclipise | <3

  • fareed

    i like thiS movie :-)

  • ismail


  • Syed_zain_zaidi

    this movie is very nice and good movie i like ?

  • Vato

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  • Rittika nandy

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  • Anonymous

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  • Sporty–shosho–2001

    any one says to me how to download new moon for free

  • gvanca

    i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • 210514678

    i love all of the twilight movies and i love edward

  • khanyi

    cnt wait to see BREAKING DAWN in cinemas awsome

  • Austin

    okay so i wish that bella would just choose jacob over edward i mean edward is really great but jacob is more full of life and hes really sweet and awesome….

  • jenny

    twilight i love you

  • ali

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  • supriya

    twilight is a awsum movie tht i hv evr wtchd it
    n i need a person lk edward in my lyf so tht my life wll be full of happines n thr wll be a person who tc’s of me i rlly nd sum1 in my borng lyf